Monday, December 17, 2012

Please Pray--Simeon's Surgery Tuesday

 Simeon's surgery is on Tuesday at 8am
(This time it's not a cranial/facial surgery)
This surgery is on his ureters, they are long and coiled and blocked.
The doctor will cut them and re-attach them to his bladder.
He has hydorneurphrosis in his kidneys, (fluid in his kidneys)
the left one being more severe than the right.
It's an easy thing to forget about, he's so happy and seems healthy on the outside
This, is supposed to be a "pretty common" surgery
maybe common to a Pediatric Urologist, but not to us!
He is also being circumcised,
 because of all the catheters he needs with all his surgeries
It's just better for less chance of infection and easier access.

 He had his pre-op appointment last week and is a hefty
19.13 pounds!
And he is no longer anemic!!
 I need to pack and get as much laundry done as I can today
 We will be in the hospital til at least Friday
I don't have a way to post updates 
til we get home, so please 
check the comments, I'll call Christine to let her know!
(I love jammie pictures!)
I'm a nervous wreck, on the verge of tears constantly and sick to my stomach
I know I won't sleep tonite so I'm offering it all up for my sweet Simeon

and their sweet Dominic, who will also be in surgery on Tuesday morning,
to revise his nose for better breathing.

Our God is an awesome God and can heal, guide and comfort these two babies
at the same time!!

Thank you so much for all your love and support!


  1. I know the Lord has gotten used to hearing Sim's name from me because I've been praying everyday for him. I'm also praying for you and your whole family as it is never easy to watch your baby go through this. I will be looking for Christine's update on this, and I am sending you a huge hug!

    P.S.- Loved the Christmas card- thank you! Mine are late getting out- hopefully one night this week~

  2. I will be remembering you all day today and tomorrow, and the rest of the week. Love to all of you.

  3. Simeon is such a sweetie, you'll be in our Family Rosary tonight

  4. We'll be praying for little Sim tomorrow in a special way. He sure is growing and almost catching up to my Margaret who is just over 20 lbs. Hooray!!
    Blessings and peace to you and your family.

  5. I will be watching for updates, and will of course be praying!

  6. We will be increasing our prayers for sweet little Simeon, and you all, this week! Hugs!!

  7. Jamie, be assured we will be praying for you and Simeon (and Dominic and Mary) tomorrow. Much love! xoxo Hoping both babies will be home for Christmas!

  8. You are assured of my prayers on Tuesday and the days to come, dear ones.

  9. The kids and I are praying for sweet Simeon!

  10. We have been praying for him every night as we light candles. My five year old goes first and he has started leading with "baby Dominic Pio and baby Simeon."

  11. What a sweetie! We'll be praying here.

  12. I am honored to help with updates. Call and PLEASE let us know how he and YOU are doing. We will hold you and Sims and the rest of your family in our thoughts and prayers.

    I will update in the comment box. Cause I am a nerd and dont know how to post on someone elses bloggy!!!

    Dear Lord,
    Please be with these two precious beautiful baby boys. Help them get through surgery and heal fast. We love these babies so much.

    1. Christine, could you also give an update on facebook. Please and thank you!

  13. I am praying for you and Simeon!!!

  14. He is such a cutie and is always included in our prayers!! God Bless.

  15. storming heaven here for you and S. how beautiful that you are offering your suffering for S. praying for Dominic Pio too!

  16. Praying for these two precious blessings.

  17. Our thoughts and prayers are with Simeon and the rest of your family. We need some good news these days with all the tragedy surrounding us. Praying with fingers crossed that all goes well for both the beautiful babies!!

    Christine- Are you going to be posting on this post or your own post?

    1. probably in this comment area..unless Jamie notes otherwise.

  18. Thank you Jamie for mentioning Dominic! I will be offering our sTarving period for you and Simeon tonight!

  19. Praying for Simeon! And all of you!

  20. Continuing our prayers and I'll be offering up my day tomorrow for Simeon and his momma and family along with our family rosary. May God bless you all, comfort and strengthen you.

  21. Praying for you all. (Simemon, Dominic and families) I'm sure you are sick to your stomach; I can only imagine. My heart feels for you, Jamie. May God fill your day with His Blessings.

  22. Thank you, bloggy friends of Jamie, for prayers and your support. Simeon is out of surgery and it was successful. He is resting and they told mama she will be coming home a day early.

    I am so blessed to know Jamie and I get to see Sims...well once in awhile...we mama's are busy. He is the sweetest and cutest fuzzy haired baby evah.

    I will keep writing here when I hear news.

  23. Glad to know your little man is OK.

  24. So sorry I missed offering prayers on Tuesday....I'll offer prayer for you today as well as Mary & Dominic.


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