Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fun Times!

We have from left to right:
St Veronica, Big  Pumpkin, Nerd, Fisherman,
Puppy, and Little Pumpkin

We only did 2 blocks and we have enough candy to last til next Halloween!
Our homeschool group did not have an All Saints party this year,
 so we tricked or treated!

The kiddos are watching Monster's University with daddy now!

Hoping to post a "Thankful" post soon, 
God bless, have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Such cute kids, Jamie Jo! But that doggy…oh my goodness. So cute :) I was at the grocery store today and picked up Monster's U, too! We have yet to see it. Didn't have time to watch it tonight, but we most certainly will tomorrow!

  2. What fun! Happy Halloween to all!

  3. So very, very cute- love them all!

  4. Perfect pic of your cute tricksters...or friend!

    We are off to Mass now...

    Blessed All Saints Day to you all. : )

  5. I am a fan of little pumpkin. I love the happy expression. All your kids are adorable.

  6. We're going to watch Monsters University too! It's our All Saints' Day treat. : )

    1. PS. Your comment last night made my morning. You are so you, sweet Jamie! Inimitable. ♥

  7. It is interesting that when Monsters Inc. came out..the first one..Zach was in Kindergarten. Now he is going off to college (well next year) and the second one came out.

    Love love love the costumes! "HOMEMADE IS BEST"

    Happy Halloween to you...and All Saints and All Souls.


    ps...thanks for that email on "older boys trick-or-treating"...i cried. sniff.

  8. Love St. Veronica's costume! Creative!!!

  9. How fun! I really hate trick or treating, lol. Although the kids would LOVE it. :) I would make dad do it I think. Oh who am I kidding, I wouldn't want to miss it. I just don't like it. I am fickle and that is ok. :)


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