Monday, October 28, 2013

After Earth

 Tom and I watched this Friday night 
and both thought our 2 oldest would love it, 
so we watched it again on Saturday night!
It was pretty good!

It has Will Smith and his son in it,
and takes place 1000 years from now.
This movie did not get great reviews, 
but we liked it.
The only thing I didn't care for was 
what happens a lot in these kind of movies,
God disappears.
The closest thing to "praying" was 
Will Smith's character would say to his son, 
"Take a knee"
This would ground him, 
and he would be present in the moment and the task at hand.
(like praying does, right?)
Really, though, it was a good movie,
I give it a thumbs up!

We let our 11 and 13 year olds watch it,
But not our 9 year old, she gets nightmares easily, 
and there is an alien monster in it (a little)


  1. I was wondering if this was good. Does it have cursing or take God's name in vain?

    1. There's one "Oh, God" in exclamation, and one "damn" He also says one time something "sucks" .

  2. Thanks for the review! Start blogging busy woman you...I am missing out on the goings on in Jamies world!

    Tis a busy time in life.

  3. Was wondering about this one...

    Thanks for the review, my friend.

    Hope your Halloween is happy!

  4. awesome. We are gonna have to rent it. My parents just saw it and swore up and down that Will Smith's son looks just like my son will in 10-15 years. True story.

  5. I had questions about this, and I'm glad you reviewed it. We will be watching it now!


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