Monday, April 15, 2013

Life of Pi

(I usually don't spoil anything, but I might here)

We watched The Life of Pi this past weekend.

It was slow to start, but quickly got more interesting
once Pi was on this boat with some of the animals from is father's zoo.

(I'm trying not to give away too much)

What I didn't like was the ending.
I'm very much a visual person,
so decided to take it for face value, 
it was as I saw.

Then, I read this
and well, it changed my views, 
as to what the writer really was wanting you to take away from the book,
or movie (in my case)
I like happy endings.
I like that it really did not make sense,
it was, after all, just a movie!
So, what you saw visually, in the movie, 
was not really what happened
but it's up to you to decide, 
if you like what the truth probably really was,
which no one really would
or if you like the fantastical story in which you watched.

Now, after reading the article
I think the ending is quite interesting 
and mysterious.

The more I think about it,
the more I think I like it.
I like that he, as a grown man,
went on and kept his faith,
and saw the miraculous
through all the terrible that happened.
It does actually have a happy ending.

If you saw this movie, what do you think?


  1. Wow- we haven't seen it nor have I read the book, but the mystery and intrigue in your post make me want to. I read one of the articles, and my interest is really piqued. So, hopefully this weekend, we will watch it!

  2. I haven't seen this one but I'm interested. I was just referring to your movie reviews last night, looking for good Netflix movies. You always have great recommendations so we put a few in the cue and I have a list going for Instant! Thanks for sharing your thoughts:)

  3. Haven't seen it yet, Jamie will go on our list! Thanks...have a nice evening, friend!

  4. Yes, thanks for your thoughts. Haven't seen it yet...been mentally adding it to my "to do" list.

  5. I watched it with my hands over my eyes the first time I was so nervous. I couldnt believe the ending...I had to watch the ending like 4 times. I loved the movie!!!

  6. We loved the movie. It was very intense though. My boys can watch shoot 'em up movies all day, but the type of intensity this movie had had my boys on the edge of their seat and a little stressed out. I have not read the book or your link, but I prefer to take the story at face value as well.

  7. I haven't actually read this post because we haven't see it yet, but I so want to. Sean watched it on a plane without sound a couple weeks ago, (he was too cheap to pay for the headphones) and thought it looked great. Can't wait to see it!

  8. I've read the book, but have not seen the movie. I really like the movie review given by the US bishops on it.

    I, of course, believe in the fantastic story.

  9. Hi Jamie, I haven't seen the movie yet but definitely plan to now that it's On Demand. I'll be walking into it with no background story about it's plot, so hoping it'll be entertaining.

  10. Thanks Jamie baby. Putting it on my list -- I think for Saturday night.

  11. Finally saw the movie. In the book, the "second" story he told never happened. Hope that gives you a bit more reassurance. I know it did for us.


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