Friday, May 17, 2013

Safe Haven

 I watched this last weekend.
I wasn't that excited about watching it, 
I thought it was just another 
"Sleeping wtih the Enemy, Enough" type movie.
And it was.
but it was also a little more.
Josh Duhamel was in the movie.
 You know, him.
 Oh, and I didn't realize who the woman in the movie was til now,
Julianne Hough.
There was no dancing in this movie though.
 And Josh Duhamel was in the movie.
 It was more than the beaten- woman- running- away-
 from- her- abusive- husband-and-

This movie was also about the new 
man and his family 
 a twist at the end 
I give it a thumbs up,
If you can wait til the end for that part.

Oh, yeah, and Josh Duhamel is in the movie.


  1. :) And Josh Duhamel is in the movie!

  2. Thanks...saw this on Netflix and was I can add it to my list! Thanks dear friend! : )

  3. Yeah and just looking at him would make this a good movie, right? I'm going to have to check it out! Have a great week.

  4. Lol, Jamie. You are so cute. And so is Josh Duhamel.
    Will need to check this one out!

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Arley--you spoiled it, I cannot let that happen. (haha) so I deleted your comment! But that is what I was referring to! I hope I didn't offend you! For me, the twist at the end, is what made the movie good. So If I'd known the twist, I probably wouldn't have liked the movie!

    2. LOL, I didn't actually say what I was refering too, just a name. You didn't offend me, it's all good!

    3. I know, but I think it is what made the movie good!! Thanks for commenting back! Love you!

  6. Yep. Josh Duhamel.... 'Nuff said.

  7. This is so funny to me. My hubby went to grade school and high school with Josh Duhamel (he's 3 years ahead of me, so I have no personal connection) and played sports with him. He's a handsome fellow, but just Josh Duhamel to me. I can't watch any of the movies he's in because it's just too wierd!

    1. Oh, Heather, that is so funny, and interesting! Like I keep wondering how did he get into acting? (I googled his profile, because Tom thought his wife, Fergie was 45 or 50 and he was in his 20's!!) He's 40 and she's 38 according to the internet!
      Anyway, it said he was from Minot, and I just keep thinking how small an area that is and it would be just interesting to talk. It shows how Hollywood can change a person too I think.

      I've never seen any of the TV shows he's in, but I've seen a few movies, and they always seem to be good character type movies, and pretty clean ones--like Ramona and Beezus, the girls love that movie.

  8. Yes, he's fun to watch and I like his acting, too! Even watched the casino TV show he was in for a little while. You are hilarious, Jamie. I have college friends who grew up with him & it's cool to say he has ND roots.

  9. Funny! My broinlaw graduated with him too! I keep telling him to tell his wife to write songs I can let my kids listen to whenever he texts me a pic when he sees far, he's not amused! (but apparently as nice as he is cute) (says my sis not my broinlaw)

  10. LOL. I'm scrolling through your archives cause its Memorial Day! I might have to rent it for the same reasons as you.


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