Friday, May 25, 2012

Catching up--Thankful...

 Thankful....for Kevin Costner and his gray hair--I love it.
  Isn't it funny how good men look in gray hair?
Indulge me a little, I'm trying to catch up all this jumbled up stuff in my head
(I'll post a separate First Holy Communion post soon)
 Thankful for my 5 year old and her love of planning parties!
She's planning a "fish" party, this is the craft I helped her pick to do
(her birthday is next week, we are on the countdown of days)
Thankful my little 2 year old does fall asleep sometimes, 
even if it's at the top of the stairs, during a temper tantrum!
(she wanted me to carry her down but my hands were full) 

 Thankful for washable markers!!
She always markers up her arms!
 Thankful for kiddos that can bike to piano and back home again....
 Thankful our band and piano concerts are over!!
It was a busy week last week!
 Thankful for this boot thing for my Plantar Fasciitis, 
after a week or so of using it, I can finally walk, with my good tennies on.
Thankful for all your suggestions for exercises and ideas, they have helped a ton, 
just knowing I'm not the only one who suffers from this was helpful!
 The same day my boot came, Jedi broke his foot!!
(on the trampoline)
Thankful he ended up getting a walking cast....
 5 days later!!
This also happened last week!
 Thankful for beautiful Iris blooms in my front yard....
 Thankful for Azaela bush blooms, that adorned our First Communion table!!
 Thankful for beautiful chive blooms...chives anyone?
 Thankful Mary Hannah's day was wonderful!
Here's the Azaela bushes,
 it rained in the morning, but got sunny in the afternoon!
(she couldn't get the dress off fast enough though, the veil was long gone by the time we got home...)
 Thankful sweet little Simeon slept through the whole Mass!!!
 Thankful Tom celebrated 23 years sobriety 
on her special day!!
(I'm so proud of him, and I know this day is more special to him than his birthday)
 Thankful for beautiful girls in the sun.....

 Thankful for my first Zulily purchase.....couldn't resist, she loves these guys....
 Thankful for sunny days on the porch....
Thankful for girls in curlers....
 and girls in curls.....
Thankful for this sweet baby!!!
He's finally almost back to normal....
sleeping a little more, but still only letting mama feed him....
He's 5 months now!!!!


  1. Wow-Simeon is looking so good! I love his fuzzy red hair! I'm so glad he seems to be doing better, and that you all got to go to Mass together!

    I love your flowers, so pretty.

    Those pictures of your girls in curlers bring back memories. I remember my mom would put my hair in curlers every night for about a year. Thankfully she got tired of it and let me grow my hair out. (those curlers were so uncomfortable to sleep in!)

    can't believe Jedi broke his foot! You're scaring me! I've only recently been letting my kids go to the neighbors to jump on the trampoline!

    Sounds like you had a busy week! Make sure to rest this weekend and that foot of yours!

  2. Oh my, what a busy week you had. Seems like everyone had a First Communion or Confirmation this past week. Can't wait to see her in the dress!!!

    How on earth did Jedi break his foot? Poor guy.

    Simeon is looking so wonderful! Such a handsome boy!! So glad he is doing better.

    So glad you are back on your feet as well. I could not imagine how much pain you were in.

  3. LOL!!! That two year old on the stairs!! That is my life! I said to my husband, "See, it is just a two year old thing! This too shall pass!"

  4. Girl, you have been stretched and squeezed all kinds of ways, and come out of it with beautiful things like this post. Gosh, both you and Jedi having to limp, but glad you are also both healing. And little Sim's surgery looks like it is healing right up, too. He's such a cutie pie!

    Congratulations on your husband's wonderful anniversary0 that's truly a wonderful thing to celebrate!

    Don't forget to take care of Jamie in all of this- you are the cog that keeps everything else turning!

  5. I loved all your "thankfuls"! So glad you could find some time to share with us!

    Did you see that my friend Shannon (Neen) had her twins last week? Babies are still in the NICU but doing well. Mama's on the mend too! I think they are about 7.5 weeks early. I so wish Kansas was closer to Texas, I would love to visit her in person. I'm dying to see life in action in PERSON with 11 children/blessings!!!!

    Anyway, so glad the boot is providing some relief. I need to take some of my own medicine...lots of barefeet on the hardwoods today...ouch!

  6. Thank you for another wonderful post! I am sorry that Jedi broke his foot. Hope he heals quickly.

    The marker on the skin looks so familiar! Oh, wait, I know why. Therese drew herself some green eyelashes yesterday!

  7. I am overwhelmed with so many beautiful pictures of your gorgeous family. Hopefully you and your oldest child will both be healed very soon.
    When I got to Simeon's picture I had to just stay there for a while. He looks so great that it is hard to put it into words. Thanks for this awesome post Jamie.

  8. Look at all those beautiful kids!!

  9. Simeon has the sweetest expression on his face. That really made me feel happy. Hoping all of your feet heal!

  10. Happy Thankful Thursday!
    Glad to hear your foot is getting better and sorry to hear about Jedi. BUMMER!

    Love the flowers for the tables. Hoping to deck out the table with lilacs soon!

    girls in curls...ADORABLE!

    Congrats to Tom. Bless him so.

    Love the little guy...or big 5 mo. already. I also love his fuzzy red hair..cute or what!

    gave an awesome weekend.

  11. What a wonderful list. I loved looking at all those pics with happy faces! Here's hoping the busy schedule is slowing down by now.

  12. Wow, so much to comment on if I was inclined (more like, had the time!).

    First, 23 years sober is a huge deal - way to go, Tom!

    So many cute pictures!

    And, the trampoline thing. We finally got one (it was free) after so many saying "it's safe" (you were one of them, hehe) and now Jedi is the third person who has hurt themselves on one in less than a month!

    Finally, why do little girls like to use themselves as drawing boards?

  13. Awesome pix, I love 'em! Simeon looks SO GOOD! I am amazed at how he has healed from the surgery, what a cutie.

    EEK, how did Jedi break his foot on the trampoline???? Hope he heals fast.

    I have had the foot thing too..I looooooove to go barefoot or sock foot, I hate shoes It goes in waves...I should be better, because I am starting another episode, blah.

    Congrats, Tom ...what a wonderful anniversary!

    God bless and thanks for sharing the pix, can't wait to see more of Mary Hannahs First Communion.

  14. Oh this post got me teary eyed!

    So many congratulations to go around. So happy that the blessings are pouring over you all, well except in the case of Jedi... yikes!

    Please extend my contrats to Tom! 23 years is something to SHOUT about. God bless him!!!

  15. wow, so much to be thankful for!! your S looks so handsome. and his eyes are the brightest of any baby I've seen !! love your iris! congratulations to Tom on his anniversary -- what an accomplishment. your lil girlie will sleep anywhere!! seems I've seen a photo like that on one other occassion. save those pics for when she's older and she'll laugh! love the fish in the fish bowl craft -- we';ll definitely try that here. Jedi broke his foot on the trampoline. oh no. hope it wasn't too bad of a break. I hope your boot helps you.

  16. I love your thankful posts, reminds me of how much we all have to be thankful for!
    So glad Simeon is doing better! And the foot thing... yikes. I just pictured it in my head!


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