Friday, December 21, 2012

Video of Home

 Nicole suggested I make a video of the kids for Simeon,
so he could see them while he was in the hospital
(for some reason, Blogger won't let me upload it)
This was such a lifesaver!!  I bet we watched that video 50 times at least!
The nurses all thought it was a great idea!
Every time he'd fuss and cry, (which was alot)
I'd play the video, he always perked up and loved watching it, 
he'd talk back to them and wave bye bye at the end! 

We got home last night.
He was so happy to see his brother and sisters!  
He had a good night
He's only eating a couple ounces at a feeding
but we're hoping that gets better each day
He's pretty fussy, not letting us put him down at all
especially mama.

Thank you for all your prayers


  1. What a great idea! And Happy First Birthday early Simeon Thomas!

  2. So glad you are all back at home. What a Merry Christmas you will have together. HUGS!!

  3. That's a great idea! I bet it was such a comfort for Simeon. Such great news that you are all home. Hope the recovery keeps going well.Blessings!

  4. That is a really good idea! I am glad that he was able to have the comfort of home even when he couldn't be there himself. :) Glad you're home!!!

  5. I am happy it helped, Jamie Jo. Glad everyone is home, and I'm sure each day will get better and better.

  6. What a great idea! He just melts my heart, and I want to reach through this screen and hug him up. I am glad you are all back home together. We will continue to pray.

  7. Yes! So glad you are home already!

  8. What a great idea! He must have loved seeing his siblings on the laptop. So happy to hear he is home and praying that he recovers quickly. God bless!

  9. wonderful video for Simeon! So happy surgery is done and you are home together again. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  10. I think blogger ate my comment! So happy you are all home and continued prayers for adorable Sims!

  11. SO glad you are all home! Snuggle that baby for me and have a wonderful Christmas!

  12. You are so welcome. We care about you, your family and that precious boy so much.

    WHAT a smart IDEA!!!

    Siblings are truly the greatest gift in a family. My kids are lost without each other and do they all love Ava.

    AND then the kids from other families love Ava even more. One of Colette's friends wants to baby sit ava so bad.

    Ava is such a clingy "toddler". I know it is hard to hold Sims. He is hurting now. He will back to his pre-headbanging-crawling-smiling baby soon. OH and he is almost 1!!!!!

  13. I'm so glad he looks so well! I want to see the video too! (but I'd probably watch it 50 times)

  14. Great news! I'll share with the kids that he's home and doing well. We'll continue to pray for full recovery and returned appetite. God Bless!

  15. Oh, SO glad to hear you're home already. What a fantastic idea to make a video! I think that would comfort me as well. We'll continue to pray for his quick recovery and that his appetite will increase. Lots of love you and your family, Jamie.

  16. That is so precious. And it was a great idea! I have been keeping up on Facebook, but I feel like I missed a lot here. He is so sweet Jamie. God bless you all.


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