Thursday, May 16, 2013

Theme Thursday--Animals!

here are pictures from the past week.

(otherwise, we also have foxes, wild turkeys,
badgers, opossum, deer, chipmunks,
owls, vultures, ravens, all kinds of birds
 and rabbits, oops, the fox ate the rabbits)

The girls put birdseed on the back deck, 
in hopes of birdies coming close to the patio door.
Instead we found this guy.
Usually he's sitting on the birdfeeder feasting
(actually we have tons of squirrels)

 They sure are fun to watch though!
 Totally fun!
 On our mommy date last week,
 we went to Cherry Berry and
then to a small lake in town, 
with a special little pond for swans

 Love Red Winged Blackbirds!
They were all around the swans.
We used to live by some marshes and I saw these all the time.
I love the sound they make.

 The only pets we have are fish, 
but our neighbors have doggies.
Lots of our neighbors have doggies, 
this is Karly.  She's our left neighbor's dog.
The girls love, love, LOVE dogs.
My 6 year old here says she is going to be a farmer when she grows up
so she can have lots of animals.
 Because we don't have any.
(Poor thing)
I tell them I do children, not pets.
 The girls take Karly out and play a few times each day
(oops, they were running too fast, I clipped off the doggie)
 Look at how she poses!
 The girls also like to play with our right side neighbor's doggies, 
Manny and Moe. 
(no pictures though)
They also know the doggie 4 houses down, 
and pretty much every doggie on the block.
 These ducks came to visit  us early on Monday.
I could not even see the female there,
I could see her mouth moving--can you see her?
How about a close-up?
There she is!


  1. I love animals, and I would have been right out there with you, enjoying them. That duck is neat. We've had lots of them flying back north, so maybe that was one that wintered somewhere down here!

    1. I bet they are Shelly, they came to let me know they were from Texas!

  2. Great post...Jamie Jo! So neat to see so many animals around you...we have some the same and elk and coyotes too...ugh! Love how your kiddos are watching from the window! And please tell your sweet girls there is a spoiled little dog in this house who would love some playtime with them! Happy Thursday, dear friend!

    1. Coyotes scare me...not that I like the Badgers...No elk, just lots of deer. Deer that eat my garden.

      My girls would love that!! Happy Thursday to you too!

  3. Look at that cute! You sure do have a lot of animals around. We never have squirrels and I love them!

    That duck picture is so cool...mama hiding!

    1. We love watching the squirrels chase eachother! I know the fox gets some of those squirrels too, we find heads around the yard. That's not so cool.

  4. What great animal pictures! I pondered the Animal theme, but just didn't grab the camera. You have a loot of animal photos that are great!

    1. loot?

      (just kidding) Not too late to take pics Sarah!

  5. Awww, get your kids a doggy!

    1. perfect scenario here, the neighbors pay for the doggies, their food, shots, whatever, and my kids play. Perfect doggies.

  6. What cute pictures. We can have up to 8 squirells in our front yard at a time. Drives our doggies nuts. Love the duck picture as well. She is very well hideen.

    1. We've counted up to 7 at a time, got me beat on squirrels!

  7. We're twins on the red-wing blackbird love. Love their calls.
    And I wish the fox around here would eat our rabbits. Or at least, eat the rabbits before the rabbits ate all my peas.

    1. The deer eat all my veggies. Cayenne pepper sprinkled on plants gets rid of rabbits! (Big container at Sam's Club)

  8. Dog in a sweater! What a cute expression on her face!

  9. Great pictures! I love other peoples' dogs! That's the way to have all the benefits and none of the pain :)

  10. Cute pics of the kiddos looking at the animals.

  11. Aaah! They look so cute with the dog, aren't you tempted to cave?

  12. These are all so cute but the posing dog, I think that took the cake. LOL.

  13. Squirrels...sunflowers, too! Aren't they adorable. They're the pets for us, allergy people.

    But I'm pretty sure there's a mouse living in the outdoor sports bucket. Little girl thinks he's Jerry from Tom & Jerry.


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