Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thankful Thursday

 Thankful there are always kiddos to surround Simeon, 
Thankful he's had some quiet times of contentment
(he still has fussy times, but those contentment times were not there before)
 Thankful for floor time...
 Thankful for smiles...
 Thankful for little hands holding little hands...
 Thankful for lots of hands...
 Thankful we finally got Mary Hannah's First Holy Communion banner done!!
(the bottom has her real name and more red fringe like the top)
The church gives us the banners...we added the fringe and got better letters
She picked what she wanted to say
 Thankful for the "painted world" snowfall we had this past week, 
It snowed during the night and the night just glowed
(I know, I was up several times)
 Thankful so very thankful for boys who will shovel
Can you tell it's the thick, heavy kind of snow?
 Thankful the kids had new snow to play in
(and eat)
 Thankful for muddy knees (from melting snow and mud)
 rosy cheeks, smiles and running down the hill
(click on the picture for cuteness)
 Thankful for these products...I can eat them and they are easy to find in our grocery store!
Thankful there is actually a lot of things to choose from for gluten free foods

OK-- Not Thankful for prune juice.
This stuff is nasty
I can't even believe people buy this more than one time
If you live close to me, and want a whole bottle of this,
come and get it!
Thankful so very thankful for bandaids.
They make any owie better
(she got her finger slammed in the shower door)

Thankful for this little stuff and so much more, 
much bigger stuff
 it's easy to dwell in the muck of every day life
I just have to take time to be thankful for the small stuff
the many blessings that happen every day
even in the middle of crabby, fighting kids, little sleep, 
no bread, laundry filled, poopie diaper and no poopin' 
(if you know what I mean)


  1. Can hardly believe I saw your post before there were any comments. Loved the banner so much and is about the prettiest banner I have ever seen for a church and the message is awesome. Was shivering a little looking at all that snow. Looks like we will have a winter with no snow and I am not complaining a bit. Glad you are experiencing some peaceful times and I see you found the same crackers that I enjoy made from nuts.
    Simeon is one lucky little boy having attention from so many little hands. Has his weight increased much? Just wondering. Well girl, you try and stay warm and have a great friday.

  2. Your thankful posts always, always make my day! The little hands one is precious. Simeon looks like a little king! Your snow is beautiful. We've already begun turning on the ac again. Oh well!

  3. I love the First Holy Communion Banner. it is so bright and beautiful, and with that personal touch of Mary Hannah deciding what she wanted it to say, it's just perfect! all those kiddles and all that love beaming in their faces. what joy! I will say it has been a long while since I've had prune juice, but I always loved it as a child. chocolate chex? That sounds delicious!! :)

  4. I keep forgetting to tell you how much I love your blog header;) My favorite is little hands holding little hands. What would we do without those precious moments? That snow is gorgeous! I can't imagine what that would be like!? Still keeping you and Simeon in my prayers that the new diet keeps on helping!

  5. So glad I found this page! Your children are beautiful and you are so blessed to recognize all of your blessing. Siblings who love each other in one of the greatest gifts God can give us as mothers. Great post, inspiring. :)

  6. Odie--We will find out about Simeon's weight Friday, we go to the plastic surgeon's to hopefully schedule his surgery...hoping he's gained some. You're always so sweet!

    Shelly--AC? Really? Wow, it's been a different year that's for sure, pretty mild winter here in MN. Simeon is our little king-you're right!

    Gardenia--Prune Juice? Oh, gosh, wish we lived closer I'd give you mine (not for that reason alone) haha! I do like prunes, but the juice, it's just too strong.

    Tiffany--Thanks so much for your prayers, they mean the world to us!

    Nicole--me too! I keep trying to get feet pictures, but they never turn out good.

    Bridget--I agree--I think homeschooling helps with that, they are all close and really love and miss eachother when one of them is gone.

  7. :-)
    Lovely thankful post. Glad you are feeling better. Make sure you get fruits and veggies for apple a day...and lots of water.

  8. I never drink that stuff straight up. Always mix it with 7up or sprite. I use to do that with the kids also. Mixing it with pop helps a lot.

    Thankful for your posts.
    I like to see the kids out in the snow. We finally have some too. Not much.

    That little babe is so tiny compared to the siblings. He will grow up though...hang in there. He is so cute. He will have the most amazing big blue eyes.

    glad the plumbing is working!

  9. You do have much to be thankful for Jamie! You have a lovely family who adore their newest brother. I imagine he is the center of their world right now! Babies bring out the nurturing side in us all, including children. Your new header picture is so sweet!

  10. Oh... you just made me cry. I want to kiss the face of your little sweetie SO much (and the finger that was bandaid-ed) I LOVE the snow licking picture. Kids capture the delight of slow so well. Imagine a grown woman or man licking the snow... not the same effect. You just made me think of all that I'm thankful for (that'll take a while).

  11. Barbara--Thank you--I'm doing just that!

    Noreen--Thank you so much--Yes, babies have a way of bringing out so much good in all of us, I always think and feel sorry for whoever will be our last baby, because they won't have that special joy of being around little ones!

    Marijanna-- Yes, so true, to capture the innocence of children compared to adults, although, I have licked the snow (maybe)'s the same with chubby babies, we all go "Awww, look how cute!" Imagine, saying that to adults!! Wish we would!

  12. So my oldest has to do a banner for his first communion. He does better if I give him examples. Mary Hannah's came up first in a Google image search and it's the one he likes and wants to do! So you can tell her she was an inspiration. :)


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