Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Our Van Has Died

 Just this past month, I was thinking about how God has taken care of us with this old van.
How when we got it, it had seating for 8.
We will soon be a family of 8, how perfect, right?
Little did we know 11 years ago, when we got this van we would ever be that big, 
only having Jedi at that time.
Well, Friday, Tom took the van in for some work, 
only the work would have costed $4000
It needs a new transmission, new alternator, new breaks and something to go with that, 
and something else big....and the driver's window doesn't go up if it goes down.
And it's leaking antifreeze.
(The digital stuff hasn't worked in it since we got it)
You need to kick the side of the van to get the side door open.
We are going to sign papers for this type of van tonite.
They've been looking for a van like this for us since Friday.
The one we are signing for is a 2011, with 30,000 miles, 12 passenger....
for $21,000.
My husband got a raise last month....
God is still taking care of us.
There's always just enough. 

Margaret--Can you give me some driving lessons?

The dealership is picking it up within the next 5 days.
My husband gets to take me to the doctor tomorrow!!


  1. Whoohoo! New van just in time for the new baby. God takes good care of us!

  2. Oh boy!! You get to be a part of the Barge crowd :) I'm glad God is taking good care of your growing family and supplying for your needs. You'll have to keep us updated how driving goes.

    Congrats on the new vehicle and actually a pretty darn good deal too!! hooray!

  3. OMGosh, this is exactly the kind of van that I wanted when our transmission died! Hubby said no, because of the gas.

    BTW, i always had to kick the side door open to get it open too. Must be a Montana thing. (We had the same van as you.)

    Hope it gets better!

  4. Yay on the new van! Good luck on driving it. ;)

  5. Woo Hoo on the Mega Van!! :) We've been driving a 15 passenger Ford van for the past 2 years. You'll get used to driving it. I like that we all fit inside with room to spare, but filling it with gas stinks BIG time ($$$) and it's just not as luxurious as our old Honda Odyssey. I still miss the heated seats. We called them butt-warmers, lol.

  6. Make that 4 years we've had the Ford…wow, time flies!!

  7. God sure is watching out for you! Enjoy the new van.

  8. I watch families at our church drive those big vans and I DREAM of needing one some day! You are truly blessed! I'm sure the gas bills will stink, but the precious cargo is worth every penny!!!

  9. Room to grow!!

    When I drive up to a Catholic event (say apple picking in the Fall), I know I'm in the right place when I see a bunch of passenger vans in the parking lot. :)

    Awesome! Enjoy!

    You'll adjust to driving in no time (I drive a suburban) but the gas, you'll never get used to that! :)

  10. God id good! You will have it before your baby is born! That's a great deal on a 2011 van too.

  11. We had a Plymouth Voyager with two built in child safety seats so when Linda and I decided a few years ago to get a couple of cars to replace the Voyager and my wore out Neon we gave Rachel the Voyager and it has really come in good for her and the two boys. So, yes the Lord does provide and the Voyager is still going for her even though it does have little things that might not work. Congratulations on the new vehicle.

  12. So jealous! Hahaha! I'm serious

  13. I have been driving a big "bus" seems like forever. I still have memories driving around Zach and Jonah (pregnant with colette) in my car that I had when I was single. When the suburban is getting fixed, it is crazy getting 7 people in Brians car. We have two kids in a seat belt sometimes!

    It gives me a heart attack though each time I fill the tank. Really wish gas prices would dip down to 2.50!

    Congrats on the new automobile!

  14. I am currently sitting outside a local Catholic school, waiting for my son's basketball game to begin. I gave him a ride...and four of his teammates...and my three girls...and George.

    I love my big white barge! You will love yours, too.

  15. Congrats on the new van! It seems like the opportunity to buy it has come at a very fortunate time. In the end, a car is like the clothes we wear. There comes a point where we outgrow them, and it would be better to get something new instead of sticking with the current.


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