Wednesday, May 16, 2012


 That's me screaming.....chicken with head cut off, that's how I feel today!
We have Mary Hannah's First Holy Communion Sunday and I have a gazillion things to do
to prepare.
I keep telling myself, it's not about the food, or how neat my home is, 
It's about Jesus.
Receiving Jesus for the very first time!!
It's such a special day, I want her day to special, I want to make it special.
I want to
 make chalice/host cookies
practice curls and hair styles
clean, clean, clean....
go to Confession, 
pick up cake
do groceries
Then, I have these questions like "Do I make one giant fruit salad, or make 3 big to normal salads?"
These things drive me crazy....the little things!
20 some people here, including us, 
It's celebrating Jesus
It's celebrating Jesus
Anyone have Plantar Fasciitis?
Not fun.
I can barely walk.
I ordered a boot to sleep in, it came today, can't wait to see if it helps!
See?  That chicken with her head cut off, can't even run.
Jesus must want me to slow down and remember 
the day is about
Celebrating Him.
It's all about Jesus!

Prayers for my sweet little girl?  

Hoping to find time to do a "Thankful Thursday" post!
Things have been crazy around here, 
I have not been very good at answering emails or posting comments,
I'm sorry...I'm looking, just doing it in 5 minutes here and there.
Things will be back to semi normal soon, I hope!!


  1. Had that after baby #4 in both feet. Pain in the butt! Get yourself a pair of Birkenstock sandals (or the cheaper Betulas as long as they have the same footbed), pull your toes back towards you and stretch your calf before you get out of bed in the morning (or after you've been sitting for a long time) and do the standing wall stretch or step stretch as many times a day as you can remember too. Do this and it will clear up in a few weeks.

    Link to the stretches (skip past the medical explanation to get the the stretch demonstration.)

  2. OUCH!!! You need to take a deep breath and say a prayer! Everything will work itself out. Tackle one task at a time. I'd make one big fruit salad, just serve it in smaller portions, so it won't sit out too long and get yucky.

    You are right, its all about God. He doesn't care what you serve, just that your daughter receives him! No matter how you look at it, she will always remember her First Communion. I still remember mine!!

  3. prayers for Mary Hannah, and YOU!!

  4. Congratulations and may the gift of Jesus make all things new!

  5. Congratulations to Mary Hannah on her special day! As my mother-in-law wrote to our Anna on her 1st Communion day a couple weeks ago...may Jesus always be her best friend!

  6. Oh, Jamie, stop! Take 5 deep breaths- slowly. Wrap your arms around yourself and pretend it's me giving you a hug.

    Praying for sweet Mary Hannah and you! I know it's going to be wonderful, but please take care of your foot! Ouch~

  7. Yes my sweet friend you need to "STOP", breathe and move forward slower. Don't stress over the little things. It will be OK.

  8. Thanks everyone!!!

    charlotte--I've been doing the exercises for about a week now...hoping something works, I also have these shoe inserts...they at least let me walk, without them, I can't even walk!

    Shelly--thanks for the hug, needed that!! :)

    Thanks again everyone!!

    I've had this foot thing before with my last baby, but not this bad-and it went away....and came back about a month ago!! (when I started exercising!)

  9. I hope things get better -- make the meal as simple as you can. I wish I could come and cook the whole thing! Anybody have a free airline ticket?

    Berkenstocks did the trick for me. Now the only time it flairs is when I wear shoes with no support. Haflingers are great too. Both are expensive so I have very few shoes!

  10. Honey,

    You need to give yourself a break. Time to call in the troops - you know all those people who offer to do something that you never call on because you feel weird or "can do it all."

    It's not about being proud, it's about being real. Call the neighbor who asked what you needed when you had Simeon and you said nothing - call and tell them you lied and can you please make a fruit salad.

    Call the gal from church who said if there is anything I can do for you, and I mean it, and tell her you need napkins, paper plates, and plastic silverware for 30 people.

    Call the bakery and order the cookies.

    Call the lady who works with your husband and say that you could use help getting buns/rolls for the ham or whatever you're serving.

    NOBODY is worrying about the food!

    Go to the grocery store, ask the deli manager for 5# of sliced ham and throw it in the slow cooker with some water to heat it through. Serve it on rolls, have some chips, grab the cookies from the bakery, make some koolaid for the kiddos.

    Tell every family member that they have to bring something to eat. Even if you have to assign food to each and every one of them - they will bring it.

    Breathe and we love you.

  11. Prayers for Mary Hannah and for you too, mama! Don't worry about the food and all the to-do's, all will be well. You're right, it's all about Him and not the other extra things. I know you will make it special and beautiful :)

    Hope your foot gets better soon. A busy mama like you doesn't need something like that slowing you down. Unless of course, it's God's way of slowing you down.

    Hugs are coming your way!

  12. Oh, ouch! Sounds painful! Prayers for your daughter being added to our continued prayers for Simeon and you. As you know, I understand your overwhelmed-gotta-get-it-CLEAN-and-ORDERLY-for-company feeling. It will all be well. You and your husband are good parents with generous hearts. It will all be well. God is good.

  13. I constantly struggle with plantar fasciitis! I've had it off and on for years...mostly from standing on the hard cement floors in cheap shoes all those years I was teaching, but it really flared up after the birth of Luke. What is with that?!!!

    In addition to all of the other suggestions (good shoes, the night splint, the stretches) you might also need an anti-inflammatory. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what is safe to take while nursing. Alleve works wonders, but is hard on the kidneys (or liver?), but the painful cortisone injection also does the trick. Too bad, it wears off!

    Just a couple of other suggestions if you haven't already tried them...absolutely no bare feet on the hardwoods throughout your house (this is hard for me as we have a "no shoes" inside the house rule), so I bought a specific pair of "house shoes" (gee..I sound like an old lady!)...when the flare ups are particularly painful, I also ice with the frozen water bottle, rolling gently from toes to heel. And my orthopaedic doc (long past the podiatrist with mine!) says you absolutely can't stretch enough! Eight times a day minimum...a couple of 30 second calf stretches...he's convinced that plantar fasciitis is tied to tight calf muscles which is why even "skinny" runners develop the condition.

    Anyway, wish I lived closer so I too could help you out. I'm one of those weirdos that loves to clean...not saying my house doesn't get messy, I just enjoy the actual cleaning process and would love to be able to tell you to sit and put your feet up, which you snuggle Simeon and I clean bathrooms for you!!!!


  14. Because I know you...I know the perfectionist side that wants this to be "perfect" for your daughter.

    It is hard to let go but you must for God. This can eat you up and stress you out.

    I feel like a horrible friend for not helping out more. This week is horrible for me trying to get ready for Sunday and I do not have a needy baby.

    I worry about your footies. I sure hope some of these ideas help. I am thinking of buying some "expensive" shoes because it does hurt.

    I really like the frozen water bottle idea. and drugs!

    Focus on Mary Hannah and I am sending my love and prayers for her. It is a very very very special day for that precious little girl.

    It looks like it might rain this weekend...ugh!

  15. I had plantar fas. after baby one and if I'm not careful it comes back a little. But rest assured it will go away if you take care of your feet. I was instructed to always wear good need to find good shoes for your body. I almost always wear running shoes and went to have a gait annalysis to make sure I was wearing the right shoes for how I walk/run. For some reason I think you are in MN and if so I went to Gear West in Long Lake (wendy). Best $30 I've ever spent.

    Recently it started coming back due to marathon training. Really it was because I needed higher arches in my shoes. Wendy also set me up with a compression sock that I wear when sleeping (wehn I need to). It pulls your toes back when you sleep. If you are interested in that I can find a link for you. e-mail me and I can chat with you more about it.

    All your prep will come together it always does. And if you are in a pinch (like I sometimes am), throw all the stuff that doesn't find a home in your closet. ;)

    Jesus, I trust in you.

  16. This is the sock (maybe not the size but you get the idea)

  17. They've already said it all so well. Follow Traci Sumner's advice and give others the blessings that they will receive from serving you this week.

    I've had PF as well and I felt like a 90 year old hobbling out of bed every morning. The stretching did seem to be the biggest help as well as no bare feet on hard floors.

    Good luck with everything. If nothing else, just know that Sunday will come and go and in a few months nobody will remember what your bathrooms looked like or what salad you served but the pictures of Mary Hannah and the rest of your family will be beautiful and she will remember her special day for what it really was.

  18. You're so right in remembering what the day is really about, and not letting the other little things become a distraction! I'm so excited for you and your daughter as I was excited for Max. So happy for him and all the little communicants receiving for the first time! I'll remember you and your daughter in prayer this week! :-)

  19. We just went through this last weekend....prayers Jamie! It all came together for us, and I know it will for you too :)

  20. Everything will fall into place this weekend. Gpod bless your daughtger and the entire family. So many graces are apart of this for the entire family.

  21. Jamie Jo,
    I have been a follower for a long time, and although I have never left a comment, you and your sweet little guy have been in my prayers.
    I had Plantar Fascitis after our fourth. I literally feel your pain. What helped me? Dansko clogs and sandals (they have great support and cushy foot bed)and cold laser therapy at the chiropractor. It took a while, but I could tell a difference right away. I also tried to be diligent about icing it every night. I know, kinda hard with a little one.I'm on the tail end of it now and so happy to walk without that stabbing feeling. I'll keep you all in my prayers. God bless you all!
    Amy Davis

  22. well you made it through!!
    and congrats to your daughter on receiving this most precious sacrament...

  23. Jamie, I haven't been online much lately, but you have all been in my prayers. I hope that your weekend went well and that you are coping well with the pain. I feel for you. And because I think you are an amazing woman, I wanted to award you with the Versatile Blogger award. Your blog has been an inspiration for a long time. Just follow the link to see what you have to do and don't worry about doing everything right away, it took me over three weeks to finish my blog post and I don't have any excuses. God Bless.

  24. I, too, suffer with this. The recommended exercises helped a great deal and always wearing shoes. After many months I still was still in pain and did a bit of research on the internet. Willing to try anything, I began to duct tape my foot after reading that was someone else's "last resort" and it worked. I taped my foot (over a sock) snuggly around the arch close to the heel - just one strip. That did the trick for me. It felt so much better right away to have that support and now after many months I can walk several miles and only have to wear the tape if exercising (I still can't do any aerobic bouncing exercise or the pain comes back) Crocs and sturdy tennis shoes worked the best for me. The tape even comes in nice colors and is inexpensive. Hope this helps!


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