Thursday, May 2, 2013

Let's Play!

I first thought of this past weekend
 and how warm it was here in MN
and how much we played outside!
Temps in the 70's finally!
 had to find spring clothes
It's always so fun to see hand me downs
 the 4th time around!

Play also makes me think of the classic toys
 we've had through many children
This jungle gym
(old picture above of my 6 year old, around age 3)
(this past weekend)
 Sweetie Pie here, wearing the same outfit- 3 years old!
You can see huge personality differences too!
 Here, my now 6 year old, around age 2, 
Pink Big Wheels have gone through 4 girls
Still a favorite!
We've got the wagon, the basketball hoop, the portable slide,
and so many more toys that just keep playing!

I'm sure Simeon will love it too!

This was a hard theme for me,
SO  hard to narrow down all our play!
I had a TON of ideas...and not enough time!


  1. Love hand me down toys and clothes, Jamie the memories each one holds! Sweet pictures, friend!

  2. I love hand me downs as well!. We have a Red Sox outfit that my sister-in-law bought for our eldest when he was born (now 10) and EVERY child (even the girls) have worn it. I don't think any of the toys have made it through more than two kids though. My kids are really rough with their toys and tend to destroy them in a matter of months.

    Great pictures! You are lucky to have those wonderful memories with the toys and clothes! God bless and have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Love the way you get full use out of so many things and seeing pictures of your kiddos is always an extra blessing

  4. I'm finding that favorite outfits, the third time around, are getting holes left and right. We're starting to look like paupers in rags over here!

    Our plastic slide is half eaten by squirrels and our pink big wheels trike lost the seat somehow.

    The biggest questions I have right now are: did we keep the kiddie pool from last year, does it have holes to patch, and will the stores still have any in stock by the time we find out?

  5. Look at Colette so little! Fun to see those pictures again. Man, they grow up fast. When was she little?????

    I take pictures of kids also on the handmedowns.

    My fav. is the pics of my kids when they are missing their two front teeth. Waiting for Ava to lose hers then I will put them in a frame. Want to do that with the red trike but not sure if I took one of Jonah on it. sigh.

    I know I know...could do a ton of fun "play" posts.

    it is freezing out!!!!!O$*$****#*))#**#

  6. Gently loved toys and clothes are awesome. What cuties your kids are. Now if you can hold on to some of those toys until you have grandkids coming, that would be an awesome picture!

  7. Love the lasting toys and outfits. I try to get photos of my girls wearing the same clothes or playing on the same toys...sometimes I'm successful, sometimes not. ;-)

  8. LUV the exuberance of the jungle gym shot CAPTURED that! Such sweet, cute, smiling faces. God bless the children and the joy they bring us!


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