Monday, December 17, 2012

Holy Innocents

 I can't help but think of the Holy Innocents every time I think 
about the innocents in CT
We, who are Catholic, celebrate the feast of the Holy Innocents on December 28th
every year, remembering the innocent babies that King Herod killed in 
an effort to kill the newborn King, Jesus.  
Joseph, took Mary and baby Jesus and fled to Egypt
saving them.
The celebration is the fact, they are in Heaven, 
and Jesus lived, 
they died for Him.
Very much like these children, 
looking forward to Christmas, 
the birth of our Savior.

Such tragedy
I cry every time I think about it
I place my mothers heart in their places
I give my 6 year old extra kisses and hugs
I think about the substitute teacher who got up that morning
thinking she'd make an extra 100 bucks that day
only to lose her life
I think about the fear in those rooms while this was happening
I think about the upset in heaven while this was happening
Those holy innocents
I think and pray about the faith of all left behind to grieve
I pray they keep their faith, 
that they realize that this was not God's will
that this was not part of His plan
that God gives us the choice always to choose
I hope that President Obama and other high ups
see that by "choosing" to take God away from
public places like schools 
they are only opening the door for evil to happen.


  1. I have been thinking about these poor families all weekend. Breaks my heart.

  2. Jamie Jo,
    I like how you linked the Holy Innocents to the poor littles in CT. It breaks my mother's heart too...

    I pray that the lives of their families, the lives who were shattered on Friday, are held together by Our Blessed Mother's love. She knows the pain and anguish these parents are experiencing. I pray for healing, and for strength for them to find the courage to move forward.

  3. I cry every time I watch or see something as well. It can totally consume me so I have to be careful.

    Charolette is the child that really speaks to my heart as her Mom is from not too far from us.

    We are blessed by our Catholic faith.

    It looks like the President missed the boat....


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