Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween/All Hallows Eve

 I made these cookies for Monday for our first party....bad recipe!!
Jedi loved them, but not many others did!
They are cute, though, aren't they?
 Our daytime Halloween homeschool party
We played games
We ate food
 Then the costumed kiddos and mamas walked to the local nursing home
 where the cute old people there loved seeing them!  
Look at this cute old lady looking at my pumpkin!!
Afterward, the kiddos walked back and gave oral reports, skits, and piano recitals
Oh, and some 5 year olds told 5 year old jokes (like my 5 year old)
You know....
"There was a deer, who ran across the grass...why?"
"To pick an apple!"
I wish all you non-homeschoolers could see all these homeschoolers,
they are certainly not unsocialized, they have no inhibitions,
 they just get up and do it with such confidence!
There are no bullies to give presentations in front of
They are confident because they are in positive environments all the time.
(excuse my little dig for homeschooling and it's benefits)
( I really don't think everyone should do it, I'm just defending our decision to do so)
 Onto the All Saint's party that evening...
(I stayed up til 1am painting that jacket!)
 St Veronica
(wiped the face of Jesus on the way of the Cross)
 St Joan of Arc
 Mary, Queen of all Saints
as she says:
"St Mary"
 and Mary, Mother of Jesus
both littles lost their crowns and props in the van never to put them on again....

 Sweetie Pie really liked this little puppy (St Bernard!)
who really liked her baby Jesus....
 Jedi is in band and he and the other trumpet players played "Oh,When the Saints...Go Marching In..."
about 15 times while all the homeschool saints marched around the whole cafeteria...
It was a great night!
Usually our group has each family bring one carnival type game and we run it...
This year, the family that put it on, planned all the games and had mostly teens run them...
All we had to do was show up with our kiddos, bring some kind of finger food
 and provide treats/prizes for the games!
It was really fun!
Happy All Saints!


  1. A busy day! Looks like all had fun. Too bad the cookies weren't that great because they look good. :)

  2. Darling costumes! What went wrong with the cookies? They look terrific.

    And, as a public school teacher and a school board trustee for another public chool district, I applaud the great things you do in homeschooling. I only wish all our public schools were the positive environment your kiddoes get!

  3. Great costumes Jamie! It all looks like so much fun. Sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate the Saints!

  4. That looks like so much fun! I'd still eat those cookies...:)

    What a bunch of bologna that homeschool kids aren't socialized. I hate that generalization.

    I soooo wanted to homeschool Mikey, and we did for a year but there wasn't a group at the time for us to get involved with, and as an extroverted only child it wasn't working. Sigh. Maybe the next round of boys! I'm hoping!

    I love all those costumes, especially your little girls and St. Joan of Arc! Oh, and the St. Bernard. Hilarious!

  5. OK, the cookies were hard and the dough was very crumbly to work with...but that was fine, the kiddos ate the crumbs...the frosting was really really rich with the orange juice concentrate in it--good flavor, but I think maybe it would have been better to use milk as the liquid in the frosting and then add a little concentrate....The ratios were totally wrong in the recipe too, to get the right consistency.

    Like I said, Jedi loved them!! I, however, would rather save calories for chocolate. If it aint chocolate, it aint worth eating.


    Thanks Shelly!
    Second Chances-I understand, I think it would be very hard to school one'd need a good group or at least a lot of neighbors and play opportunities.

  6. Great costumes and great fun!
    I should have mailed you Luke's prisioner costume from last year when he was St.Max! Poor thing (couldn't have been good for that PG tush! :)
    LOVED the idea for St. Veronica - might steal that one for next year!
    ALso the St. Bernard dog. We have a dog outfit as well.
    The kids were amazed to see Jedi playing trumpet. Way to go!!
    Happy Feast of the Poor Souls - I know we share a passion for them!
    We're doing "coffin" ice cream sandwiches for All Souls - just cut the corners to look like coffins! And also we have put picture of our deceased relatives on the table.
    You have a lot to offer up for the Souls! :)

  7. Up till go girl.
    I love the huge sword for St. Joan of Arc. Also for St. Veronica. That is a great idea.

    I admire you also for homeschooling. I think homeschooling families do an incredible job. I also believe a lot of the good comes from the home life that they are exposed too.

    So good to hang with the grammas and gran-pas. They need to see little cute pumpkins more often.

    I love all those homeschooled teenagers also. They look like they are having a good time.

    Cute cookies!

  8. What awesome little saints!! Great job on St. Max's striped coat, too! Little Mother Mary with her baby is too precious.

  9. What great fun you have had... We love to go to our local Care Home on Halloween too:) But didn't make it this year:( Love the Saint costumes...Awesome stripes on St. Max Kolbe and love that face of Jesus on St. Veronica's towel!The trumpet players must have been a fabulous and special touch:)

    P.S. Glad you liked the Dirty Dishes song...Isn't it perfect? My new favorite inspirational words!

  10. Looks like so much fun! We had a homeschool coop saint party today and the kids had a blast.


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