Friday, December 28, 2012

Thankful Thursday Christmas Edition!

so very thankful
for this man
Our 16th Anniversary was December 20, 
spent in the hospital with Simeon
(we'll celebrate later)
It's too special to not mention

 Thankful Simeon turned one--see his finger?  One! 
Thankful another surgery was done and we were home for his birthday!
I'm going to have to start thinking about giving him a blog name...
Little Red?
 We got a few smiles, but there were also lots of tears...
He wanted nothing to do with his cake, didn't have much appetite, we put his fingers in it
and he looked at us like "What the heck?" and then pushed it away!
 This would happen in the middle of opening his gifts, 
It was kind of a sad birthday, but a Thankful celebration at the same time!
And Thankful he's doing much better today
(only crying when he pees or poops)

 Thankful for all these beautiful gifts in front of our tree!!
 Thankful everything was new again for this little girl,
"Mommy, I yike Jesus's birthday!"
 Thankful these sweet kiddos were so sweet and patient with waiting to open gifts!
Sweetie Pie: "I open pesents daddy?"  "Not yet, it's not your turn"  "OK Daddy"
 Thankful for Santa butts...
 and boys who can't carry any more presents...
 Thankful Simeon was feeling a little better than his birthday
and was getting the hang of opening presents
 Thankful for our Midnight Bliss Chocolate Cake for Jesus's birthday!
 Thankful Santa came, dropped off gifts and filled stockings!
 Thankful Daddy can take everything apart and put all things together!
 Thankful for Legos
 Thankful for Wal-mart dolls--as I said on Facebook,
 Can't get much more American than that!
 Thankful for these Cinnamon Rolls, we have every Christmas morn!
Straight from freezer to oven, done in 30 minutes, tastes better than homemade
(yes, that's possible)
Why would I do homemade when Rhodes makes these?
 Thankful for Grandmas and Grandpas (legs) and aunties and uncles...
(This is the only picture I got Christmas day of our guests--too busy I guess)
 Thankful for tiny paintable tea sets--thanks Christine!
 And Thankful for little cars!  Simeon loves them...
 Thankful for games played...
 and new clothes to wear!
(Thanks Grandma!)
 (Thanks Auntie Heidi!)
 Thankful for girls who like Hero Factory, Legos and Ninjago!
 Thankful for big sisters who love to give lovin',
 even if baby brother doesn't want lovin'!

Thankful for Christmas tree Crafts

and our Completed Jesse Tree!
We worked our way up, I decided Jesus should be on the top,
"The Light of the World!"

There's so much more to be Thankful for
 but this keeps me thinking about the simple things, 
the things easily forgotten.
There are blessings in every single day
I hope you find yours

Back to add:
Thankful Baby Dominic is out of ICU!! 
He and his family still need our prayers, 
Let's pray him home! 

God bless you!


  1. Merry Christmas to you! On Christmas, our 5yo said something like, "It's like it's everyone's birthday!" The only holiday when we all give and receive gifts.

  2. Merry Christmas Jamie Jo. I love your Jesse Tree, just about the prettiest one I've seen ! and the Christmas Tree crafts! we're all about crafts here and I love yours. Your babies are beautiful! I love those dolls. how cool that all the girls received one. I took your advice and found some sweet matching girl and doll outfits at KMart. so reasonably priced. Thankful for Simeon's successful surgery. Happy Anniversary to you and your beloved. Yes,Little Red is quite fitting !

  3. Sounds like you all had a wonderful Christmas. My boys are into Lego Hero too. I had no idea what they were until Declan put them together.
    I wish my girls were into dolls. Instead its Disney Princesses and Tinker Bell, tea sets and Polly Pockets. What ever happened to

    So happy to see Simeon doing better on Christmas. My baby boy loves those little cars too. This year they all wanted Halo 4 action figures and Xbox games. Thank goodness Sean works for Microsoft, or we'd be Merry Christmas and God Bless.

  4. Awwww! So thankful for this post. GREAT pictures. Finally pictures of Jamie Jo's beautiful face!

    That Simeon. Love his Santa butt. Love his smiling eyes.

    All those beautiful gifts under the tree is right. You are truly blessed.

  5. Love all the pictures! Annamarie would even touch her cake at her birthday either! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!

  6. I am thankful too! What a beautiful post, I love these. I am so glad Simeon is doing better and his Santa butt is A-dorable!

    It looks like, despite everything, you had a lovely Christmas by all those smiles.

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY JAMIE! We will be celebrating 20 years in July. Hope you guys get out soon, you deserve an amazing date night.

  7. Oh... btw... love the nickname for Simeon and as for the cake, Ava took FOR-E-VER to touch it too. Daddy had to feed her some first and we just left it there for a loooooong time before she actually did her "cake smash" thing.

  8. Happy Anniversary to you and Tom. You ARE blessed with all your babes in front of the Christmas tree. I hope you do get a little time to celebrate...
    Brian and I rarely go out. We find special moments in every day to "celebrate" our vows. Important to keep that love going.

    Look at all those dollies and then it is so good for Jedi to have some cars zooming around by Sims.

    The craft is a pretty one.

    Glad to hear Sims is feeling better!

    thanks for calling and being there for me.

  9. You have a lovely family and it looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy this weekend. God bless you all! Glad that your little Simeon is doing better!

  10. Congrats on the wedding anniversary. We have been married for 22 years now and I will never forget 15. I thought it was a big one for sure but it went by without notice. Jason and I were sitting in the PCICU after our six year old had just had open heart surgery. My hubby looked at me with a tear in his eye and said God has given us the best anniversary gift ever, our children are all healthy. At first I was selfish and thought it was a crappy gift - where my my cruise? J was right. I am so blessed to be married to a man that gets what is really important. I am so glad that Simeon's surgery went well.

  11. What a beautiful household on Christmas morn! Glad to hear all is well with Little Red... Gotta love the love we get from our family, even when we feel like grumpy pants:) I'm with Gardenia, that is the prettiest Jesse Tree I've seen! Sweet blessings to you and your dear husband on your Anniversary...Cute photo of the two of you!

  12. Merry Christmas Jamie! You're on Facebook? Friend me!

  13. Merry Christmas, Jamie Jo! I am wishing you a blessed 2013 full of God's peace, happiness, and HEALTH! So glad to read that little Simeon is feeling better!


  14. Looks like you had a fabulous Christmas and birthday celebration for Simeon. You are all still in our prayers - especially the little guy. We're praying for continued healing. Keep us posted on how he's doing. God Bless!


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