Sunday, February 26, 2012

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes!

Makes me wish I wore a scarf.
That's one of those things I always say I'll do when I'm thin.
My oldest daughter loves to wear scarves
She's brave with her style and not afraid to stand out!
She loved this video!

(If you click on the title, you can go to Youtube and watch it without the advertisement blocking your view)


  1. I have several pretty scarves and never wear them. This was great in showing me how to do it. I never knew there were so many different ways! Glad you found this~

  2. I started wearing scarves last a couple of years ago and I love them but I hate getting hot so that can sometimes be an issue:)

  3. I love scarves, I like to get them for a quarter each at the local thrift store. I usually wear them in my hair though.

  4. I think the scarf fashion is pretty. Whenever I wear a scarf I feel like something is strangling me and I get so hot!

    Thanks for all the ideas!

  5. That was very interesting Jamie. Even if it is a feminine thing. Hope your week started off great. Sweet dreams.

  6. I can't believe there are so many different ways to wear a scarf. each one was cuter than the one before. all so cute. and I can usually never figure out how to wear one. I must practice. :)

  7. Loooooooove scarves! I have a whole bunch. I'm with Tricia in searching at the thrift stores, though and for years wore them in my hair... now which scarf to wear tomorrow??? And HOW? ;)

  8. Jamie- I can't even imagine how busy you are and to take the time to share your family and thoughts- Wow!!! Been thinking about you. Would love to chat if you have a free moment! Kris


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