Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pregnancy Butt

I never even heard of this nerve until I was pregnant with my 4th baby!
I call it "Pregnancy Butt"
Who knew you need your butt to walk?
It has started
Some nights when I get up to go potty (every 2 hours)
I am crippled
I  move the limp, painful leg and try to just keep walking
I say a prayer under my breath
I make it to the bathroom
I pee
I make it back to bed
Only for it to happen again next time I get up
Anyone else get "Pregnancy Butt"?
9 Weeks Left!!


  1. I'm not sure if I have pregnancy "butt", but BOTH of my legs have been killing me lately. It starts at my hips and travels from there. So yeah, it's probably pregnancy butt! Yet another symptom to add, right? I think that combined with my pregnancy rhinitis (ever heard of that?) makes this the weirdest pregnancy yet for me. A new record!

  2. Oh, I had it with my first- gosh, it was a pain (in more ways than one). I hope yours relieves itself soon. 9 weeks- almost here!

  3. I have ligament pain all on my under belly which makes it debilitating to walk as well. The chiropractor helps with my legs, hips, and lower back. Any day now...we just get these pains so we are begging for labor.

  4. Unfortunately. I had two days last week where I couldn't walk, sleep, sit, etc. Every movement was agony. Thank goodness it's eased up since then, but yes, I relate. It's such a short time - in retrospect. ;) Some days I also get the bad ligament pain like the above poster. I don't know which is worse.

  5. I've had sciatic nerve pain before and during pregnancy. Dennis doesn't even know about it (though he sees me limping and sometimes I yell out "Ow!" when the pain shoots down my leg unexpectedly). I haven't bothered to tell him because of all the other complaints that I'm always listing off to him. There are so many to choose from!

    For the most part, my biggest complaint is the ligament stretching right underneath my ribcage. Sometimes it's so bad it keeps me up at night.

  6. I had that really bad with Ava. She was the first baby evah...to have pg-butt. Funny a memory just cam back to me that one of my friends mother would not ever say pregnant....just pg. funny

    Tom will have to help you stagger to the pot....sorry Tom. It is so painful.

    9 weeks left....Yahoo!

  7. Oh Jamie, I get that too. For me it got worse with every pregnancy. My heart goes out to you. Only 9 more weeks, hopefully they go quickly and smoothly.

    Btw, my hubby was good at giving massages. Maybe Tom can give you a few? You deserve it.

  8. Second Chances--Me too, my legs after just sitting for short times, hurt like crap when I get up, once I'm moving it's fine. I feel so old. And fat. What is Rhinitis? Doesn't sound good...every pregnancy of mine has something interesting in it...last one, I broke my leg...this one lice and chicken pox....one an emergency room visit...one water broke at 32 weeks, in hospital for 28 days, and one I puked every day at least 3 times til 20 weeks...(she's my worst eater!)

    Shelly, Wow, first baby? SO glad it didn't show up til my 4th!!

    Towers Family--you are almost done!!! I'll be praying for you!! Yes, I agree, these pains prepare us for labor and recovery--mine are c-sections...long recoveries!!

    Nicole-- I have days like that too, usually if I've overdone it the day before, like just grocery shopping or something that shouldn't be overdoing it!! I'm right there with you!!

    Becky--my husband didn't even know about the pregnancy butt, til last night he overheard me telling another mother (of 9 kiddos) we were laughing with that sense of realism....!! My husband DOES know of the leg cramps though, because he's the only one who can rub those out in the middle of the night!!

    Christine, I never want to wake Tom up!! I tough it up...offer it up!! It's just the stuff we never talk about right? We need to get this stuff out there!! (we women)

    Tina Marie, Yeah, I'll have to get Tom to massage...but by the time there's a chance for that, I'm too tired even for a massage!! LOL!!

  9. In my circles it's also know as old-arse-butt. :) Yes, I had it w/ all three of my babes and on/off now. Unlike with pregnancy, moving about HELPS to avoid this. Well, I think it does - so I'm stickin' to that story.

  10. Rhinitis is swelling of the nasal passages due to pregnancy hormones. It's oh so lovely! I am so congested all the time that I have to mouth breathe constantly. You can imagine how attractive this is at mealtime!

    And, Towers family, we know you!!! I can't believe what a small world this is! I'm going to comment on your blog so we can get in touch. It's the Speziales!!!

  11. Towers family, I can't comment on your blog! Ah! Shoot me an email if you are able. We'd love to reconnect!
    Mike and Renee Speziale
    Old Happeners!!!

    Sorry, Jamie, I know this is not very relevant to you!

  12. Second Chances--you made me laugh!! Gosh, I hope you can get in touch!
    I hope she checks back!

    I have a friend who gets congested when preggers....not fun! I didn't know there was a name for it! So sorry!

    Sarah, Moving probably does help with Pregnancy butt, because it's after laying down or sitting down that it hurts...although, the very first time it happened, I was walking on the treadmill and suddenly couldn't walk or stand.

    I had no idea what was happening!!!

  13. I have had that with all three...but EARLY on in the pregnancy. I dont' know why I wouldn't get it toward the end...makes more sense to me, but nope...always around the 8 to 10-week mark...sort of like a funny little (painful!) reminder from God that all things are a go... :)

    Hope it alleviates soon!!!

  14. I did have it with my first. I remember that it was painful and that my leg would go numb. I didn't think there was anything I could do to help movement that first pregnancy. Then in subsequent pregnancies sought out chiropractic adjustment to alleviate the sciatic nerve pain if it happened.

  15. I've been plagued with it too. So painful, so embarrassing. The only thing that really helped long term was exercises learned through PT. Core strengthening.


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