Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday

 Thankful for this sweet red headed baby....
 and Thankful for baby toes and painted toes....
 Thankful for sky on fire sunsets...
 for big sisters reading to baby brothers...
 Thankful for the sometimes too many helping hands in the kitchen
 wanting to do everything
 Thankful for sick kids, because it reminds me that we are so very blessed 
with each child's health and when one of them is sick, well, it's so very hard
because we miss their bright spirit and all they bring to our family
(day 4 of puking for her--we went on the porch for some fresh air and sunshine)
 Thankful for our early Spring and so, early blooms here in Minnesota

 Thankful, because of that early spring, we can do sidewalk chalk!!
 Thankful we put up our trampoline last weekend!
(again, I will tell you this is one of the best, the ultimate best purchases we've ever made!)
 Thankful these bright, big, blue eyes stare up at me every day
And Thankful this beautiful smile greets me millions of times a day!!


  1. His eyes really are beautiful...I know I've said this before, but what a beautiful, beautiful blue!

  2. Only you could be thankful during a puking fest at your house :)

    I love your optimism!

    And I am seriously regretting not getting my kids a trampoline last Christmas. I winder if I can talk hubby into getting one for Easter?????

  3. God bless you for being thankful about vomit. We were super sick but I was so thankful it wasn't a stomach bug - I think I would have lost it. :)

    Beautiful eyes, beautiful smiles. And, I love the idea of a trampoline but worried about little ones hurting themselves (not falling off but hitting the wrong way).

  4. Love those eyes! So much to be thankful for...thanks for sharing!

  5. As tired as I am right now after this really long day, I am completely smiling and full of warm feelings after reading your lovely thankful post. You spread so much gratitude, love and goodness with these. Thank you! All your pictures are terrific, as usual, and I just can't get over how fast little Simeon is growing and stretching out. Wow!

  6. Today I am thankful for friends like you Jamie that allow me to see the smiling faces of your beautiful children. It always makes my day.

  7. What great pictures! I love it how as moms we feel the need to capture every moment, even the throw-up pail! And that sweet baby, such gorgeous eyes. I LOVE his old-man-receding-hairline hair. Awesome! Hope the puking is done for all of you. Have a wonderful day!

  8. Becky--Thanks, yes he does have beautiful baby blues, that's for sure!

    Colleen--Yes, talk your hubby into it....Sam's Club has the best price in our area for both the tramp and the sides! Friends always want to come and jump too!

    Nicole--We haven't had any head bumps...the first year we only allowed 2 at a time jumping...then somehow it turned free for all the next year...with no jumping when Sweetie Pie was on....So far nothing but feelings a certain boy jumping on them on purpose!!

    Valerie--I know!!!.

    Shelly--It does seem like Simeon is starting to grow, he's fitting into some of his 0-3 mos stuff now!! Hope you got the rest you need!!!

    Oh, Odie--Thanks you are so sweet!

    Marcie--Nice to "meet" you!! Yes, we mamas are a little crazy aren't we? Gotta remember the bucket when they are older!! I love his old man look too--makes me wonder if when he is a little old man his hair will return to what it was when he was a baby?

  9. Thankful that you are here. I love your kids smiles and big bright eyes. Those little toes are really cute, too. Greetings from your Canadian friends.

  10. Those big blue eyes look a lot like his older brother. Does he look a lot like Jedi? He seems happy there!

    Sweetie-pie has the best hair on the planet. And smile too!

    Thankful for your posts and that kids are feeling better.

    We like our trampoline also. Nobody dead yet and no major injuries...yet!

    Those helping hands and bigger siblings are such a blessing.

    Happy Spring to you Jamie! No buds at my home yet.

  11. that is a wonderful idea to set up a cozy spot on the back porch for your daughter!! sure to help the sickies go away. We've got the same trmpoline, and I second that!! it is indeed one of the best purchases we've made. My daughter's energy can be put to good use on the trampoline -- what a great outlet for all that antsy pants energy. we painted little toes here too! Little S's eyes are as blue as yours! beautiful! love your little girlie's big smile. smiles like those make our mamma burdens disappear.

  12. Another awesome thankful post! I didn't realize little Simeon had such beautiful red hair...It's really shining through a lot more! So sorry some of you have had the pukes...not fun. I agree, the trampoline is one of the best purchases we have ever made. The kids really don't need another single toy after that! Our net is down and ripped right now so I need to get another one ordered soon! Wishing you a very blessed Holy Week:)


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