Monday, October 24, 2011


I think I finally got this whole blog thing fixed.  Man oh, man....I just don't have time to mess around with things like this!!  I had that old border forever!!  I looked through backgrounds and backgrounds til I finally found this one....not sure I like it yet, then had to mess around with fonts and colors of texts....After looking at many, many different backgrounds, I did find my old one and bookmarked it...what do you think?  Should I keep this one?
Should I go back to the old one?

Last week, I didn't do my Thankful Thursday post.  (not even on Friday) I wasn't feeling thankful I guess.  I was feeling, umm, "Why does God think I can handle all this?"  

I am, inside, a very organized person.  But living with 5 kids (soon to be 6) well, it's just messy.  Maybe not messy for some, but messy for me.  My kids don't leave all the toys in the toyroom, no, they bring them all over the house.  
 This basket is full of toys that I found upstairs, that "belong" (in my mind) downstairs, in their correct bins.
My girls don't care about correct toys in the right bins.  They like to mix all the toys together and play.
 They constantly bring toys into the school room...this drives me crazy, like a pet peeve....
 Certain 5 year olds in my house like to tape things to the walls....lots of things....
With lots of tape
Everywhere I look, there are messes.
There are piles
There are piles of messes.
Which is the way it is with 5 kiddos,
last week, it just got to me.
I was crabby, naggy, irritable, I felt like a failure and I felt very inadequate.
Little Catholic Bubble wrote exactly what I so often feel.
All I can do when I feel like this, is 
fall to my knees
beg for graces and mercy.
God, in His Goodness, 
gives it to me.
(the graces and mercy, that is)
You see, Blogs have a way of showing only a portion of people's lives.
Usually only the good.
They tend to make someone else's life seem a little better, happier, easier or even 
My life is far from any of these.
After I have times where I feel like this, I always come out of it
feeling more patient and more confident 
which is God's Grace.

 This past weekend was our Pro-Life Kids Club bake sale,
which means last week, I baked and baked....
The kiddos made the beautiful donation boxes!
The kids raise money for Pro-Life Across America (The billboard people)
Local crisis pregnancy centers in town and pro life stickers to pass out at a local 4th of July parade.
 10 Weeks left!!!
(but who's!!)
I had 2 appointments today (one more on Friday)
and the baby's heart rate was 131....hmmmmm haven't had a baby with a heart rate that low
since Jedi.....
I'm saving my husband lots of money, not knowing the sex though, because I don't buy things for the baby...
OK, well, I did buy one girl outfit and one boy outfit

I am in love already with our cleft lip/palate baby, and his/her lip.
The true miracle is that even though this is a "defect" it does not effect the health of the baby 
At All!!!
Our baby is healthy and my doctor is very happy with how the baby is doing!

My doctor also told me that insurance will cover a breast pump...
(I'll be pumping all the time)
 We have our All Saints Party on Halloween this year,
 All Hallow's Eve, the eve of All Saints Day!!
The kiddos are planning on being:
St Maximilian Kolbe
St Joan of Arc
St Veronica
Mary Queen of all Saints
Mary, Mother of baby Jesus

We also have 2 Halloween parties to go to, one on Friday evening and one on Monday day...
The costumes the kiddos picked are:
Pop singer
 (even though she doesn't even know any "pop" songs, or any "pop" singers for that matter)
Girl Pirate
Pumpkin (my pumkin' is going to be a pumpkin!)

Which means I have lots and lots of costumes to put together)

I'll leave you with a review....
If you like the X-Men movies, you will love this one!!!
My husband and I watched this last night.
It was fun to see Xavior and Magneto as young men and see the starts of so many other 
X-men heroes and villains.

Gotta go cook supper....
Happy Monday everyone!!


  1. Oh my gosh...I thought I was the only one who had kiddos that TAPED things to the walls! I hate tape on walls. Even though his/her art work is so precious...(sigh)

    Glad to see that you got your blog redecorated...I like it!

    Sounds like you've got lots of costumes to get ready...I do too...only 3, but I'm so not motivated and with Mary's Catholic school doing Trunk or Treat this year...I have to be ready for Friday...aaaah!

  2. I had a little boy staple his "proud art work" to our wall once! I LIKE the new look! AND you are so right...PLEASE do not read blogs and think less of yourself. EVAH! We all have our struggles. Some big some small.

    Sounds like you guys are going to have so much fun this Halloween season. Lucky kids!

    We are going trick-or-treating and really no parties this year. Just do not have the time to get organized.

    My house is always a mess, too!

  3. I hear you Jamie! I love to change up my header and my background every so often, but I've got to do it when I have time to devote to it. I usually end up frustrated and then have to work so hard to make the text colors, etc. all match. Always thrilled with the end result after the toil of it all. I will say though that the last time was even more upsetting because blogger had changed their formatting design page. ugh.

    Any way, I love your new look and think it turned out great!

    As for the toys and things that get scattered hither and yon throughout the happens here too, although currently only mostly by three kids. I am currently wrestling with Thomas trains in probably 5 rooms. aargh.

    Thanks for keeping it real, because the glimpses into bloggers homes/lives are pretty and lovely and full of flowers, but the truth on the other side of the computer is always more reassuring of reality :)

    Counting down the weeks with you! Eager to see your little one!

  4. My oldest used to tape all kinds of things to the walls- such a funny little trait- very lovable. Your new border looks terrific- glad you got it figured out.

    You are so creative I'm sure you won't have any problems making those costumes look great. They will have lots of fun in them!

  5. I like the new look.

    And, you're not alone in the organized mom/messy house syndrome. When I get in those "moods" a bunch of stuff tends to get donated. But you are absolutely right that once you "get over it" you're filled with more patience and more grace.

    Peace be with you!

  6. Oh wow, I just wrote a post on this today! It was inspired by Leila as well! So weird. That Holy Spirit moves quick!

    I really like your new design! I think it's really pretty.

    And I totally admire you for pulling all of those costumes together! I have 2 kids and only one costume each, and I still have nothing planned! Sad.

    I always get SO MAD when my oldest uses tape because it's so expensive! But it is adorable that they tape stuff to the wall...some days :)

  7. SO glad my house isn't the only messy one - and I only have 3! So glad I found your blog!

    Oh and I love Leila too - she is awesome ;)

    I'm getting to the point that I forget anything is wrong with Leo. He's just... Leo. The cutest sweetest baby boy who ever lived ;)

    Oh and I think you're having a boy too!

  8. Taping things to the wall...this is such a common thing I don't even notice it anymore. Usually I'm just glad if there is any tape left at all.

    We also now have Halloween "decorations" that the kids made hanging from the ceiling. This at least distracts you from everything on the walls.

    I had painted Lucy's room pretty purple and made it very girly and she went and found some weird huge stickers of the solar system and put them all over the wall which totally ruined the girl theme. (???)

    You are on the ball with those pumpkins...I am doing that this week. I am the pumpkin carver of the family. Still don't trust my kids with knives, so I do all the pumpkin carving.

    We're going to a Halloween party too, and I had planned on doing an All Saints party but my church is not doing one this year! I am so disappointed. The kids were going to go as their patron saints, which meant that my oldest also would have been St.Maximilian Kolbe.

    BTW, the organization thing--boy, if you only came to my house! I'm sure the posts you've read from my blog have given you some clues how very unorganized we are! It's usually pure chaos around here, but we're working on it.

    Have a great week!

  9. Ooooh, thanks for the linky love!! But you can't be inspired by the post I wrote because you are too creative and crafty and you bake!! HA HA! Just kidding! You have a beautiful family, and I have stuff taped to the wall, too!

  10. Hugs, Jamie!

    I have been having a few days like this myself when it doesn't seem to matter what I do, how well thought out my new rules/chores/consequences charts are - the kids have the same annoying behavior and I wonder why I even bother.

    I usually read on Google reader and miss seeing all the bloggers' eye candy. I will have to click over sometime!

    I am considering paying someone to switch me over to blogger and do the design. I can't change anything on typepad without paying more per month.

  11. I was laughing about the tape!! Between Luke and Eva, we're always out! I just bought some today at Target, even.

    We've got Halloween costumes done, but are still working on the All Saints ones...time is going quick!

    Love your pumpkins! I think we;re painting ours this year to make them last longer.

    Love your new pic and header. Too cute! Baby is getting so big and beautiful!

    I've been having those days as well. Impending icky weather for endless months, toy explosions, schoolwork, too many activities and a baby who decided at almost 4 mos she needs to be up eating every 2 hours has done it to me! :)

    I had to literally say out loud in the shower this morning, "thank you, Lord, for the thorns as well as the roses lately." I'm hopefully shortening my/others Purgatory time! :) Hang in there-you're in good company!!

  12. Oh, boy, but you took time to console/comfort/advise me this today on my blog - you are an angel, and, I thank you. You make time for what is important! So shall I! It is important to blog my feelings/thoughts/beliefs . . . no matter who reads it. It assists me in the long run.

    I've been under a tremendous amount of stress - and not sharing it. I'll take time to day to post it all out.

    I'm so grateful that your baby is healthy and doing so well. I do pray for you (and the baby) every day!

    God bless you, Jamie, girl. Love is a miracle, as well as a choice!

  13. lol That taped thing made me laugh because it's just like princess Gigi with her pictures!
    As for that Catholic Bubble article I tell you not only did it touch me but so many of my friends after I re posted it to Facebook. It's so nice when you have someone tell you the right things you need to hear at the right moment. Sending hugs and prayers for a quick and fun last few weeks waiting for your newest little blessing! :)

  14. Hi Jamie, your background is very pretty! Love the updated photo of your children too.

    I love that your children have a pro-life bake sale. Is this kids club through your church? Or a homeschool group?

  15. Oh, Jamie! I truly laughed out loud on the taping everything to the walls!! My kiddos do the same thing. Really it's only the 4, 6 and 7 year olds. And right now we have pumpkins, bats and ghosts taped all over bedroom walls, doors and beds. LOL, it's quite the sight. And the toy situation is the same in our home, too. We have more toys out of the "play room" than in it. *sigh*

    Hooray for you and baby and only having 10 wks left!!

    Good luck on the costumes. I have the same daunting task ahead of me this week. One day at a time…or in my case, one moment at a time.


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