Sunday, December 18, 2011

Easy Christmas Trees!

 Remember, if I'm showing it, it's easy!
Except, I was surprised how expensive yarn is!!
Maybe I'm glad I don't know how to knit...
I suppose Tom is glad I don't knit.
 She actually glued about 10 of these on before burning her fingers by switching the puff ball into the other hand...poor baby and a very guilty feeling mama! 

 All you need is yarn, puffy balls, or beads, hot glue, cones, and some kind of star for the top!
All the girls loved this craft!


  1. Cute! Don't feel guilty - it's how they learn, right? ;) And yes, yarn is expensive!

  2. So glad to see your post- been praying for you! What a neat idea- you won't regret spending extra for the yarn 10 years from now, but you will still be treasuring these memories then-

  3. Those little trees turned out great. Yarn is expensive, but knitting is so much fun. Someday you will have to learn. I'll come down for a visit and teach you when you are awaiting the arrival of the first grandbaby. By then, we both will have a little more time on our hands (and I'll have gotten my passport up-to-date).

    Btw, all of your letters have arrived and everyone was thrilled, including me.

  4. Those are so adorable, and by "those" I mean the kiddos and the trees. What a wonderful moment to treasure in the years to come. My family is enjoying the advent book that you sent me. Thanks again! Also, my family is praying for you, your precious baby and your family. Take care and God bless!

  5. These trees are so bright and festive! It's too bad that the pom poms just don't adhere to the yarn naturally.

  6. wonderful Christmas tree. cute kids and looking good


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