Thursday, June 21, 2012

Got Ripe Bananas?

(click on that)
It works, it really works, we just made it and the girls loved it!
What a great way to use up old bananas!


  1. What's the texture like, Jamie? A couple of my boys (the oldest and youngest, oddly enough) have problems with the sliminess of bananas--that's the description they use, LOL. But I love using my blender and if I can find another use for overripe bananas other than freezing them for banana bread, woohoo!

    1. Chris--the texture is truly like a soft serve ice cream!! She said though, if you freeze it after making it, it will be more like ice cream. The 2 youngest girls didn't eat their whole bowl and so, it has melted and now looks like slimy eat it while it's cold!!

  2. Now that looks like a great idea. We will have to give it a try!

  3. We make smoothies with frozen bananas and strawberries - and you are so right about eating while cold!

  4. thanks for sharing, I got the bananas in the freezer, can't wait to try it.


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