Wednesday, February 29, 2012


We met with Simeon's surgeon last Friday
Surgery will be the first week of May
He will be a little over 4 months, so he should be a good size
He's a little over 8 lbs right  now
The nurse in the surgeon's office said that cleft lip/palate's are very common,
so much so that they see 4 to 5 babies per month!
We will have surgery right here in our town (yay!)
He will be in at least overnight and be there til he's able to suck out of his bottle
He'll need to wear arm braces for 4 weeks, to prevent him from touching his face
His next surgery will be when he's about 12-14 months, 
that surgery will be on the roof of his mouth.

I'm OK with it being 2 months away yet.
That means I don't really have to think much about it til then.
like, not having him for that time he's in with the doctors.
That will be pure torture, pure torture I tell you.

Needing to keep him away from public places these last 2 months, 
(in an effort to prevent RSV, his mouth and nose are so open to the air)
We've been splitting up Mass.
I've done the grocery shopping without him.
(That's all I've done I guess...)
Every time I see another mama with her baby
I tear up.
It's heartbreaking for this mama 
to not be able to bring him with me
and I miss him so 
When I come back, I just want to hold him and hug and kiss him!

I just can't imagine handing him over to the doctors and 
the pure torture I'll be feeling in the waiting room.

Hopefully that answers some of your questions


  1. Can you at least spend the night in the hospital with him??? Oh that seperation is so sad!

  2. Praying! Glad to hear that you're not thinking about it too much right now...I know it'd occupy my thoughts night and day, when really there's not a whole lot that can be done. Simeon is blessed to have such loving and caring parents: willing to do what is best for him, but still being courageous enough to empathize with him and the suffering that he must go through. I'm certain your pain is saving many souls!

  3. I'm glad that at least it's on the calendar, but I am praying for you right now. It will be hard, but try not to dwell on it much right now. Don't let the anxiety of the future rob you of what's good for today. Savor your times with him now, and very soon afterwards he'll be restored to you.

    He's so handsome. Can't believe he's grown so much!

  4. Thanks for the update. I totally understand what you are feeling. I remember the weeks before Aslynn's surgery and how we stayed in the house during the beautiful Spring weather....
    And then the surgery...I will pray that God gives you special graces on that day that will allow you some peace. Aslynn's surgery was a grueling 8 hour ordeal, and as I type that I feel a tightness in my chest and I feel like I'm going to have a panic attack. And, yet, on that day I was ok. I think that for 14 months we struggled and built up to that big day and then it was a realization that it was time to hand her over and it was almost like a small weight being lifted. I had to hand her over to heal her.
    (Ok, and also it was SO hard to not be able to feed or nurse a baby past midnight...especially one accustomed to waking up every two hours. So, perhaps I was a bit worn down as well!)

    Anyway, email if you ever want to chat!

    He is SO cute and looks like your other kids!

  5. Gosh, Jamie, I can only imagine how painful that surgery looks for you right now. And how hard it is to not be able to bring him out and bless everyone with his cuteness! I'm sorry I haven't emailed you back yet. You know how it is! Praying for you dear friend.

  6. Thanks, Jamie, for keeping us posted. We ALL lub that sweet little blessing.

    Please let us know also when the time comes for the surgery so we can pray and pray for you and that babe.

    He is blessed to have you for his mama. And that big brother of his...he will watch over him always.

    Thinking of you and sending bloggy hugs to help through the torture. Those precious babes do something to a mama's heart we just lub them so much.

  7. You will be stronger than you think. And the medical personnel are much better at keeping kids comfortable than ever before. My 9 y/o daughter has had many hospitalizations and surgeries, and I have to say that she gets thru it much better than me! I am always amazed at how quickly kids heal.
    I know what you mean about not having to think about it too much, since it is months away. Just went thru my own cancer surgery, and I remember beforehand, each day thinking, "I don't have to go thru it today, so I will have the best day I can," and it really helped.

  8. OK, I cried through all your comments!

    Monica--YES, I can spend the night with him--they couldn't keep me away anyway.

    Laura--I'm trying hard for it to not occupy my thoughts, yet, sometimes, it's that anxiety that tightens in my chest and just hurts.

    Shelly--Thank you, you are right, about anxiety and worry robbing me of today, it's easy for that to happen. I just hold him tight and cry sometimes. (late at night!)

    Jill--Dang! I'd forgotten about not being able to feed him from midnight on...which doesn't make sense, really, because breastmilk digests quickly, right? I cried through your whole comment, I know you made it through such hard, hard times and look at Aslynn now!!!

    That tightness in the chest thing--I totally get that.

    Second Chances--Thank you so much!
    AND YES, I know how it is, no need to email back, just know I'm praying for you too.

    Christine--Thank you so very much, yes he's blessed to have Jedi as a big over protective brother!!
    I will let everyone know when the exact day is, when we know and when it's closer.

  9. Kate--Oh, my gosh, you must think I"m a wimp. You've been through so much. God bless your sweet heart.

  10. Kate--prayers for your daughter and I hope you are cancer-free? Prayers for you too.

  11. I'm starting prayers today for your little S's surgery, that everything goes perfectly, and for his momma, that all the preparation goes as planned, and that you have peace that surpasses all understanding, all the way up to the time in the waiting room and beyond. and I know it'll go exactly as God has planned !! God will be there throughout, holding your little one's hand through it all :) even tho as mommas we always want to be there too!

  12. I'm sending so many hugs and prayers your way!

  13. Oh Jamie Jo, my heart and prayers are with you during this difficult time. My son had open heart surgery when he was 4 1/2 months old and was hospitalized for a week. So, I kind of know what you're feeling and going though, though parts I'm sure are different. I almost colapsed when I handed him over to the nurse the morning of his surgery, my husband had to literally hold me up and walk me to the waiting room. It was an 8 hour surgery and soon after leaving my baby I could feel myself being lifted up in prayers (family, friends & the saints) - I know that might sound strange but it's true.

    Your son & your family are so loved and you will have the prayers of MANY during the coming weeks and the day of the surgery.

    Love, Hugs & Prayers. <><

  14. Oh Jamie,

    One day at a time, or one hour, or just the next few minutes. Through Christ you'll make it to the other side of this adventure. You'll learn to lean on Him more than you ever have. I am sure your husband and your other precious babes will help you through as well. You'll be an even stronger, loving, Christ filled family.

    My prayers will be with you now & when Simeon will be having his surgery as well.

    You are a wonderful mother!

  15. Knowing the surgery has to be done is one thing, having the actual date is draining. I know, so you'll be in my prayers in the days from now until May. Babies going through surgery was a total unknown to me before Eddie was born (four healthy kids before him, why would I ever think otherwise?) but now that I've been through it I've found that it's not a lonely one--there are so many parents out there who have had to send their little one off with a nurse. Of course, that doesn't make YOUR pain or anguish any less. If you have any questions about hospital stays, email me. :)

    Hugs & prayers for Simeon and all your kiddos. (Oh, and I'm sure you thought of it, but in case--don't forget to get the Anointing of the Sick for him before his surgery.)

  16. Jamie

    I'll be keeping you and Simeon (and your family!) in thoughts and prayers these coming weeks. I can't imagine how difficult it must be.

    You know my sister is going through something similar with her own baby, so i I guess I do know a little of the pain you are feeling.

    Prayers for you

  17. I knew this was coming and wondered when so it was good to read your post today. I know it will be tough to hand Simeon over but as they say the procedure is so common now they should take very good care of him.
    The transition here at work is really weird as I have literally nothing to do for the most part with various people assuming my duties trying to get a handle on things before I leave on the 8th. I just have to hang in here a while longer. Have a wonderful rest of the week.
    Big Hugs,

  18. Jamie,

    My kids and I pray for you and that sweet baby often. On Fridays, we say the rosary on the way to our homeschool co-op, and your little guy makes it on their list of people to pray for frequently. I know how scary it is to sit in that hospital room with your child. I always carry my Magnificat with me and it has been such a source of comfort during those times.

  19. Thanks for the update. Everyone continues to be in my prayers.

  20. Dear Jamie,

    I think often of my mom and how she was able to overcome (and deal with) this very separation you wrote about. I was that child from my mom. The one she had to leave in a hospital room. From 5 months until I was about 11 I had multiple surgeries. In those days a mama wasn't allowed to stay overnight with her babies. Awful!

    I am praying for you. My mother found the grace of God to deal with her saddness and her anxiety. God blessed her with strength during this time. And I know you'll find your strength through Him too. You and your family are covered under many prayers.

    God bless you all!

  21. Praying for your peace, and the surgeon's hands. Lots of love to you and your family!!

  22. ok, life got away from me, and now I'm behind in laundry, cooking, cleaning, correcting papers....and answering all of your wonderful comments.

    Thank you everyone. I am most humbled by the ones who have gone through this already and really, how much harder your crosses are than mine. I am so blessed for Simeon, this is cosmetic, not life threatening. Except any surgery is life threatening, just putting a baby under anesthesia is dangerous, right?

    Thank you, all of you.

  23. Jamie Jo,

    I love reading your blog, especially since the birth of your son. I love seeing the love of your family that surrounds your little Simeon. I will pray for you as he goes through his surgery, as my sister Becky mentioned, we are going through something similair except our son is due in June. Our son Dominic has a major cleft lip/palet, so large that it open up his whole cheek bone (which is missing) and has pushed his right eye to the side making him unable to see out of his right side. He also has what they believe to be, his brain protruding out the front of his face, yikes! All of that and they still think he could survive, although his prognosis is very poor. Prayers for you from one mother to another and please know how much your site has helped me dream of holding my baby and seeing my other children (7) love on him like yours do on Simeon.


  24. I teared up just reading this. I'll definitely be praying for you leading up to this and beyond. Simeon is so blessed to have you as his mother and be surrounded by so much love. I would feel the same way, though if I'd be going through what you are! You're so brave. It's amazing how children always make us do things we never thought we were capable of and do what we never would do for ourselves. Our love definitely pours outward and over with them. Know of the prayers of our family for yours and keep us updated. Until then, LOTS and LOTS of kisses and cuddles for your little one.

    Also... You probably don't think about it, but imagine what a witness your love is to your children. You are truly forming them (not only through their lessons but) by your example of unconditional love of a mother. Good job!

  25. We will be praying for him and you... I can't imagine. I know that feeling of just wanting your baby with you, especially when you see another baby. ((hugs))

  26. Still praying for you and Simeon, all the time! I know God will send you the graces you need at the moment you need them. Hang in there!

  27. Jamie Jo, you made it onto our kitchen prayer board. We will be remembering your and Simeon in our nightly continuous Rosary novena. My sister's youngest was born 2 months early and even though he was a great size (over 6 lbs at birth!) he still had to remain in the hospital for a few weeks. Then, he had to wear a monitor for his breathing for another 2 months. It was hell for my sister. If she left him at all it was only for Mass. We know how you feel. God will get you through this, but you already know that. :)

  28. Jamie,
    We will be praying for you and baby. I was sad reading this post because I would be the same as you, I think all Moms would be. It is a diffiuclut thing to go through. But I know God will be with you every step of the way. I would try not to think about it until the day comes (if you can).

  29. Oh, Mary, I pray for you and your family and precious little Dominic.

    I know a little of what you are feeling, finding out about Simeon's cleft before he was born. All the fears, the thoughts that get away from you and steal your peace. God made these special children and knew from the very beginning of time who they would be and who their parents would be. That always gives me peace to think about that. Oh, your children will love on him--I pray they will be able to hold him and be by him. When Simeon was born, he was in the NICU and the kids couldn't go in and see him, one of the saddest parts was seeing them look through the glass door to peek at him, and then hearing that they cried on the way home because they couldn't touch him and kiss and hold him.

    God bless you!

    Marijanna--You are right, this whole thing is good for the kids to witness, and Simeon will be a strong young man someday because of all he will have gone through. Thank you so much!

    Thank you so much for your prayers!

    Bridget--so many other people have gone through such bigger and much harder things than I, I'm a wuss....Thank you for putting us on your prayer board, you are a blessing!

    Lorie--I'm trying to not think about it, or at least telling myself not to worry til the time comes...I keep saying "it's a long time away" I'll be a nervous wreck though the week before!


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