Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Laundromat

You might wonder why my sweet little girl is sitting at the laundromat.
Well...I was there yesterday afternoon,
 for about 2 1/2 hours doing a whole weeks worth of laundry.
Which, I have to say, was actually a pleasant experience.
It felt so good to come home with all the laundry done, 
in one afternoon.

All caught up, right?

Not exactly.

I had been busy non stop washing sheets, bedding, blankets, towels, coats and hats
since Sunday morning 
I'm still at it.
And will be still at it for the next 2 weeks.

Have you guessed it yet?

My oldest daughter (who will remain nameless--haha)
likes to get together with her friends a lot.
And they do, you know, girl stuff...
like one thing they do is
each other's hair.
Sharing each other's brushes.


Sunday morning, I cried (and Sunday afternoon and Sunday night)
I prayed like this:
(not knowing how we got this again)

"Why? Why would You do this to us again?
Why would you allow this to happen to us again?"

And like this:

"Please show us where we got this, so we can prevent it!!"

It was driving me crazy not knowing the "where?" and the "how?"
Believe me, after the baseball helmet thing back in June, we have been careful.
And it's always in the back of my head.
(the thought of lice, not the lice)
What are the chances?
I do know there is one of my blogger friends who said they had it twice in 6 months....
I remember reading that and thinking, "wow, I hope that doesn't happen to us!"
It didn't.
It happened twice in 5 months!!!

Then, yesterday morning my daughter's friend's mother called and told us to be on the lookout for Lice, 
because they found it last week.
I told her we've already looked out and found it and thanked her over and over for calling!!
We knew the source!!

Thank you God!!!
Thank you for letting me know the "where?" and the "how?"

But, I also caught myself praying like this:

"OK, I'll accept this if You heal my baby of the cleft lip and palate, in fact, I'll gladly accept it!"

I pictured God and the devil and the 
evil one saying 
"Let's see if she's still smiling after this again!"
(hear the devil laughing?)
and God
confident, because He knows I'll accept this cross, 
big and fat and tired and sore, 
up half the night with coughing girls and
with a husband who makes the beds, 
comes home early so I can rest (or go to the laundromat)
and brings home pizza for supper
(so I can do laundry and not cook supper)

He knows I love and accept Him and this baby and
will try to accept my cross happily.
That's the hard part
I might have blamed this oldest daughter for
 "always having to play with someone"
I  might have said 
"it's all your fault"

I  might have done that yesterday.
I have apologized and am now
working on that 

Prayers appreciated.
Very much so.
a side note:
we are very clean people, lice like clean hair, really, they do!!
Also:  I  do happily accept this baby no matter what!


  1. Dear Jamie! Many prayers that this will be your last episode of lice.

  2. You have such a right attitude with such a frustrating thing. I feel exhausted for you. Keep your eyes on the bigger things, like the sweet baby who will be here before you know it. And, I hope this is the last outbreak, ever, that you have to go through Twice is more than enough.

  3. Oh the crosses! You are doing a great job with bearing them patiently and understanding God's will for your life. You are an inspiration to us all!!

  4. Oh, no!! I'm so sorry you have to go through this *again*. I will be keeping you in my prayers, Jamie. Actually you already have been in my prayers, but I will be sure to say a few more for you throughout my day.

  5. Oh man, that is awful! I'm so sorry and I feel bad for complaining about my GD test not knowing the torture you have been enduring in your home. Truly, what a mess. And it's so true that lice like clean heads. You have nothing to fear there! Here's to hoping that you are DONE with lice. For several several years...it's one of my biggest fears.

  6. good for you for not getting everyone out of the house with only a towel to cover themselves and throwing a lit match at it. I totally feel for you!

  7. Good grief! Sorry to hear that you are all going through that AGAIN! Yuck. NO fun.
    Sending those requested prayers and a few hugs too!

  8. OH MAN OH MAN...just to say your daughter looks so cute sitting there. Her hair is cute. I should get mine styled like that. My hair is very greasy...because I have a baby who wakes up whenever I move...and wants to nurse so I miss my shower. GROSS but true...baby puked in our bed. I got myself cleaned up...and our sheets but the hard hot dog puke was still in baby hair by the end of the day. I KNOW I KNOW...very bad mama.

    I hope this gets out of the home very very fast. I saw the email for Brenda and was hoping and hoping it was not going to affect you.

    Prayers dear Jamie. We have our own crosses here also. It is very stressful when there are kids day to day stuff ya know.

  9. This stinks - and yet you write with such humor. I feel for you and will most definitely keep you going in my prayers!

  10. Ugh! So sorry! I have not yet had to deal with lice and pray I never will!

    But in the meantime, I will be praying for you!

  11. NOOOOOO! That's gotta be so frustrating.

  12. Jamie, Have I told you lately how awesome you are!!! God just sends you all this fun because he knows you are a rockstar mom that makes this allllll look easy :) Sending prayers for no more lice and hugs!!

  13. Oh, man!! How rough!! Prayers for your strength and that this will be it for your family. God is there with you even though you only see your footprints. He will carry you through this. And maybe 10 years from now you can laugh about it? :) Maybe?

  14. Oh, my gosh, thank you everyone--you are all wonderful!!!

    Thank you Suzie! Me too!!

    Shelly, Yes, you are right, I'm hoping this makes my next 2 weeks go very fast and then before I know it, the baby will be here!!

    Sarah, not sure about the inspiration part, just make sure you never let your kiddos share brushes with friends, or hats or well...you know!

    Kelly, thank you so much, they are already helping, I can feel the prayers!

    Second Chances--I still wouldn't want to do that test!! But might pick it over lice!! haha, just kidding! Well, if you do ever get lice (let's hope you don't) you'll know who to call!!

    Christine, that puke story is just sooo gross, I'm not sure if it's grosser than lice, but just sayin'

    If you want your hair cut like Mary Hannah, I cut it--last lice outbreak!! At least I didn't have to cut all our hair again. I gave the boys buzzes tonite though.

    Hawaii Sarah--well, I didn't actually think about lighting a match, but maybe running away to a hotel for the next 2 weeks!!! Then we'd probably bring home bed bugs I suppose!!!

    Sarah--keep those cyber hugs for now, I don't want to give you lice or anything!! Thanks though!

    Becky, I hope you never get this, you have enough on your plate!!

    Beth--Yes, it feels so defeating!!!

    Conservamom--Thank you so much, your comment made my day!! You are so sweet! Yes, as my good friend Sarah said, "Jesus really loves you Jamie!"

    Amy Caroline, me too, me too!!

    Nicole, I'm glad you get my humor!

    Lorie, I'm already laughing about it...have to--what else can I do?
    Oh, yeah, I can do laundry!!

    Thanks again everyone!!!

  15. Oh Jamie! I am just now reading this. I am so sorry that you are having to go through that again. I still have panic attacks every time one of the kids scratches their head.

    Your attitude and wonderful sense of humor are admirable. Hang in there, you are such a strong woman!

  16. So sorry, Jamie! I saw you at church Sunday and wish now more than ever I'd been able to run up and say hi to you!

    I'd say someone is overdue for some Starbucks ice cream. Would you like to come over sometime?

  17. So sorry!

    Last Saturday hubby & I had a date night (wow!). We went to a movie and I put my head on the chair and thought of lice. I can only imagine. I hope to only imagine.

    I always find the biggest challenge is the *Happily* part. Like for me to find joy in cleaning up an accident from a child who didn't quite make it to the toilet. :)

    Good luck with all the laundry. :)

    I'll say a quick Hail Mary for you when I put in my next load. :)

    Can't wait to hear about your news in a couple of weeks! :)

    God Bless!

  18. Oh Wow...I feel for ya' Jamie! No. Fun. At. All. But, laugh or you'll cry, I always say.God bless and just think about cuddling your sweet new baby soon!

  19. You have such a great attitude when facing stressors. Your children will benefit from such a fine example.

  20. I find my self wanting to scream "ENOUGH". I am truly sorry you had to deal with this and pray it will be the "LAST" time.

  21. So Jamie,

    Instead of making a banana bread, cheese cake and cookies (for which I'm really trying to get out of) for Thursday's big meal; I am reading over several of your post. And will very likely comment on many of them. So bear with me.

    First, oh the laundromat! Really, it doesn't get enough credit. I should write a post about it. We spent a 2-3 months at our local laundromat. 2-3 months of hauling about a week and a half, sometimes 2 weeks, of cloths, towels, work shirts...etc. We found it very therapeutic. In one big swoop our laundry was clean, dry and folded.

    Our liking to it failed us when summer came. We were hot, humid and tired. Thus the end of the laundromat.

    You do bear your crosses well and with grace. Two rounds of lice is difficult to bear but along with what's already on your plate...it's hard. But, you are in our prayers and thoughts.

    God bless!


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