Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Sunday night, I watched a little of a show on PBS, about Joan Baez
Now, I know she used to be pretty political, with her "Peace" stance 
back in the 60's and early 70's
but, boy is she a beautiful woman today
and her voice, beautiful too.
I would love to look like her when I get old--er.
She mentioned some mistakes she wished she never made and 
could live over, which I admire, because 
I think a lot of older people get set in their ways
and think they've never done anything wrong
(at least I know some older people like that)
I'd like to hope I look back on things I've done wrong 
and admit it.

Isn't she a lovely looking lady?
Blowing in the Wind and moving on....
 The Brady Bunch!
We've been DVR-ing this show, it's on twice a day
My kids love it
My oldest daughter said, "Mom, they wear really short skirts."
Ummm, yes, they did
It was the style back then...I guess not much has changed these days...
But, this is a good, clean show for all of us to enjoy, 
that, you can't find nowadays.
and they are for shapely women (plus size)
I'm so impressed.
Speaking of bras...
 This is me, pumping....
I'm actually pumping right now, just like this 
This is how I type and do things while pumping though.
(OK, I cover up though)
Several, several of you lovely ladies have asked me how I do things while pumping.
This is it.
My nurse told me about it in the hospital
Hands free nursing!!
The only thing is you are tied to that pump though.
I had this revelation one day
I thought, I'd pump and walk on the treadmill 
and that way I could get my workout in and still pump, heck 
I could do it 4 times a day!!
Then, as I was getting things ready, 
realized it wouldn't work, unless I wanted milk all over the place.
So here I sit at the desk
emailing, blogging, correcting papers and watching episodes of 
Downton Abbey

I drink a ton of it
(that's my water bottle)
I'm kind of picky about it too
I need a straw bottle like this one
and I need ice!!
I heard the other day that if you drink ICE water 
you can burn up to 500 calories per week!!
I fill this thing at least 5 times in a 24 hour period.
I should be losing the pounds like crazy!
I don't believe it.

Come Together Kids--I found this blog yesterday!
I wrote down a ton of craft, snack and April Fool ideas!!
She's got homemade marshmallow shooters
and a ton of other inspirational ideas, check her out!
And, finally, if you are still here,
We've got the flu going through our house
so there's lots of crying and whining and not lots of sleeping.
Doesn't she look pitiful?
She's better now, and it's moved onto Mary Hannah.
Praying the mama doesn't get it....


  1. First, I am so sorry the flu bug has hit and I hope everyone gets better soon and you DON'T get it at all!

    And, you crack me up! That pumping/treadmill situation- wow think of all the calories already burned with nursing, add that to the calories burned on the treadmill...hmmm...

    You are so funny- thank you for being my friend!

  2. Yuck, sorry the bug has hit you. Prayers for a speedy recovery and that no one else gets it!

    I actually wondered about pumping and the treadmill too. I couldn't imagine it.

    I love ice water too. My problem is I forget to drink it!

    Stay healthy!

  3. Hope everyone will feel better soon. We all have colds here.
    Anyways, my family LOVES the Brady Bunch too. We have all the DVD's. We also have the first season of Full House and the kids love that show too. It's fun watching the old shows with the kids, because there is NO WAY we can watch t.v. in the evening together. Take care, Ann
    P.S. The kids like the Cosby Show too! Too funny seeing these shows again:)

  4. Poor sweet little babe. That stinks getting sick.

    Praying everybody gets better soon. Hugs to my little goddaughter. Just wanna kiss her forehead and lub her.

    I hope I look that good when I am old too.

    oh my...ava just came in the house (with colette) screaming...I guess she bit her tongue really bad. gotta go kiss the booboo

  5. We love the Brady Bunch here too. Such a classic!

  6. Praying the baby doesn't get it....but with all that good mama's milk he will probably be just fine!

  7. this will date me but I loved the brady bunch show -- it was on Friday nights at 7PM. back in the day! we had strep throat at our house a couple weeks ago, but I can't say I wouldv'e traded it for the flu. hope you all get well, and that it doesn't nab the momma. oh I love that virgil kane song...that takes me back too! have a great day!

  8. I was a big fan of Brady Bunch too! Grew up with it and still enjoy catching an episode or two when I can. You are a very multi tasking expert if you can pump and do other things at the same time. Impressive! Praying that the flu bug stays away from you!

  9. I love your posts. They are always so real. So entertaining. And I always learn something!

    I've got to look into Downtown Abbey on Netflix. I've been hearing about it from everyone now.

    We have a little puker here, too. The Puke Bowl has been a fixture in the house for a few days now. Hope you stay well.

  10. Prayers for everyone, Jamie!!! Love the pump pic :)

    Miss you! Praying for you every time I'm up at night w/ Juliette (which isn't so fun 2-3

    No pumping/cleaning pump so after each feeding, I'm NOT complaining! :)

    Can't believe Sweetlove is 3 mos already and what's even more unbelievable is that I haven't met him yet!!

    Got to run to DDS appts for 3 kiddos - never a dull moment here!
    Love and prayers,

  11. Shelly--Thank you for being MY friend!! I have not been sick in a very long time....except a little cold a couple weeks ago...so hoping this won't get me, I can't imagine throwing up and laying on the couch all day and it coming out the other end too....and pumping and taking care of the baby and the others....

    Yes, always thinking about ways to work out....just didn't work out the way I planned....today, I had the idea of somehow exercising while showering....not sure it would work out either though!!

    Nicole--you guys just got over this flu thing, didn't you? You gotta take that water bottle everywhere with you, then you will drink it...just sip it all day! I can drink a whole one (4 cups) with each pumping!

    Ann--I love Brady bunch because it brings me back to my childhood...hmmmm Cosby show and Full House? Have to check those out too! Good idea!

    christine--you guys all had the stomach flu a while ago, you should be ok, right? Kiss Ava for me too!

    Kathleen--(I love your name--Yes, a classic, we've seen all the Little House on the Prairie ones, now these are fun and funny!

    Colleen--I sure this milk is helping something!!!

    Gardenia--isn't it funny how songs and shows can take us back like that? You are not that much older than me, because that song brings me back to my childhood...and Brady Bunch, we watched after school! Strep throat is not fun either...just hoping this flu thing is gone by Easter!

    Noreen--Thanks, hoping it stays away from me too...sometimes flu bugs are like that, the kids get them and we parents don't! and about multi tasking, the hands free bra pumping thing helps a ton!

    Jill--Beware of the first episode of Downton Abbey, it's got something kind of shocking, and that never happens again, it gets much better after that!! We have puke buckets...good MN ice cream in buckets, buckets upstairs, buckets by beds, buckets by the couch...

    Sarah--it's crazy ,Juliette was like 4 months when I met her, right? It's getting harder and harder as we get older and larger families, but it will then, get easier, right? :) first Communion end of May....Summer is coming, the kids keep talking about meeting in Alex again!

  12. Jamie Jo, I just checked out that Mirror Mirror craft you linked to in my comments. That site ((in your post here)) is wonderful! I'm hooked. and thanks for noticing my new blog header.

  13. Thanks for the link for craft ideas. SO MANY COOL WOMAN OUT THERE!
    Couldn't find the April Fools ideas. I need to get Brian this year and I do not have any ideas.

  14. Gardenia--Yes, me too!!

    Christine--it was more food April fools:



    And the other thing I saw...might not have been from her...it was a spoonful of vanilla yogurt with a 1/2 canned peach on top, so it looked like an egg.

  15. You are my hero. Seriously. I crab about having to feed during the night let alone feed AND pump! I couldn't do it.

    And we started watching Cosby on YouTube and love it! I forgot how great they are. My hubby loves the Brady bunch but I just can't do it!

  16. You be very careful Jamie and hopefully you will not get that nasty bug.
    I really enjoyed the great music and yes she does look fantastic. I'll pass on commenting on the rest of the story. Have a wonderful rest of the week and hope all the kiddos get well quickly.

  17. The flu sucks, quite frankly. We've had stomach bugs and just nasty colds running rampant here for the past 2 months. Gross!
    Also, don't forget: you need rest to pump, so take this God-given chance to chill and get in some computer time. No need to overdo it.
    I LOVE Downton Abbey :) I loved it when it first aired here in 2010 and no one else knew what it was :)

  18. Hey, Girl! Trying to catch up with your posts. Just had to say that I love Joan Baez music! It's been awhile since I've listened to her, but when I'm in the mood for it it hits the spot. :)

    You had me cracking up over the image of you pumping while working out. You take multi-tasking to a whole new level! lol!

    I'm SO glad it's Easter now and I can read and comment on my favorite blogs again. Love you!


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