Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sweetie Pie is 4!!

OH, my gosh.
Bittersweet, I tell you, bittersweet.
I am so happy she is growing up,
I love the age she is right now,
she's full of questions and excitement for everything.
She is and has always been such a joy in our family!
I can't explain it, they all, of course bring joy
to our family, but this one in particular,
she is just so full of joy, 
she exuberates it!  
(is that a word?)
She has a energy that just spreads to all she meets!

Yet, it seems like yesterday
I brought her home from the hospital
And I wanted to keep her like this forever:

(look at that sweet baby)

I think I became a different mama after she was born.
Things were just easier by the 5th baby,
I, now, had older ones to help
(I could go to the bathroom without worrying about the next toddler killing the baby)

I tell you, one of the biggest blessings of each child
is each different personality.

She was also my first internet baby,
so go ahead, 
reminisce with me, 
check my archives in August 2009

In the meantime, 
can you guess what kind of birthday party we are having today?

I told you she was full of joy!

 (Yep, waterwomen, I mean watermelon!) 

Happy birthday my sweet, sweet little honey!


  1. Oh, she is a honey! Love that sweet baby face and those baby curls! She must make everyone smile who is around her. Happy Birthday to her!

  2. Happy Blessed Birthday to my goddaughter! I pray for you and love you are such a sweetie pie~

    So cute. I hope she has a super duper waterwomen of a day~

  3. Happy blessed Birthday Day, Sweetie Pie!!!
    (Ooooh, love that sweet little baby pic!!)

    Hope you all have a wonderful day!

  4. I adored watermelon at her age too. Can't wait to see your watermelon birthday! Sounds like it will be so sweet! :)

    Happy birthday beautiful girl!

  5. Happy Happy Happy Day to your beautiful daughter, Jamie Jo!Such a sweetie! : )

  6. Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday dear Sweetie Pie...hope you have a super-de-duper birthday! Jamie, I still remember when she was born and seeing those first pictures of Sweetie Pie. My, time flies! Can't wait to see all the watermelon fun!

  7. 5th babies are very special. Happy birthday to your happy girl!

    The 5th baby of my family

  8. Happy birthday to that sweetie pie! May God bless her abundantly through the year!

  9. Awww! Sweetie Pie! Happiest of Birthdays and year full of blessings. May all know the joy that more children (like you) bring to a family open to the gift of life. YOU are a gift. xo Love the Fullen family. <3

  10. Oh, happy birthday! She is always smiling in all the photos. You can tell she us full of infectious joy. God bless her on this very special day.

  11. She is so precious! My oldest will be four next month. It is a sweet age isn't it?

  12. I'll never look at watermelon the same again. That was so precious and of course I had to look at it a number of times. Happy Birthday to your Sweetie Pie.


  13. Happy 4th Birthday to your beautiful little girl!
    Hope she has a wonderful day!

    Maria In Mass :)


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