Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful Thanksgiving

 Thankful for these beautiful kiddos!
Thankful Wednesday has become our "game night"
 Thankful this sweet boy lets me take his picture once in a while...
 Thankful for painted rocks to adorn our front porch
 Thankful my sweet little 3 year old loves chocolate breastmilk
(I know  you cringed when you read this, but, it's good for her and 
it's not going to waste!)
(hey--she was the least sick, this last round of whatever everyone got)
 Thankful I finally got the kids summer clothes into bins
(now to get them downstairs)
 Thankful my 3 year old finally gave up her nukies!
It's been a week, she's doing great!
She has asked 3 times now, at bedtime, but I just say
"No, honey, you are 3 now, you don't need your nukies."
to which she says,
"I dooooooo need my nukies"
Awwwwww.....breaks my heart too, 
but gotta do it sometime!
 Thankful when I hit a deer on the way home from gymnastics,
he didn't die or hurt any of us!
(OK, I kind of wanted him to be dead)
At first,
 I thought it was a dog,
 I was going slow, he had almost gotten past me,
then, had that "deer in the headlight" look
 and turned back and swiped the side of our van!!!
Stupid deer.
(someone put that sticker on in a parking lot)
 Thankful for lite brite!
(a great thing now that it's dark so early)
 Thankful I caught her right before she opened all my spices
(you can see if you click on the picture, she was playing with the food coloring lids)
 Thankful this sweet little boy is healing nicely.  
Surgery is so hard on little babies, he's still not totally himself
 He doesn't let us put him down much
Thankful when he does!
 Thankful the weather here in Minnesota has been beautiful!
Thankful I was able to plant my tulips this week
with the help of a couple littles....
(like no-coat-or light-sweater beautiful)
 Thankful I have helpers to help with the pre Thanksgiving meal prep
cutting breadcrumbs, making the pumpkin cheesecake, cutting veggies...
 Thankful my breadcrumbs are ready to be made into deliciousness 
for Thanksgiving!
 Thankful Neen's family brought back St Kateri Medals 
blessed by the Holy Father for Simeon and his family!
 Thankful my kids are thankful and have no problem thinking of things they are thankful for
 Thankful a friend put together a liturgical craft package to get us through Advent,
complete with snacks to go with each event
(like St Nicholas day and St Lucy Day!)
 Thankful Mary Hannah took an Oil Pastel Art class 
and created this beautiful piece of Art!
 Thankful my baby got in 3 teeth in the week after his surgery
Poor baby!
He now has 4 teeth, working on more, I can feel them...
No wonder he's fussy and not himself!
(click on the picture for a close up, you can see where his teeth are coming in
on this front  piece, he has 4 teeth in that piece, so 2 more will appear soon)
 And now we pray:
Thank you Lord
for my faith, my marriage, my family and friends
for sweet babies, and crazy kiddos
for having the blessing of not needing anything
Happy Thanksgiving to you, 
God bless you!


  1. God bless you and your beautiful family! Poor Simeon -- new teeth on top of recovering from surgery. That picture of him smiling in the sink is adorable! He has the sweetest little face. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you Wendy--God bless you and yours too! I love sink babies!!

  2. You embody the spirit of Thanksgiving with your beautiful reminders of everything we DO have that God has blessed us with.

    A very happy Thanksgiving to you, Jamie, and all of your terrific family! (Made me laugh when she was going through your spice drawer- one of mine did that when she was little!)

    1. Thank you Shelly!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family too!

      Did you catch your daughter in time? Could have been a disaster, especially with the food coloring, that stuff stains!! She hadnt' squeezed the bottles, just taken the lids off!

    2. Jamie: It was quite the mess...

  3. Lol I'm glad I'm not the only one who gave special chocolate milk to the older kids! Hehe!
    Happy thanksgiving!

    1. Hey now! I'm only giving it to my 3 year old, as tempting as it is to sneak it to my olders....I havent' done that...well, I guess I did put it in my 6 year old's hot chocolate....then told her and she loved it!! :)

      Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!
      I think I might need your Leche milk cake recipe for Sim's birthday...he's not eating much more than baby food, just those puff melt in the mouth things...

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Jamie and sweet family! You continue to be a beautiful inspiration. That friend who brought you the craft package... What a dear! God provides such grace and blessings just when we need it. Little Sim continues to be in our prayers and all of you too:)

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family! So much to be thankful for, right? xo

  6. Happy Thanksgiving. This post is just wonderful..of course my fav is the artwork. So pretty.

  7. So glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Love all the purdy pictures!

    All of my kiddos are sick too. This stupid cough has made the rounds.

  8. I was just reading your post and wondering how you helped your 3 year old handle to the adjustment to no pacifier. My 3 year old is having such a hard time.


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