Monday, January 30, 2012


Our good friend, Jim,
 who is a Deacon in the Catholic Church, commented on my last post, 
something very important.
(Deacon Frank is in the picture, not Deacon Jim)

I'll quote here:

"It is wonderful to see photos of the Baptism of your precious gift.  And good to see the many people gathered together with Deacon Frank presiding.  The occasion might have seemed personal and intimate, but Baptism by it's nature is always communal and not a private event.  The Baptismal waters are the first part of the Sacrament, the second part that will take place later is when the child is presented to the church and becomes a member of the Body of Christ, the church.  I am sure Jamie and Tom know this already, but I want to clarify this for other readers who also might want a private home Baptism.  It should be known that as a deacon in the Catholic church, Baptisms bring me much joy because it is so good to see another person brought to Christ in the church.  Our church is alive and growing!"

I am so happy Jim responded and explained it so well.
Much better than I could have worded it.
We will present Simeon in Mass in May, when the threat of RSV is gone.
I want to clarify that, although, it was nice and private to have Simeon's Baptism, in this way, 
it was nice to be able to do so without the worry of germs or him getting sick from anyone in public.
To be able to give him this special Sacrament, with Saving Grace, and in this special circumstance.
It was, also kind of, for me, missing exactly what Deacon Jim explained, the community.
I am looking forward to May, and another special day where he will get blessed with that 
great smelling Prism oil, the same oil that priests when being ordained, are anointed with.
(you know that oil, that smells so good, you don't want to give your baby a bath afterward)

Just thought I'd clarify.


  1. Jamie,

    This post was a great idea, for those who aren't Catholic (or who may not have known this before) - and again, congratulations and many, many blessings to you and your family (and your most precious new addition!)!


  2. That was very helpful in understanding, and sweet of you to include it. Simeon is going to be the handsome little star of the show either at home or in public!

  3. I enjoyed reading Jim's comments and have learned more than I knew about the blessing of baptism.
    I am so glad you are being super cautious with Simeon to keep him safe and healthy. Hoping all is well with all your family today. Happy Tuesday.

  4. I have been horribly sick the last 3 weeks. Sinus infection and on Sunday I was flat on my back with shivers till yesterday. Not coming near baby...sure wish I could. I miss holding the little sweetpea!

    So..YUP...keeping him out of harms way is very important. Yet, that was a very interesting comment and good info.


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