Friday, February 3, 2012

Pajama Jeans

Nothing fits me now.
I'm seriously thinking about Pajama Jeans....Have you seen them?
I've always laughed at them,
but now am really missing my jeans and tired of pregnancy pants.
Wonder if they make them big enough for me?


  1. Oh Jamie, you are too funny! My sister told me about them and so I had to watch infomercials one day just to see them. Laughed so hard. I'd bet that they're pretty comfy...even if not so pretty! :)

  2. Valerie--SO glad you got my sense of humor!!

    Can you tell I'm up all night feeding a baby with nothing to watch except informertials?

  3. My jeans are what I miss right away, too. Maternity tops these days are cute (especially the ones with gathering on the sides) and I don't mind wearing them into the nursing time period.

  4. Dude, if you fit back into your jeans...I would have to come and kick you ;) We are expected to wear maternity/pants with elastic waists for a long time after the baby :) You're in good company!

  5. I'm 15 weeks pregnant, and my "fat" jeans (not maternity, seriously my jeans from when I was heavier) are too big (thanks morning sickness!) But my other jeans are too small. I looked at the cost of maternity jeans the other day and about died - seriously?! I don't remember them costing that much 3 years ago with my last baby! Inflation is worse than I thought! These are seriously looking wonderful to me right now. I don't care if they are ridiculous OR hideous, haha. I've pretty much decided I'm grabbing some stretchy yoga pants and capris and those will be my main wardrobe pants for the next 5 months.

  6. Ummm I still don't fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans at 7 months out! And I work out :( My hips just got bigger, I had to buy new pants. But seriously, anything like those pajama jeans I think looks super comfy!

  7. If the infomercial was accurate they must be really comfortable so why not try them. Anything to help you feel better about yourself.
    Another great source is Victoria's Secret. May be a little pricey but what they sell is superior. I know from being in a house with 4 females for a lot of years.
    Have a wonderful weekend. I am doing really well and can already feel the difference in my right hand so it was well worth it. Thanks for the prayers.

  8. LOL! That vid was too funny!

    In all seriousness, I understand you completely! I hate the in-between time when nothing fits but preggy clothes. I say if they are comfy and make you feel normal (or as normal as you can right now) then get a pair. Though if it was me I'd wear it with a lose fitting top that was long enough to cover most or all of my bum. Close-fitting pants like that are not very flattering to postpartum figures. Plus, it would be more modest. :)

    You and your little man continue to be in my prayers.

  9. Kelli: Just wanted to share that Old Navy has reasonably priced maternity jeans online. They're hard to find in stores but online has them. Mine were $25 and they were my favs! I got the skinny jeans which I never would have predicted would look good on my body type (not skinny!) But they were cute and super comfy.

    Jamie: soooo with you on wanting to wear my jeans again! I tried on my biggest pair yesterday and sadly it was a no go. Hey do u have a belly band? They're nice for holding in the tummy post partum. I wear it with my maternity jeans now for a little extra, um, shall we say support?!

  10. Second belly band, but good idea!!

    Kelly--I'm just kidding, not buying these....but if I did, I'd for sure cover my bottom!!

    You are all funny!!

  11. I have seen these in stores and they made me kind of chuckle there, but this is so funny!

    Do get too in a rush with yourself. It will come off. You've got your hands full right now!

  12. Been meaning to comment but been so busy here...

    I actually really like the idea of pajama jeans as post maternity pants! I also saw the infomercial a while ago and snorted at the idea, but now that I'm post-pregnancy and nothing fits--no maternity clothes fit but pre-pregnancy clothes don't fit either, I think I might just look into those jeans! I am constantly hiking up my maternity jeans because they are sliding down my body (I have no butt). It's embarrassing, but like I said, nothing fits!

    Pajama jeans, here I come!

    Thanks for the spelling corrections you left on my blog! Leave it to you to know how to spell "wuss!" That made me laugh!


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