Sunday, November 20, 2011


 Friday night, around 5pm, Miss Colette learned how to ride her bike!!
She was so excited!!
Then Saturday morning this happened...
and it happened all day....
Now, this is where her bike is....
 Bye bye bike...see you next spring!!
(it's actually supposed to be in the 40's the next 10 days, so bye bye snow!!)
Hello bike!!
We only live about 15 miles from Christine, and look how much more snow she got than us!!


  1. What fun! Two exciting things! My kids can't wait for the first snow.

  2. Oh- what fun- such a big milestone on the bike! Ah, the snow. We were at 94 degrees here yesterday...sigh.

  3. After having lived in Florida for 14 years, I cannot even fathom all that snow- especially in November. We actually had to turn our air conditioner back on today because it is still so warm down here! My kids ride their bikes much more in the winter b/c it is not so brutally hot then. Weird, huh? Enjoy all that white stuff while it lasts, and try to stay warm!

  4. How fun! We've had a bit of that white stuff here, too. But not near as much as you and Christine!

    btw, Thank you for the prayers, Jamie. They helped. I'm doing much better with my pain greatly decreased. xo

  5. Hopefully the snow will melt and the puddles dry up so Miss Colette can ride to her heart's content. I hadn't heard that Minnesota was hit by snow. We only received a few sprinkles here in Illinois. I can wait awhile!

  6. Nicole--The first snow is always fun, no matter when it is....but, I admit, I like it when it waits til AFTER Thanksgiving! Glad it's melting, it makes it a little sweeter! And it's the melting snow that makes snowmen!

    Shelly and Kari--wow, what a difference, huh? SO, I wonder where the "perfect" place to live is? I'm just glad Colette can bike again this week!

    Kelly, so glad you are feeling better! I'll keep praying and offering up...still doing lots of laundry--did you see all those winter coats? That means more laundry--everything every day!

    Noreen, yes, I can wait til Christmas, actually (then, only a week til baby!)

  7. OH the perfect place to live?? If it wasn't for family and friends, where would I go? Probably not in MN. I would love to live near the mountains and the ocean. Still....I could not IMAGINE Christmas without snow. Totally weird!

    CONGRATS to my one of my fav. girls in the world. How she has grown. I can still remember her being a baby. She was such a cute baby...still cute!

    We did get way more snow then where you is crazy.


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