Friday, November 23, 2012

11 Months Old!!

 Simeon is 11 months old!
(on his first Thanksgiving)
 He loves sitting on this car, but still needs help
He's not walking or even standing by things yet, 
his surgeries have slowed that down,
 he very much wants to be held 
all the time,
 which in my book,
 is hard sometimes,
 but also such a blessing,
it will make these "baby months" stay a little longer.  
Santa might need to bring him a BLUE truck to ride on!
Big sister is not quite ready to give hers up
She's 3, she's not ready to give anything up that he touches!

Staying home on Black Friday
I always find better deals as it gets closer to Christmas!


  1. What a handsome, healthy, and happy 11 month old! He looks very pleased, no matter what color his car is. And yes, cherish those hold me times. They go too quickly-

  2. The twins have had a cold as of late and I find they both want to be held all the time. I try to remind myself how lucky I am to be needed by them and how lucky the world is to have them. If I can help them by that simple act then so be it. Yes it does mean laundry in the middle of the night but they are worth it.

    The kids all look fantastic in the new header picture. They are just so adorable, all of them.

  3. Haha, that little face of hers so upset that he is using her car! Gosh, I so see that as Annamarie in 2 years if she's blessed with a sibling. She can share sometimes, but not always, and that is a face she would do!

  4. Love the header pic!...and the cool bloggy Re-DO.
    oh man..that Sims is so cute with his reddish fuzz and big blue eyes. Three yr old also cute..I love it when OTHER people kids make a ruckus. My kids not cute...others..cute.

    Happy 11mo. Sims. You are beautiful.

  5. I cannot believe nearly a year has gone by! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. The blog looks great. And those ride-ons, my kids are way too possessive of them (yes, as in more than one ride-on).

  6. Aww! Sweet big boy! Yes I think Saint Nick might need to bring a blue one for him!

  7. Awwww, 11 months already? His big bald peach fuzzy head reminds me of most of my babes. So sweet.

  8. I love your stairs picture! I wish my stairs weren't so ugly, I would do the same. Simeon looks so good in that blue color!!! Really brings out his eyes. I have a 3 year old that doesn't like her baby brother much. Anytime he comes to sit with me, she bugs. In fact, he will too when she is sitting with me. Gotta love sibling rivalry.

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  9. I just noticed the look on bigger sisters face....OMG, too funny!!!!!

  10. Happy Birthday, Simeon! Haven't had much time to read lately, Jamie, but you've all been in my thoughts and prayers (especially on his surgery day). So glad that all is healing and he's doing better. Miss you!


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