Monday, February 11, 2013

Do Your Kids Do This?

I would never, ever, ever getting back together
Oops, I got carried away there.
 I mean I would never ever ever do this.
They act like it's warm water or something!
(Google Readers: there's a video here)
I will gladly video tape though, and snap pictures!


  1. Oh my kids would probably love that but I hate the cold so I'm with you on that one.

    LOL! That Taylor Swift daughter is always singing that one!

  2. Haha! If we had a snow blower - and that much snow - I bet they would. At least, the two older boys. The three year old hates to get anything wet anywhere.

  3. My kids would love it- but I would be like you! Ah, to be young again...

  4. I can't image so much snow that we would have a snowblower! My kids would definitely be playing in it!

  5. Yes! My 9 year old son was in heaven on Sunday when his dad burried him with the snowblower. I was watching from the window thinking, "That's not safe!" However, they all made it safely back inside for hot chocolate. Maybe I worry too much? I'll try to work on that this Lent.

  6. My kids would totally love to do that...alas we never have that much snow. We've go the snowblower though...the big mammoth one ready for the blizzard of 20...fill in the blank! Takes up so much room in the garage and doesn't even get used once a year! (We bought the snowblower off of our neighbor who moved to Kansas from Michigan and then moved from Kansas to Tennessee after retirement.) I think I would love to join the kids in doing that as well!

  7. Looks like it would be so cold! I love all the new white pretty snow. It sure was fun to play in this past weekend!


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