Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Five Favorites!

 Trying something new this week,
since I'm too wordy for Wordless Wednesday posts
Joining Hallie and the other bloggers and their favorites
 I kind of had a hard time thinking of my faves...
Here are 5 for this week, and well, they are my favorites every week
 1. Bananas
I love bananas
I love bananas so much that I go to the store at least twice a week for them
I like them just right, not too spotty and not too green, 
like these.  They have a good 2 more days.
After that, I put them in smoothies!
 2. International Foods French Vanilla Coffee
I'm not sure if it's even really coffee, since I don't like coffee.
But I like this.
Not the sugar free, caffeine free stuff either
The real stuff only
I've tried a couple other flavors and end up giving them away.
This is it. 
I have this for breakfast every day
and a banana of course
 (in a smoothie)
 3.  Confess Body Spray
I've been using this stuff since I was 18.
(I'm 43, I'll let you do the math)
I love it.
It's light and cheap.
Once in a while, someone tells me I smell really good,
and I think, "I've still got it"

 4. Ice in my water
I'm spoiled.
We all are here in America.
I'm thankful every time I fill my water bottle with ice and water
The ice thing started back when I was pregnant with Sweetie Pie,
I had to have ice in my water to drink it, I craved it
I still do, 3 1/2 years later!
It really is a luxury.

5.  Click Clack Moo
Simeon calls it "Cak Cak Mmmmm"
(Sometimes, but not when you ask him)
He loves it, so now, I love it too, because of him.

That was kind of fun!
I like this, it forces us to look for the positive 
in the every day things we have, use and do.
Kind of like remembering to be Thankful in the ordinary.


  1. I need a banana tree in my backyard...for real. I am like you. I buy sooo many to eat, for lunches, for fruit salad, and in hopes that some will last long enough to get mashed up into Colleen's awesome muffins. Oh....and the coffee...what more can I say? Happy evening, friend!

  2. I like bananas too and I am going to try that fragrance - I think I have seen it at CVS! Also, just read and watched your last post about the incorruptibles. Wow, I did not know that! I learned something today. I have a lot of respect for your faith and actually watch EWTN and listen to a Catholic Radio station on my drive home from work because it is so interesting and uplifting and strengthens my own faith. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What fun! I love ice too. Eating it --especially during pregnancy. Usually I'll start thinking there's not enough ice in the world and then find out my iron is exceptionally low or be in need of a transfusion!!!! Eating ice is not cool. But it does feel so good in water. Good to see you and I loved your Peter comment over at Jessica's. Take care:)

  4. Oh fun! I like that!
    French vanilla......ditto!!!!!!!!Right there with you! hey! We could have an international moment together sometime! (remember that commercial? Also from the 80s!) (and you don't even want to know how much sugar, vanilla, & cream it takes to make actual coffee taste like that stuff! Just trust me, I tried one time when i was at my mom's and well, you don't want to know!)

  5. That was fun to read! You're like my husband with bananas. He likes them just right too. He takes 2-3 of them to work with him each day. I'm always stocking up on them so he has them throughout the week. He's expanded a bit by adding his must have melons each day. We do a lot of fruit shopping each week!

  6. This was fun! I enjoyed getting to know you a little bit better and also the things you like. Cak Cak Mmmm sounds adorable!

  7. shoot.
    I always buy the non-sugar international coffee...did I give you non-sugar???!!! I always screw up on your gifts!

    I would be bad at this link.

    I can think of a zillion things I spiders, tornadoes, this stupid cold weather.

    I need a new attitude!

    Sims is so sweet I could just squeeze him!

  8. Bananas are our go-to fruit. My hubby even goes to work early sometimes to hit up the local grocery store that has huge bags of them for like $2. They are still really good and not over ripe, but for some reason further gone than they care to sell them. We just eat what we can and I use the rest to whip up banana bread. Yum!

    I like ice cold water and ice too. I seem to drink more water when I have it cold. So spoiled.

    Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing your favorites! I always think about joining in and then forget. Or I struggle to come up wiht my five favorites or can't pick just five. Ah, the dilemmas.


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