Thursday, April 25, 2013

Theme Thursday--Sky

 "SKY" is the theme this week at Clan Donaldson!
My kids are always climbing trees--up to the sky!!
(click on the pictures, for a much better view)
 You didn't think I'd only show you one picture, did you?
Bye bye snow, we've got 60's in the forecast for tomorrow!!
(it was about 40 degrees in this picture)
Hoping to get to my "Thankful Thursday" post today!

 Back to add this photo of today, just a few minutes ago!
"Way up to the sky!"
Doesn't that bring you back to childhood?
High around 50 today!


  1. Doing a happy dance for you, Jamie Jo! Break out the sunscreen! Oh, and love the pics! Buh byyyeee snow!

  2. It is so much better to look at the sky in these pictures than to look at that horrid white stuff on the ground that refuses to go away! Great shots and I hope you can see green under there before long.

  3. What fun that must be- it's been forever since I've climbed a tree for fun (had to clamber up one a few years ago when a mama javelina got mad at me for getting too close to her babies). But I'd love to be up in one, just like your beautiful girl, and enjoy the sky.

  4. Lovely pictures!!! I bet you can't wait for that white stuff to disappear! My girlfriend and her husband just moved to Minneapolis in February with their 4-year old...from TAMPA. Needless to say, the only one excited about snow was the only one who had never seen it before! LOL

    BTW...loved yesterday's post and I linked to it.


  5. Hope it doesn't turn into a flooding situation. Probably just a muddy one. The 60's will feel wonderful after dealing with snow. We do not have the type of trees that can be climbed. We live in a 150 year old ci and our trees are super high. Perfect for shade but not for climbing. God bless!

  6. I always like those rare occasions when there's snow on the ground but the weather is warm. Great pictures.

  7. I went to throw something out into the garage and it still feels so cold outside!

    Oh, yes, to be a kid again climbing trees...carefree feet kicking and swinging as high as they can go.

    It is so nice to see the sun today..warm warm warm sun.

  8. Those are some cute photos!

  9. Happy girls and clear skies! Hopefully warm headed your way? Awesome!!!

  10. Ahh, I've loved everyone's sky. So cute of your kids climbing and swinging and it makes it almost feel like actual spring.
    I wore open toe shoes to town today even though it's muddy gross and snowy. I've had enough already. I'm breaking out the flip flops! :)

  11. Your 3rd picture is my favorite. Reminded me of when I was younger. =)

  12. HA! I love the last two hanging and swinging. Sweet girls, too!

  13. Love the swinging picture - looks like it was a beautiful day!


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