Monday, March 26, 2012


 Christine needs some bloggy love
She's my blogging buddy, it's because of her, that I started in the first place!!
Please go give her some bloggy love

(these pictures were taken last April, before baby!)


  1. Jamie, talk some sense into your bff!!!!

  2. Any friend of yours I'd love to count as a friend of mine. I'm headed over there-

  3. I went over and left her a comment and like Shelly said, any friend of our Jamie Jo is worth loving on. I am following her so hopefully she will be around for a good while.
    Say hi to all your kiddos and hubby for me.

  4. I visited Christine with some love! And I'm praying she's ok.

  5. WHAT!! crack me up. This is just hilarious. HEY..look at me with that diet coke. I miss that too!

    This is getting embarrassing. I thank you for your lub. This is very sweet, however, you know why I want to quit.

    I am not quitting your blog. I will come here a lot. You do a great job blogging.

    this is just so funny you did this!!!!

    I have been crabby a lot this lent. Not sure why. This made me smile though.

    Thanks, Jamie, and have a great weekend.

    I put all of our winter stuff away on Friday. Everything. Froze our butts off today.

  6. Well greetings from Australia, its lovely to meet you. I will go and visit your friend also. Blessings.

  7. OH, I love all you guys!!!

    Colleen--I'm trying, hard as you can see!!!

    Shelly--you are the greatest, thank you so much!

    Odie, you are the sweetest!!!!

    Gardenia--she's ok, she's a woman though....(haha)

    Tina--thanks, we all need encouragement once in a while!!

    Crystal Mary-- Nice to "meet" you!!! Australia? Wow, I'd love to hear your accent!! God bless you too!

  8. Christine--Crabby? You're getting that why? heee heee.....well, you are a busy mama, with not enough sleep but so much love in your heart it's bursting, with no place to go because of the busy-ness!! It's the season of our lives.....

    I don't put winter stuff away til may when I know for sure it's not going to snow.

  9. Hi Jamie Jo.

    Hope all is well...with both you and your sweet friend. Looks like she closed her blog...or at least privatized it.

    Hope it's not to chilly up there...I know you northerners are tough, but it's been so unusually warm this winter, it's still probably a bit of a shock!

  10. Jamie,

    I can't access Christine's blog anymore. Can you pass this lub on to her?


    I wasn't checking your blog because I didn't think you were posting during Lent! I hope you reconsider. I'll miss you. Of all the bloggies I read, yours makes me smile the most, and laugh out loud. And I LOVE the pictures, especially of your beautiful girlies.

    Many blessings whatever you decide.


    PS I wonder if others have as much trouble leaving comments on your blog as I do. It never works on my regular Firefox browser. I have to switch to Safari and try at least three times before it posts there! I don't have this problem with any other blog. I'd probably comment more if it weren't so hard!

    PPS I loved the post about playing with your kids ... you rock! I have very few memories of playing with my mom. When they grow up, your kids won't be saying, "I wish we had had a cleaner house," they'll be treasuring all the time you spent with them. I need to let go of some things around here and play more. Thanks for the encouragement.

  11. What happened? I went over to visit Christine and it says I am not invited to her blog?


  12. She went private and is not posting anymore, so she closed it....I keep trying to talk her into at least leaving it open for a week or two!

  13. Michelle--I forwarded it to her through my email to hers!!

  14. Hey! I tried to give her some bloggy love but apparently, I'm not invited :)


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