Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday--Our Miracle Baby!

Simeon looks calm here, but believe me, he was not that calm for most of the testing today!
I have to say it was pure torture for a mama to be helpless to her baby's cries.
It was pure torture for the big brother and daddy too!
We took Jedi along with us, because he said he would worry more if he were at home.
Simeon had to lie flat like this for 50 minutes.  
50 minutes?
I made the techs repeat this to me
He had to have a catheter on and an IV, you can see the IV in his hand in the picture.
Simeon loves to have his hands up by his face, so this was really hard for him, and he cried a ton.
The techs said he would stop crying after a while and fall asleep, and he did.
(about half way through it)
The 2nd test was only about 15 minutes and a tech held his feet and legs straight,
I held his arms above his head
 and they took several pictures of his bladder doing what it was supposed to do
He screamed through this whole thing.

I kept thinking, "God, I know You think I can handle this, but really, I can't"
"OK, God, give me the strength to do this"

I don't think any parent gets used to watching their baby in any discomfort or pain.

When the Urologist came in, he said with a big smile on his face
"Simeon will not need any surgeries for his kidneys"
I'll repeat the key words there...

will not need any surgeries for his kidneys

It's a miracle.
A true miracle
A big miracle!

He told us that his kidneys are both normal and working fine.
He will need to go to get ultrasounds done every 3 months to check on the kidneys.

Praise God!
All honor and glory to God our Father in Heaven!!

This is such a big relief for us all.
I thank you all for your prayers, Masses and sacrifices you've done for our family, 
for the Poor Clare nuns and their prayers, 
for our deacon and the Sacrament of Baptism,
 (oh, the power of the Sacraments, and the power of prayer!!)
for all our friends and family who have brought us meals and gifts and sacrificed so much for us.

We were told when Simeon was still in my womb, that sometimes this 
does correct itself, which is why they wait a couple weeks after birth to see if that happens.
At 2 weeks, he had his ultrasound, and it was diagnosed as "moderate to severe"
and had not corrected itself,
so these tests were ordered to basically get ready for surgery, to know where the 
obstruction was and prepare to fix it.

Completely healed.

Our miracle baby, is so close to God.

I'll try to post some Baptism pictures soon!

Thankful Thursday indeed!
(Simeon is also back up to his birth weight, 6 lbs 1 oz!)



    Praise God!

  2. Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! He is a miracle!!! Praise God!!!

  3. Dear Jamie Jo,
    Congratulations on your little one.
    A Miracle for sure. How blessed and relieved you must feel.
    I was so excited to read this.
    Thankful for the prayers that were shared for you
    How I understand the pain in not being able to help our children in pain too. This is one of the hardest things as a Mummy I face. I so admire your courage and strength of Faith you showed too :)
    God Bless

  4. Oh Jamie I forgot to tell you. The other day at the surgeon we saw all ages of kids with (repaired) clcp. Two little boys, probably 5 and 7, both looked great and spoke very well. Our favorite was a cute teenage boy with longish curly hair, playing on his phone. It was really nice to see. Our boys are going to be fine! Also Leo's surgery is scheduled for 3/12, but he's on the cancellation list so I'm still hoping for an earlier date.

  5. Praise God! Thank you for the update.

  6. Oh Jamie!!!!!!

    A true miracle......God is so good.....I'm sitting here crying...

    His Mercy endures forever!!!

    I can't wait to tell the kids in the morning - we've been praying all day for a miracle!!!!

    Fr. Darin Didier - pray for us! (he's been pulling some big "strings" up there! :)

    Love and prayers!

  7. God is soooo good! Continuing to pray! Hug thay baby for me!

  8. Praise God for His mighty and merciful ways. I am craying tears of joy and will continue to pray for you and your precious son.

  9. Yay!! I was thinking about you all day!! And praying!! :) God is so great, thank you Lord for answering our prayers!! I wrote you a comment last night with my email if want to send your address to me through email I would like to send you something. Let me know when you get a chance. Lorie

  10. Thank you Lord! Hallelujah! He is truly a miracle! I'm so sorry you all had to go through the ordeal of the tests, but with this outcome, that will be a thing of the past. Whoohooo!

  11. Oh Jamie!! GOD IS SO GOOD!!!

    When I saw the first picture with the IV, it felt as though someone sucker punched me... My Mal had surgery at one month (to correct pyloric stenosis), and all those feelings of inadequacy and helplessness came crashing back - she cried for hours, and I could do nothing to help her, but I was reduced to tears and cried along with her... I know how you felt today.

    Anyway, I am crying tears of joy for the miracle GOD has granted for Simeon's kidney issue!! All GLORY and PRAISE to our GOD!!!

    Rejoicing with you!

  12. Oh, Jamie! You and Simeon have been in my thoughts and prayers today.

    I am SO very happy to hear that his kidneys are healed! Thanks be to God!!

    Our little one also has to have his little hands (or at least one of them) right up next to his face all the time, or he gets really mad. What a day you had!

    And I love your new family picture at the top of the blog. Congratulations on the Baptism!

  13. So happy for you, Jamie, this is truly a miracle! God used your pain and sacrifices to help your little boy!

    I totally understand your pain about watching your little one during the procedure. I had to do it twice with my kids--once with my oldest when he was being tested for pyloric stenosis (which was positive); they had to hold him down to put an NG tube down his nose and he screamed for 40 minutes. He was only 3 weeks. And for my other child, she had RSV at 2 weeks, and they had to do a chest x-ray twice and tie her down for 15 minutes. The reason why they had to do it twice was because her pacifier ended up being in the x-ray and the tech said the doctor would be mad if he saw the pacifier in the picture. So he insisted that we put her through that torture all over again. I was so stupid, I now wish I had spoken up for her and told him it was his own fault and that she wasn't going to suffer for it.

    Anyway, so glad for answered prayers. Your baby is truly a miracle.

  14. I love this! God is so wonderfully GOOD!!!


  15. Jamie, the first photo reminded me of when Tom was diagnosed. He was 14 months and so small. The doctors couldn't find a vein to put a drip in so they ended up using a vein on his forehead. So glad Simeon does not need surgery.

  16. Praise God for the miracle in Simeon. He is so very good to us even when we don't deserve it. Thank you for this wonderful report Jamie. What a way to end a week.

  17. I have goosebumps!! Praise the Lord!!! Simeon is quite the fighter (probably typical for baby #6) :)

  18. OH happy for you guys!

    I cannot imagine hearing my baby cry for that long. I do not even like it for 1 min. Feel for you jamster.

    Thank you Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

  19. Praise God! You must be so relieved. How brave of Jedi to go with you! You continue to be in our prayers. God Bless!!!

  20. That is wonderful news, Jamie!

  21. This is wonderful Jamie!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  22. Praise God for miracles! Celebrating and thankful along with you, Jamie. What happy news! the new header photo. Beautiful family.

  23. Praise be to God!
    What a wonderful big brother to come with to help his little brother.

  24. Jamie- what wonderful news! I am so thrilled for all of you.

    And I know the pain of watching a child scream while laying heartbreaking.

    Hugs and kisses to your baby boy!!

  25. Celebrating with you for this wonderful news!

    "I kept thinking, "God, I know You think I can handle this, but really, I can't"
    "OK, God, give me the strength to do this"

    --so familiar to me.

  26. Praise the Lord!! Such great news!

  27. THANK GOD!!! Oh I'm all teary eyed over here!!! I know how hard it is to watch your baby scream and not be able to pick them up. Pure torture for a mother's heart. Thank God for his wonderful test results! You'llh ave your hands full with other things of course, but at least you get a little breathing room in the mean time!!!

  28. This post made my heart so happy for all of you! Truly a miracle. God is good!

  29. You have a wonderful blog, and a beautiful family.

  30. I am so glad to hear that everything turned out. The power of prayer!!

  31. What a testimony to the power of prayer!

  32. Beautiful miracle!!! Hang in there. I know, (having gone through the medical stuff with an infant) just how absolutely heart wrenching it is to feel so helpless when your baby is screaming for you. It never gets easier to hear these cries, but grace will help you through them indeed!

  33. Praise God for answered prayers! My goodness, I almost cried for joy when I read this. I'm not surprised because I know how God can never be out-done with his gifts...They overflow during trial as I well know. But I am still amazed when I see and hear stories like yours. I am so thrilled that He showered you with blessings of relief, just when you needed it most:)

  34. Precious, precious, beautiful boy!!! Congratulations!!

  35. Ugh. I'm so horribly behind and I feel like such a lousy friend. Please know that though I am reading/commenting late here that you and baby Simeon have been in my daily prayers, including our family rosary. I am SO happy and relieved to hear that his kidneys are ok!!! Thanks be to God!! What a miracle!

    Joyous love and hugs coming your way! …can ya feel it? ;)

  36. Count me in on those who could relate to what you went through that day. We've done a number of MRI's with our little one and a surgery at 16 months (with a painful recovery). It is so hard to see your baby confused and hurting. You know it's for the best, but it's still so hard. Praising the Lord for the wonderful news on Simeon's kidneys. So very happy for him, and for you!

  37. I am in tears I am so happy for you!!! Praise God!


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