Monday, April 29, 2013

My View for the Summer!

It's been 12 years since I had a baby about this age for the summer.
All the girls were summer babes and close to 2
6 months makes a huge difference.
He loves it outside and cries every time we have to come in.
He prefers to walk away from the park,
away from where everyone else is.
He's thinking, "I'm free!"
I'm thinking, "It's going to be a looong summer."

Just kidding, it's a blessing, and I very much appreciate it!


  1. Oh I hear ya! They are so much fun at this age but you can't exactly sit on the playground bench anymore!

  2. And....he's off!! : ) so sweet, friend! : )

  3. Oh, you can just watch the wheels turn in his precious little head. You'd better get your running shoes ready, my friend!

  4. I love that picture. For sure frame it. He will grow up so fast these will be just memories.

    Thanks for the hug today. You have no idea how I needed it.

    Didn't have time this weekend to comment on Thankful Thurs..and there was so much to talk fixing the bathroom! That is great super because flooded anything stinks.

    Such great pics of all the kiddos enjoying life. They have a great life with you.

  5. Look, NO SNOW!!!! He looks so cute walking/running away. Sam is nearly two and lives for running free too. I just don't have the energy to chase him, but that what older siblings are for

  6. So true! Although I am looking forward to summer, I am also anticipating busy, busy time outside. Margaret screamed a fit Sunday morning before Mass because she wanted to go outside so badly. Like at 7:15 am, when it was still chilly and she was dressed nice for church. Ugh. Oh, and now both girls have added tantrums/screaming to their daily to-do lists. Eeek..

  7. He looks so cute and tiny and baby like!!


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