Monday, August 26, 2013

Watermelon Birthday!

 She originally wanted a Barbie birthday, 
but she is not into Barbie (yet) so
Since she loves watermelon,
we thought a watermelon birthday would be perfect for her!
 First, we needed proper clothes for a watermelon birthday!
Tie Dye it is!
 I love tie dying...
 My inspiration was found here
but, I didn't want to spend a lot of money
 so we made them ourselves!
(the boys only did the green)
 Then, we (I) decorated the house...
 with watermelons, of course.
 These abstract watermelons may or may not have been done
 around 1 in the morning.
 Love how everyone surrounds the birthday kiddo!!
 Time for breakfast!
Watermelon waffles anyone?
Idea found here
(I just made my regular recipe and added food coloring and choco chips)
 She's sporting our old Tae Kwon Do gear here...she's 4, what can I say?

 Even Daddy was sporting tie dye!
 Sims is showing off his camo tie dye!
 Onto the cake!
The watermelon cake!!
Recipe found here
It was delicious!
 Of course there was watermelon at every meal!

 There may be a little spit all over this cake
(note to self:  Teach Sweetie Pie how to blow)
 Yummy and purty!
 Craft time!
(actually we made these the next day)
 Cute, huh?
My own idea!
 Toes painted like watermelon, by big sister!
My sweet, sweet watermelon girl!


  1. That is awesome! What a great birthday idea!

  2. You. Are. Awesome. What a day you had for your sweetie pie! Job well done, Mom! : )

  3. Coolest Mom ever! Love all of your crafts, decor, and food. And those adorable! It is so awesome to see the kids get excited for their siblings birthdays. Happy birthday to your sweet daughter!

  4. What a fun day! The watermelon theme turned out great.

  5. Adorable. The tie dye is fantastic!

  6. I feel like I've been to a party and it sure was fun. Loved all the pictures and she will have some wonderful memories of that day for a long time. I was blessed that you shared.

  7. I love the painted toes! What a cool party. What a special sweet little girl.
    Those shirts are awesome. I would have had a hard time letting THEM put on the seeds. what a nice mom.
    The cake and waffles. All neat and fun ideas. Staying up till one is worth it. I would do it also.

  8. Absolutely adorable. I love the tie-dye shirts!

  9. Wow, you really know how to party at your house! All the details were so creative. Love it!

    Happy Birthday to the Watermelon Girl!

  10. Fun, fun fun!!! Happy birthday to that beautiful little cutie. Watermelon is my very favorite fruit, and so I might ask my family to give me a watermelon party, too, on my next birthday!

  11. This is just awesome! You're such a great mom!

  12. So sweet! I love the watermelon birthday. That cake looks super yummy!! Happy Birthday to your darling girl!

  13. Can I hire you to come and put together my girls' birthdays? Anna's is this weekend and I have nothing planned! Therese informed me she expects a blue butterfly cake. Oh, my! I am no good at cakes.

    Seriously, what a wonderful party for such a sweet little girl!

  14. OH my goodness gracious! What a fun and memorable party!! Everything...the t-shirts looked great and I love how the love just oozes out of each child in honor of the birthday child. Precious. The waffles. The cake. The arts and crafts. The toenail polish. How wonderful!

  15. How cute! She is indded a sweet little girl! What fun. I love Simeon sporting his tough tye dye there. :)

  16. Wowzers, Jamie! As always, you totally outdid yourself for an awesome bday. I bet Sweetie Pie and your family had a blast!


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