Saturday, March 16, 2013

7 Quick Takes!

 I'm trying Jen's Quick takes again this week
(hope she doesn't mind it's actually Saturday, my days are goofed up this week)
We have a new pope!  Pope Francis!
I do not know much about him, hoping he's conservative,
loving his humbleness, praying for him.
Not  understanding how some non Catholic friends who have lots of Catholic friends
can post negative things about Catholics getting a new Pope on Facebook.
Things like, "No matter who's pope, Jesus is still King" 
Yep He is.
 it does matter who is pope
The Catholic religion is the only religion that has remained 
100 % pro-life in every way
We have not backed down on abortion, contraceptives, euthanasia.
(and many other moral teachings)
Because we have a physical leader here to make sure, 
who has the Holy Spirit guiding him all the way.
This new pope comes in a long line of popes
click HERE
To see how they all go back to Jesus, Who IS King, and Who 
made Peter the very first Pope.

I would be happy for you if you got a something new at your church.  
Why does it seem to upset you when we do?
We all have the same goal

Here's Simeon on day one
about 5:30 am
He was happy and dancing and talking away, entertaining all the nurses!

 Here he is about 2 pm
It's hard to look at your baby like this and say how things are really going.
Because when you look at your baby like this, things are not going good.
Maybe the surgery has been successful,
 but you still will be up all night and day with a 
hurting, fussy, scared little baby, who you can do nothing for
except pray and be there for him.
(I won't show the close up of his face only, it's too sad to look at)
Day 2 (Wednesday) morning
his face is swollen but there is a slight smile here,
he's playing dice...we play a lot of Farkle and he loves to shake the dice.
This only lasted this one morning, then, 
all toys were thrown out of the crib
every time we tried to give him any

 So by that afternoon, we desperately needed to get out!

 Which was easier with helpers!

Day 3 no I.V.!!
(but it's still attached to his foot)
Here, he's holding the milk cup, but won't take a drink,
I caught him twice starting to take a drink,
 and once it got to his lips
he'd put it down.  Poor baby.
He loved the wagon rides!
(can't wait til summer)
Day 4 (Friday)
 We would walk to the end of the long hallway
to this family type room, I'd close the door, and let him play all around!
The hospital was full of very sick kids,
 so we didn't get to play in the playroom much
(and when we did, I forgot my camera!)
 6. HOME!!!

This is today!
Looking much better, his lip is still swollen a little.
I cringe every time I think of how they must have
 held his top lip up and open for the 
5 1/2 hour surgery.
(He has sores on the corners of his mouth from this)
And I think about how much we complain when we have a little canker sore in our mouths
He's happy when he has Motrin. 

has a new blog name and lots and lots of new posts up!
Yay Christine!

Thank you again for all the prayers!  
God bless you all! 
PS, had to laugh, I only said I needed a nap and a shower,
not that I'd get them!
(I did shower, though)    


  1. JAMIE...awwwww...I just posted those because I had them for when I was ready to come back..then I thought I wasn't sure I was ever never ever going to come back...then I thought well..I don't want to have wasted "THAT TIME" I posted thinking I am just going to be done forever..and I am in a mid-life turning 45 soon and very emotional and lots of ups and downs. AND I don't even have a baby who has major boo-boos like you! I feel like a smuck.

    BUT enough about me and my stupid problems.

    Thanks for the update. I have been checking a lot to see when you would update. He sure looked so sore and swollen. I hope he is eating and you are letting him pull out everything from every drawer so he is happy!

  2. So happy to hear he is doing better! I bet he is so happy to be home.

  3. So glad to see him home and tearing apart your kitchen once again. He must be feeling I didn't realize they had to hold his lip open to do that. Poor baby boy. No wonder he won't drink from a sippy cup.

  4. So happy you all are home right where you belong! Your little guy is one brave and sweet fella! : )

  5. Simeon is looking better and making progress. So glad. He has been in my prayers! It is very inconsiderate for people to make rude comments about other religions or religion in general or God or the Pope or anything else that people feel strongly about and hold dear. I have written two posts on my blog about the new Pope. I am non-Catholic but truly feel that Pope Francis is a man of God and I welcome him to the Papacy and pray for him. So very sad that some people who call themselves "Christians" can be mean and inconsiderate. Hope that Simeon continues his progress. Glad you are all home and look forward to more posts. Will check out that other blog when I have time.

  6. Yay, Motrin! I'm so glad you all are home. Thank you for update. Simeon has the sweetest face, swollen lip or not. :o)

  7. So good to see little Simeon- he's such a brave kid, and I'm always heartened by how he just keeps on, no matter how much it hurts. I'm glad he enjoyed the wagon rides and is now home!

    We were happy Pope Francis was picked so quickly, and we prayed for the cardinals to have God's wisdom in picking him. Although we are not Catholic, we have many relatives who are, and we share so many of the same values that it was important to us. I'm sorry some people act hateful about things like this.

    And I was also so happy to see Christine's posts again- she's too good not to have around here!

  8. So glad to see he's doing better--isn't it hard when you know your baby is thirsty but they won't drink because it hurts? Rips your heart open.

    I'll check out Christine's blog, I tried leaving her a comment on her old one, begging her not to quit (I liked her pictures) but it wouldn't let me because it said I wasn't a member.

  9. Oh thank you for the pictures. He's so happy to be home, as I'm sure all of you are!

  10. I'm so happy that you are home and on the road to healing once again. Thank you so much for the updates!! We continue to march on in prayer for your sweet little man. Blessings to you on the Feast of St. Patrick!

  11. You are one awesome Mom. Sending prayers to you and your beautiful family and continued progress in the baby's recovery.

  12. Sweet, sweet boy. Praying still.
    I wonder would he drink from a paper cup with no sippy lid? Or maybe from what he thinks is your glass? Even if it was messy it would be a start.

  13. Oh my goodness, this gives me hope! He looks like he is doing wo well! I am sure it was very difficult the not being able to eat, but it is so great to see him home!

  14. Glad to see everyone at home. I love that you bring a sibling to the hospital...I'm sure it really helps Simeon, too.

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