Thursday, February 28, 2013

Life Takes Over Sometimes

 Just a quick check in with all of you
Life has been busy
 The kids are growing, laughing, screaming, fighting
playing, schooling, smiling and crying....

I'll try to get Simeon outside for the next picture!
(It's just that I had to kick the kiddos out for some peace and quiet
and Simeon requires me to go too)
In other words, life has taken over
I'll try to post soon....some Thankfuls are in order!
In the meantime, God bless you!


  1. Great pics! That second one, with the five older kids....that really is a GREAT picture! Their personalities just pop in it.

  2. Wonderful pictures, and yes, life does get in the way sometimes! Don't worry- we will be looking forward to your Thankfuls when you have a few minutes.

  3. That snow picture is AWESOME, too bad Simeon wasn't there too. Thanks for keeping us updated :)

  4. GREAT pictures! Life sure does get busy, doesn't it? I haven't seen your site on the computer in awhile (usually on my phone) so I missed the changes you made. Looks good!


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