Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Have You Tried This?

A busy, pumping, washing bottles, every 4 hours, feeding every 2 hours,
 mama of 6's,
 (well, any mama's)
perfect meal!!
High in protein and yummy!
(11 grams of protein per serving)
When there's no time for lunch for the mama,
 it's the perfect "quick grab"!

 A semi-permanent fixture on my counter for 
the next year and a half anyway.
God is always challenging me and helping me to 
work on my patience, as I like clean, empty counters....
not that 
that happens much with 6 kiddos, but...

I also started taking B-50
I feel so much better.
It has given me energy and helped to balance my hormones...
they were a mess the first month.
Ask my kiddos.
Ask my husband.

It's almost been 6 weeks, and it's always a balance act
at this time.
It's the time where I start feeling better after the c-section
and feeling like I want to exercise and do so much.
Yet, I can't.
I have a new baby who needs me and is in charge.
And who is up every 2 hours to eat all night long.
I have a family to take care of.

This time it's a little harder, it's winter.
We can't just take the baby out in the stroller and go for a walk.
We will this spring, that's for sure.
I am a "go" person
I like to go places, I'm used to going out with the new baby, 
but this time, I need to keep him home and safe from potential illnesses.

I am on the Spring countdown
The May countdown.

OK, that got way off topic, just wanted to know if you've tried Kefir?
I must need adult conversation.


  1. I have been drinking that stuff for breakfast for the last couple of months. Found it at WalMart. I use it to swallow my huge vitamins. I should try your stuff...looks good.

    That was funny what you said about the floor. My counters always have something on them and I like them empty also.

    Spring will come fact this winter has felt like spring.

    fun to hear you on the bloggy...I needed some adult conversation also.

  2. I'm always on the lookout for healthy, high protein things, and that looks just perfect. I will check for it when I'm at the store.

    Those pictures of the breast pumping items brought back the memories! I wished we'd bought stock in Medela.

    Don't get too antsy with yourself, although I know it must be hard. You will do great when the weather gets better and sweet Simeon will be this age only once. I am amazed at how you accomplish all you accomplish!

    I wish I could go for a walk or jog with you (but not in the cold. Can't deal with too much cold!)

  3. I've seen it, but not tried Kefir. I am going to the commissary tomorrow. Hmmm.

    I am looking forward to Spring too. I feel so antsy stuck inside, but I am such a wimp when it comes to the cold. Hang in there!

    Adult conversation? What is that? It has been so long, I am not sure I could keep up!

  4. kefir is the best. there are many brands. i weaned my lil' ones with a variety of kefir (with goat's milk).

    i've since stopped purchasing the store brands. i hope to start my own batch of water kefer and i may re-introduce (dairy) kefer at a later time.

    prayers for the graces to embrace and persevere through this season (of life).

    pax Christi, lena

  5. Kefir, love it!! My kids and I will eat it poured over Cheerios instead of milk or even pour a little over oatmeal! Love it in a glass too!! Healthy is a plus! I like that is has Probiotics.

    Also, I felt like you do about staying in and I had no reason I even needed to stay in except that I found it hard to pack everyone up.
    Spring will come soon!! It is February today! :) To help, just think, you never know what God saved you from.
    This helps me a lot when you are not able to do something that you really want to!! :)

  6. The drink looks yummy. I can't do dairy so I'll take your word for it. :) I need to whip up some high protein/fiber bars for my breakfast - the meal I keep missing!

    Adult conversation... I talked the ear off a friend who stopped by last week for a play date. I actually apologized for dominating the conversation.

    And spring, oh, I cannot wait! We've had a taste these past two days - nearly 60 degrees in Ohio!

    Glad you have more energy and moving about more in the house.

  7. I've eyed it but am not a plain yogurt gal at all. I like stuff in my yogurt. We are on a Greek yogurt kick. SAMs has it cheap, we have the chobani honey and banana flavor that I add organic ground peanut butter too and half a banana - a super protein snack with the pb. I also love the Fage yogurt with sliced strawberries and a truvia. See, not much of a plain yogurt person...

    I am that way about my floors!! I can't stand stuff on my floors. I feel bad about it because the kids like to play, and I'm gritting my teeth about the floor...although they do try to put their toys on my countertop haha.

    Hope you get some adult conversation during the day. It's so hard to be inside with the kids all day.

    Nicole, I'm in NE Ohio :) Lovin this weather! The birds were chirping and the sun was shining when I woke up.

  8. Linda & I have not seen it but will look the next time we are in the store. Always open for something to help us do better.
    Right now we are a motel room so we will be close to the VA hospital for my final carpel tunnel surgery in the morning. Will be so glad when it is done. Take care of yourself and I'll keep you posted on the recovery.

  9. I haven't seen or heard about Kefir...What are the benefits? Vitamins included? I think I'm just plain out of the loop on a lot of things;) Hugs from one "go girl" to another...I hear ya. Good thing Lent is right around the corner. That will help the soul feel at peace about hunkering down...your own "little desert" for 40 days*wink*. God bless you as you persevere:)

  10. Tasty but very high in sugar. And I always feel guilty about how much clings to the inside of the bottle so i put a little milk in, replace the cap, and shake! Keep up the great mamma work!

  11. I have a strawberry one of these in my 'fridge right now. I didn't even realize all the protein. So all over that now!

    And...I'm off to buy a case of that b-50 stuff. Anything to help my husband with the hormone business that seems to be going on lately! :)

    Six weeks....seems like just yesterday. I remember exactly where you are at with c-sec.

    Have a great great day Jamie!

  12. That stuff always looked a little too scary for me to try! Glad to know it tastes good. How many grams of protein does it have? I eat a Fage greek yogurt for lunch fat and 14 grams of protein.

  13. I admire you!

    We want to start on having a second child soon but all I can think of is "what am I going to do when the next one comes and E still needs me?"

    You have 6 and you're still up. I'm in awe of you! I'm sure it's not easy and I'm sure you're sleeping even less than I am. It's good to see that it's possible to have a big family and stay moderately sane.

    God Bless you, still in my prayers.

  14. Yes, I've tried it, but it's not available where I shop regularly. My mom has made her own from scratch. She's very 'into' drinking it for the health benefits.

    Can't wait for Spring, but I sincerely hope we don't have a super hot summer.

  15. Hmmmm....let's see if I can answer some of you...

    Lena--Elia from Conservamom:
    also makes her own Kefir....check her out!

    Lorie--can't imagine eating it over cheerios...but fruit, yumm!

    Nicole--sorry you can't do dairy, I couldn't survive without a cheese stick or yogurt...

    Our Catholic Family--fruit in your yogurt sounds great! We get Greek yogurt at Sam's too, but they only have the fruit on the bottom kind...and one Chobani kind....haven't tried that one yet...

    Odie--praying for you!

    Tiffany--Kefir has probiotics, high protein, vitamins are in it too...
    Lent--thanks--that's a great way to look at it!

    Tracy--never pay attention to the sugar, just the carbs, fat and protein....

    Tina--yes, 6 weeks flies by...the whole first year does!

    Wow--Colleen!--that yogurt has a lot of protein, I'll have to look for that one. This Kefir has 11 grams per cup of it. A little more than 1 carb (20 grams) and 2 grams of fat. Usually "fat free" things tend to have more carbs and with my type 1 diabetes, I need to watch carbs.

    Suzie--I could totally see you making this on your own!

    Elia at Conservamom makes her own:

  16. I haven't tried it but I am taking a concentrated liquid form of B12. It really works to bring some needed energy to my day. I don't know how different it is to your B intake but I highly recommend it. I found it in our local Sprouts (healthy store). 10 drops in your smoothie does wonders!!!

  17. I have both water kefir and milk kefir grains in my fridge, waiting for me to start a new batch!

    I'm lucky in that I'm a home-body. Winter gives me an excuse to not leave the house for several days in a row... lol.

    Great job pumping! Keep up the hard work!

  18. Luving my visit here today and all the photos from Thankful Thursday.

    Wanted to get a multi B and so I am grateful for this recommendation.

    Also, the new header family shot is so wonderful!

  19. We LOOOVE kefir here. I have been making it myself but it seems the bottle from the store is so much easier at

  20. Congratulations for your new baby. Looks like he was born, on the day I was traveling to Mexico. I spent 3 weeks there. I have not being reading blogs lately, so I just found out about your good news. You are a person I admire. 6 c-sections. I still think twice before getting pregnant again. And I only had 2 births c-section. May God continue to give you blessings and strenght to raise your children.

  21. We Love Kefir!! We have been drinking it for years. I am actually going to try and make my own because I have a recipe but I haven't had a chance to do it yet. Oh and it is really good for you too! Love it!
    Take care and I have to say I love reading your blog. It makes me feel like we've had a chance to catch up:)
    God bless!


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