Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pots and Pans!

These are the pots and pans I've had since I was first on my own.
(for like 22 years)
They work, but they are falling apart
They have now been donated to my husband's work
(he runs/owns a 90 day treatment home for men in recovery) 
Way back in September, for my birthday, my husband told me to go get some new pots and pans.'s a big purchase and I never did it.
I never spend that much on myself.
The other day, he went to Sam's Club to pick up my pies
and came home with these.
He said they were for my birthday!
These are so nice, it's hard to use them.
My hash browns stuck last night and I caught myself wishing I still had my old pans,
because it wouldn't matter then.
The pans do matter though, I made perfect sunny side up eggs Sunday evening.
I've never done that.
I love my husband so much.
(and not just because of the pots and pans)

Now to figure out how to get hash browns to not stick....

For pots that mean a little more--go here!


  1. More oil! And I have always heard "hot pan, cold oil, food won't stick." Can't say it works every time, but then I can't say I do it right every time. :-)

  2. What a wonderful treat and a wonderful hubby for getting them for you. I do hope you able to get the stuck on stuff off. It almost makes you wish they had slipcovers for pots and pans...

  3. I have never made no help from moi!

    Very cool set of pans! They do look so puuuuurty and new. Happy Cooking.

    I would lub to have new bedroom furniture. Still have the cheap stuff from the newlywed days.

    Way to rock it Tom!

  4. Love seeing new pots and pans! We had to do an overhaul when the boys were diagnosed with celiac and it is expensive to do all at once! But over two years since, ours aren't so pretty. :)

  5. Thanks Barbara---I'll try to remember that!! (the hashbrowns were for an egg bake thing I make, my husband's favorite) I did get them off, really the pans clean up really good, it's just hard to see them get used....

    Yes, Shelly, a little pad or something that we could throw away after cooking....go patent that one!!

    Christine, no hashbrowns!? Really? My hubby loves breakfast for supper, so we do do them...but usually in an egg bake.

    Nicole, Sam's Club had the best price and the most amount of pans in the set. (we went Cuisinart) I compared (back in Sept) Wal-Mart, Shopko, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target and JCPenny...Still pretty spendy though!! (I'm sure he charged them)

  6. In another life long, long, long ago I went to a cookware party and came home with over $700 worth of pots & pans. They are called Lifetime Stainless simply because they are meant to last me my lifetime and so far they are still just as great as the day I got them. Yours look awesome with the glass lids. I wish mine had lids that I could see through. Enjoy and have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  7. Your new set is gorgeous!

    Have you tried hash browns in the over? The little rectangular cakes can be put on crumpled up foil on a cookie sheet. Much less oil.

    Also, as much as I like stainless, a couple of non-stick pans are essential imo.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. I love new pots and pans. I usually buy only one at a time or I ask for one at a time for my birthday. Five years from now I should finally have a fully set!

  9. That was my first major purchase, right after high school: pots and pans. I paid a lot for them, and I still have them, 30 years later!


    p.s. Over from Shelly's. Hi!

  10. Gosh, everyone, going to seriously have to think about getting the girls pots and pans for their graduations...a nice set!!

    We always use the loose hashbrowns, not sure they'd work in the oven...

  11. If you thaw the hash browns, squeeze out the water and then mix in some melted butter, they can bake in the oven. But I only do that for my Egg and Ham Casserole because I have to plan ahead and take the bash browns out of the freezer. Try that recipe for Tom ( ). My family loves it with onion and green peppers -- like a big western omelet!

  12. Alright, I just printed up the recipe Barbara, sounds right up Tom's alley!



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