Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Grandma Foster

 My Grandma Foster is on the left, my mom, then my first daughter and I
4 generation picture
11 years ago
My mom's mom lives in California, 
so this was the last time I saw her.

Today is my mom's 65th birthday and she is flying to California
 to see her mama
My Grandma is dying.
I cry as I type this, as I so want to see her.
I love and miss her so much.

Can you spare some prayers for my mom?
And for my Grandma?
My mom's dad died on her 16th birthday
she does not want her mom to die on her birthday too.
Whatever the will of the Father is, we accept.
Only He knows the day and time.
 Here are my 2 Grandma's together,
 my Minnesota Grandma on the left 
and my California Grandma on the right
(both still living and in their 90's)

Mathilda and Loretta
Beautiful names for beautiful ladies

 I cherish this picture,
as I do one other one (but am saving it for later)
My grandma is holding Jedi 2 1/2 and Rosie 2 mos here
I love how she is talking in this picture, 
she has a Missouri accent and false teeth, 
so she talks unique to me
I love her voice and the way she talks.
 What special  photos these are...

My aunt Kathy and her family have been taking care of Grandma
for the past several years, please pray for them too
Their love and devotion to Grandma has been a gift
 And just for Christine
I'll picture us here, 
(she likes old photos of big kids when they were little)
Not so long ago, but oh, so young...
I have a few things to tell this mama...
This picture is for Marijanna
to show her why I always think of my little Rosie when 
I see her beautiful girls!
(I don't know what happened, 
my baby's hair got less and less with each one
til my baldy Little Red!)


  1. Prayers prayers prayers, dear friend. And a cyber -hug too.

    Loved the pictures of your littles before I knew ya!

  2. Wow, your little Rosie really does look like Mariana's girls!

    On a more serious note, prayers for your Grandma and Mom today. It's difficult to say good-bye...we went through it with all of our Grandparents, plus now my Dad. It's hard to say good-bye but beautiful too, if you can be there.
    If your Grandmother should die on your mother's birthday, perhaps a comforting thought is that now they both share birthdays.

  3. Oh prayers your way for sure. It is hard no matter the situation. Prayers for peace and comfort.

  4. Prayers going up for your mom and grandma and for you too.

  5. Prayers from Arizona. Losing a parent or grandparent is always very difficult. God will take care of your mom and grandma, though. I also have a grandma names Matilda. She went by "Tillie" all her life. She has been with the Lord since 1983. She was a good woman, like your grandma. I know I will see her again some day. Darling pictures of your sweet children. Re your last post about World War Z - my husband and son saw it and loved it. Zombies are not my thing. Did Brad and Angelina every tie the knot?? Thanks for your lovely blog. Have a great day.

  6. Look at that baby with so much hair! Like a real dolly! I LOVE the picture of your kids when they were little. I think I met you just 2 yrs after that picture. When I say you at mass and your little girl was 3 and I wanted a playmate for my Colette...I got something even better..a friend for ME!

    I am praying for your mother and grandmother. Hugs to you during this time. Grandmothers are special special people.

  7. You and grandma and mom have my prayers! My grandma is 97. Every day is a great blessing.

  8. We continue to pray! (My mom's name is Loretta :)

  9. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I lost my Grandmother nearly 12 years ago, and it still hurts today. You are blessed to still have her in your life, even if it's only for a short time. (My Grandmother never got to meet any of my children)

  10. What a difficult time... Prayers here.

  11. Praying, praying. You are so blessed - I lost both my grandmas by 8th grade and my mom turns 84 this year!

  12. Holding you close in prayer, Jamie, as well as your mom and dear grandma. I know the pain.... {{{{hugs}}}} for you dear friend.

    Love the picture of your sweet little big kids. :-) Thanks for sharing them.


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