Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thankful Thursday

 Thankful for big sisters and little sisters who love to read with eachother
 Thankful there are always kisses in my house
(the girls are actually fighting to kiss Simeon here)
 Thankful we all fit around our table, with our new benches!
(OK, our furniture doesn't match, but who cares?)
 Thankful for smoothies for lunch!
What kind of blenders do you use for smoothies?
Ours takes forever to make, is it because of the blender?
 Thankful I finally tried this recipe
 They were delicious, but kind of hard to get off, because they are soft
it took a few to get the hang of it
it only made 12 or 13,
 which don't go far in a family of 8, with friends over sledding!
 Next time I'd double the recipe!
They were very quick to make!
 Thankful for melting's been around 40 all week, with no end in sight!
I'm so looking forward to spring!
 Thankful for creative kiddos...
Can you guess what this is?
Think about the thing I do 6 times a day.....
 It's a homemade breastpump!!
Thankful I have kiddos that make me laugh!
 And thankful I have babes that make me go "Awwwwwww"
 Thankful I still have littles that fall asleep on me!
This is how she always falls asleep, 
even when I rock her, she sits beside me on the arm and
plays with my hair and falls asleep.

 Thankful for growing babies...people keep asking me how big he is...
he's still pretty small, I'm guessing maybe, barely maybe, 6 1/2 lbs at the most...
he's still in that NB size clothes.
 Thankful there's always someone to hold the baby!

Thankful for all your prayers and gifts we've received.
Thankful for all the meals we've received, my good friend Susie has brought us a meal
every Monday!!!
(yes, she's amazing)

Thankful I still have a few days left before starting school again

God bless you, have a wonderful weekend!

If you have a moment, pray for Odie, he's recovering from Carpel Tunnel surgery today
Thank you, he's such a sweet man and always has words of encouragement for others.


  1. Oh, your thankful post is just what I needed. There may be small aggravations in life, but when you put it up against all the Lord has given us to be thankful for, there's no comparison.

    Even thought it's winter there, I think your house must always be warm with the love and sweetness that abounds there.

    The homemade breast pump is a hoot! And, I'm praying for Odie.

  2. Love love the homemade breast pump! Creative kiddos!

    And I so love Simeon with his arms up by his ears sleeping. That was my favorite to watch them sleep like that! I can still see each one of them in my minds eye exactly like that. :) Thanks for the memory!

    You have such a beautiful family.


    PS. We have black folding chairs at our table! :)

  3. We got home in the early afternoon & I am doing very well so far with no discomfort. A little hard to type with the thick bandage around my right hand but I am managing.

    Thanks to everyone for your prayers. I should have the bandage off by Saturday and will be back at work on Monday.

    Enjoyed the awesome pictures today Jamie. I also think it is wonderful that you do what is necessary for everyone to sit at the table with no worry about fashion statements. Have a great rest of the week my sweet friend.

  4. We have to eat at seperate tables, so I appreciate your thankfulness on that one especially. We bought a Ninja awhile back and it's awesome for smoothies or crushing ice in general and has an ultra big pitcher which is great for big families. Down side is it really needs to be hand-washed.
    Take it easy on yourself and keep enjoying those cute sweeties!

  5. I look forward to your thankful Thursday posts. They are so down to earth and I love that about you. You tell it like it is. Our chairs don't match either! I think our blender is a Black & Decker. It is extremely loud, but it makes great smoothies.

    Thanks for sharing all of the beautiful pictures. Your kids are so sweet and amazing. Simeon is a doll. My little guy sleeps with his arms up just like Simeon.

    God Bless.

  6. I love these posts. Helps remind me to be thankful for our stuff too.

    Blender... I'm using my parents' Blendtec blender. Super expensive but awesome. I make my own mayo, dressings, ice-cream, raw smoothies, etc. in it. And it's a snap to clean (rinse out, add a bit of water and a drop of dish soap, blend, and rinse). If my parents ever want it back, I'm definitely buying one for us.

    Our chairs don't match. Actually, two of our chairs are folding metal chairs.

    And Tina, I agree, I love the arms up by the head pose. Or a little hand by the mouth as they doze.

  7. Ooh I have a picture to email you you're gonna love!

  8. I love your Thankful Thursdays! I hope you are doing great! I loved getting your note. Hugs to you and thinking of you guys always!

  9. OK, the curls on your little girl. To.die.for! ANd I can't believe she falls asleep on you like that. Though you do look super comfy :) And Simeon, oh man, still so teeny and new, I wish I could smell him. Is that weird?

  10. Yah...I would die for curls like that. My thin straight hair...icky!

    I need to get a cool blender. We haven't had a good smoothie in so long.

    That is a sweet picture of your little girl sleeping on you. I love how Simeon is all bundled up in a nice warm blanket. Lucky little guy.

    Fun having friends over and sledding. Hardly any snow left here. Ice is bad to skate on also.

    I also enjoy these post and glad you keep them up.

    Prayers for ODIE!!!

  11. So beautiful Janie! Wish we lived closer!

  12. That's my sweet goddaughter! (love her very creative ideas!!)

    My kids are SO envious of your backyard snowhill. What great pics!

    We have to DRIVE to find a manmade hill here in the vertically challenged Red River Valley :)

    Don't worry about school on Monday. Seriously. Have the bigs do what they can on their own and do some "couch" school for when they have questions or need help.

    I have done that each time I have had to start school up again. And cram everything else in while he naps! :)
    I"m dying laughing at the pajama pants; though at the same time I'm kind of intreiged~ :)

    Our talk was NOT long enough this week!!
    Love and prayers!

  13. The homemade breast pump is so cute/funny and creative!! Love the recipe and love all your pictures. Baby boy looks bigger in that dino outfit! :) Too cute!!

  14. Love the shot of the girls fighting to kiss the baby. That really is what it means to be pro-life. I have to protect babies from too much love. I can't wait to have babies again.

    Is the baby's weight a huge concern? He is so precious.


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