Wednesday, December 12, 2012


 We are trying to get Simeon to LOVE these stuffed animals...
 He's not very interested....
"Here's your puppy--arf! arf!--Here's your angel bear..."
(click on picture you can see he's actually playing with another toy, 
doesn't care about the puppy at all)
When we go to the hospital next week, 
we will be about an hour and 1/2 away and 
the littlest kids can't go...because of the germ thing...
he's the youngest of 6, he is attached to the kids, 
not to any "stuff"
Oh, he's going to miss the kids,
 he lights up in the morning
when they come into the room.
Only my first baby really was attached to his blanket, 
none of the others really cared
(I have favorites though)
I wonder why some kids use things to help soothe themselves,
and some kids don't.  


  1. It's terrific that he already loves his brothers and sisters so much. Your pics are fun, and you are looking great! I'm praying for him for next week. How long do they think he'll be in the hospital?

    1. 3 nights, 4 days, hoping to come home the day before his birthday!! I'll write about it before Tuesday, with some he'll be in pain with bladder spasms....not looking forward to this at all. Thank you for your precious prayers Shelly, they mean the world to me.

      (funny, I look at the picture of myself and think, "I can't wait to start exercising, when I'm done with this pumping and I need a haircut" and "Those boobs are down to your waist!" maybe when I'm done pumping they will get a little smaller? )

  2. I personally think you have great boobs.
    I need to call you to see if you need anything. I am sorry I havent stalked you in awhile. Just crazy with life...and looking at blogs!

    None of my kids have a stuffy or blanky to love. I always thought it was so cute when a kid had a blanky. I HAD ONE!!! I also sucked my thumb till I as in 5th grade. issues?

    Praying all goes well and the pain isnt so bad.

    1. I think thumb suckers like to hold onto something while they suck - at least my 2 thumbsuckers have used a blankie/taggy. I think they're just more tactile creatures. Too bad you couldn't cut a little off your boobs and give that to him to snuggle with - wait - that was too gross.

    2. Colleen--He can't nurse (hence the endless pumping) so he'd be like "What's am I supposed to do with this big boob thing?" OK, I'm gross too.

    3. christine--Prayers, we need prayers!!!

      You don't have issues--do you? :)

  3. From your photos, it seems as though he likes the chew toys (sorry, that makes him sound like a dog, but that's what we call the teething type toys in our house!) Make sure to bring some of them along. Praying that all goes well, not just for baby, but the kids while you're away. Are you going to Children's for the surgery?

    1. Yes, Minneapolis Children's. The Pediatric Urologist comes to our city once a month, but does his surgeries in Minneapolis.

      Thanks for all your prayers.

  4. As always, prayers are with your family.

    I always forget you live in MN.
    My EX and his family lived in St. Paul. I got to see the Mall of America once. Back when they had the Harry Potter exhibit at the huge Dayton's Store. We saw the Christmas Parade after. Too cold for me

    Sam, our youngest loves his brothers and sisters as well. He lights up when Declan comes to get him in the morning. He also loves his blankets. He pulls the sheet off his bed and smells it, then rolls it in a ball to sleep on.

  5. Your Ex? MN must bring bad memories for you? We don't go to the cities much--I live here and it's too cold for me too!! My mom's family lives in CA and when my grandma would come visit, in August, (very hot here) she would need a light are wusses. just kidding, but we Minnesnowtans are tough! how you described Sam and his blankets! (and siblings)

  6. I'm just laughing at you, Colleen and Christine... laughing. That was SUCH a Colleen comment! *love ya girl*

    I was thinking you looked great too. And at the risk of TMI, my hubb is so happy with the transformation in the chest area after nursing. Go figure!

    Ava doesn't even seem to remember what a nurser she was. Go figure at that one too! She's a blankie and bunny girl (but no thumb sucking... or pacifier).

    I think the new baby's going to be super attached to her. She's so FUNNY lately! I'm sure she'll entertain her sister up the wazoo!

    Wlll be praying for you and Sim. NO fun.

    1. Oh, gosh, I wish these boobs were from nursing...they do get bigger during this time, but they are still big afterward and always have been...You will be amazed at how much the new baby will watch Ava.

      thanks for the prayers, we will need them!

  7. Reading your comments are as much fun as your posts. :) I did a summer college internship in the boondocks of northern MN and wouldn't you know it was incredibly hot that summer. I remember heat indexes up to 115!

    As for attachments, none of my kids had any as babies. Now they do. Zoe has come the closest as she really likes this one doll but yeah, hands down she prefers her brothers and sister. Is there anyway to record videos of the others for a Someone to watch? Zoe enjoys watching videos on my phone and camera.

    Prayers here of course!

    1. Oh, my gosh, Nicole, that is such a great idea, to take videos of the kids...only on my camera, I don't want to confuse him...maybe Tom will let me use his laptop....That would be so much better!

      115 in MN? had to be a looong time ago!

  8. I'm keepiong you all in my prayers for next week !! you'll be covered in prayers from everyone. my daughter is a big blanket lover. goes everywhere with it, and her sheep of course. has to have them every night. and sometimes during the day. :)

  9. Thank you so much Gardenia!! I love blankie kiddos, so cute!

  10. All my kids were/are attatched to something. We were so glad that they took to the things that Grandma F gave them.

    I'm sorry I'm just catching up so late.


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