Monday, November 18, 2013

10 Things

 OK, I have been told in the past couple weeks by 2 different friends
who obviously do not like the same kind of movies I like, that basically I stink 
at movie reviews.
Hey, I put myself out there,
and I'm glad they feel comfy enough to be honest with me!

I am not going to let this deter me,
I can't please everyone.
so, if you like my kind of movies
You will like this one.

The Way Way Back is a movie about a 14 year old boy 
 finding his way and gaining some confidence
in a very hard situation.

That situation is his mom is with a guy (Steve Carell)
that is disrespectful to him, her son (to say the least) 
She is too into him to see what she's missing with her son.
The adults drink and are not true to each other. (the boyfriend is not)

This movie does have a couple parts where 
the "boys" look at women in bikini's
(I don't care for that part)
If you want the low-down on this movie, 
and yes, those things do happen, 
but we are adults here 
and I disagree, with the 13 rating, I think it is an adult movie.

If you watch a lot of movies, you will like this one.
You also know then, that good movies are few and far between...
slim pickins' I tell you, slim pickins'!

I give it a thumbs up.

We switched to this program for Jedi
Saxon Algebra just got too hard for me to teach!! 
We are really liking this program.
Go HERE to see it

Just curious, what do you use when it gets too hard to teach?

I just recently started using that word.
I don't know why.
I have always used "Cool!" 
or "That's Great!" but never "Awesome" 
til this past month.  
I like it.

Isn't this an Awesome picture?
Look at those myriad of angels surrounding Jesus.
Gosh, the visual of this, I just love it!
I have sick kids and have had them all weekend.
Different kids at different times...yes, as any  mother knows, it's been a looooong weekend.
This one here, was up puking from 11:30 til 4:45am every 15 minutes.
She actually puked in her sleep, all over the bed, pillow, and floor.
Her 4 year old sister shares a bed with her and was lying literally 1/4 inch from the puke
Yep.  Expecting her to puke tonite.
Then she slept til 7:20 puked again
She hasn't done it since then and is now running around the house and wrestling
her "sick" sister as I type.
Not everyone has been puking, some have had fevers and sore throats...

 I've been diagnosed with this.
I'm going to copy Christine and talk about Art!!
(I love what she said about her daughter's Art)

More specifically, I'm going to talk about 4 year old Art.
I love 4 year old Art.
My 4 year old likes to color with blue, a lot.
 But she knows the color of the sun! 

 Yesterday, I took out my Thanksgiving pictures and this one has colors on it 
to tell you what the feather should be.
I didn't catch her in time, as you can see, she started with her blue
coloring the pilgrim and the feathers around him...
 I think she likes yellow too.
Except the corn, that is not yellow for some reason.
 We actually do not usually use worksheets or coloring sheets, 
we mostly use plain scratch paper for a little more creativity!
She sings about balloons while coloring these, she makes them all the time,
I love them!
 Here she is coloring that pilgrim and turkey!
My November folder
Kind of copying again here, this time, I'm copying Billie Jo 
Just in the showing you part!
My folders are from when I did daycare before I had children
I have monthly folders that are full of my masters and project samples, 
they are messy and packed with ideas!
Like this Turkey!
He's like 17 years old! 
He's our Thankful Turkey!

 I changed the daycare children's hands and put my own kiddos' hands on.
Can anyone guess which one is Jedi's?
I bought Nutter Butters to make these like last year, 
on All Souls Day (Nov 1)
but never got around to it, 
so I'm saving the Nutter Butters to do these for St Nicholas day!

I'm going to copy Billie Jo again here, 
she always does these great "selfie" photos.
I tried. 
(no make up here and I look startled and white as a ghost) 
Oh, well...I better go clean that mirror...


  1. Fun post! Your self-pic looks great, and I think I have that same sweater too!

    #5 had me chuckling. I have the same diagnosis.

    Great turkey, AWESOME picture (that is my word too) and I wouldn't criticize a movie review. People should know it's just difference of opinion.

    1. Oh, they do, I think they were kidding! (half kidding) I am not offended. Really, it's all in fun!

  2. Hi Jamie Jo!!
    1. I, for one, love your movie reviews! I do not watch very many movies, but I do like your reviews. I know that anything you recommend I'd like, because so far, I have.

    2. I used Saxon Math with all three older kids. We did all the elementary math, then Algebra 1/2... and used the teacher's manual. a LOT. Then moved on to Algebra 1, then 2, then Advanced Math and Calculus. The kids basically had to teach themselves, cuz I don't do high school math, and ended up testing out of math for college!! (Obviously had to take the math credits, but breezed through it.) Cool, huh?

    4.Love that picture! Have never seen it before....

    5. Poor Collette! And Poor Mama! Glad Collette's feeling better. Enjoyed the cartoon!! LOL

    6. Love little people's art. So stinkin cute.

    7. That turkey is fab -- Jedi's hand is friends??

    8. Your folder system looks well-filled and much used. In other words, just perfect!

    9. Great idea for left -over nutter butters. And cute, too.

    I think that Selfie is GREAT! Just like you. Gotta run. Blessings, my friend!!

    1. Oh also - I understand they have interactive CDs (its called DIVE, I think) to help with Saxon. I have never used it tho, so I don't know how they are.

    2. Hi Lori!!
      We did do the Dive CD's for a couple years, but they ended up only using them for a couple lessons...they do not have help like that for Algebra though. He kept getting stuck so I needed to try something else!

      Jedi's Thankful thing is "A brother"!!

    3. Oh, and that is so awesome how good your kids did in Math!! Wow!! Way to go mom!!

  3. Oh, too fun. So sorry for sick kids! Hopefully everyone feels better soon!

    My four year old's art is quite similar except in purple and she likes making these robot type people and lines as her "cursive writing."

    Those santas (and ghosts) are cute. Makes me wish we could eat nutter butters.

    1. Oh, I'm sorry, can you eat those milano cookies? It would work for those too!

      It's time to do dishes and the girls are sick again....hmmmm......

  4. Hi there bloggy friend!

    Thanks for the shout your folder! So many good resources in there...and yay!!!! for your selfie! I love it! I love it!

    And I love your black shirt and jeans...I wore the same today!

    So sorry about your sick chicks..wish I were closer...I'd sent over some dinner for the healthy ones and mom and dad! Is that an old ice cream container there?

    'Cause we have one just like it ...we call it the puke bucket!

    Ok...I'm off to snuggle on my sofa...hope you all get a healthy nights sleep!

    Night my dear friend!

  5. Hi there Billie Jo!! Your folders are all organized and neat, mine are messy and packed to the rim!

    Black shirt, looks like there's spots all over, it's the mirror. Note to self: Clean mirror first next time!! (and put on some make up!)

    Yes, it's a ice cream container, and we call them the same thing!! But we use those buckets for a ton of things...I clean them--honest and make soup and bring soup to people...really, I clean them!! (we don't puke that much, it's been a few years since we've had pukers...and she is the only one who has done it--so far)

    Oh, can't snuggle up on couch yet--have to make the bed that was puked on last night! (the mattress pad is in the dryer right now)

    Good night!! Sleep tight!!

  6. We used DIVE for Saxon algebra and Faith is using it for 6/5 because it's the one thing she understands better from someone other than me!

    Gotta get some suppositories for all that barfing. Faith gets sick like that -- violently -- and the doctor prescribes some drug in suppository form that stops the barfing and helps them sleep. It's a Godsend.

    1. We order from Seton and they don't sell DIVE for Algebra. We are liking this Your Teacher...but we'll see how he tests later in the year.

      I don't think I could do a suppository, it's almost too hard for me to even type that word. Made it through the night with no puking!! Yay!

  7. Your openness just makes my day!

    Your movies are not really my taste, but gosh, I would never tell you that just to tell you and certainly would never say you stink at movie reviews, even if I thought it, which I don't. I figure you are good at reviewing the movies you and your husband like, and if you can't say something nice . . . I DO think it's nice that you two enjoy movies together.

    Okay, I have a November folder too, somewhere, and it is letter sized. You big honkin' legal sized folder is full of great stuff I seem to run out of time for. I love how you actually notice things about they way your 4yo colors.

    The very same virus must be traveling up and down Hwy 10. I have a horrible sore throat right now and feel like I still have a cold I got on Oct. 24th. All my kids are taking turns with #3 (that what we call it) and my oldest was up last night puking. We just use our plastic mixing bowls so when I use them in the kitchen (after they are washed on the sanitize cycle of course) this scandalizes the kids. "Why are you mixing the muffin batter in the throw-up bowl?" they ask. I'd use an ice cream bucket but I am picky and only buy Breyer's.

    I love the little bird's nest plaques in your bathroom. Think of me if you ever decide to toss them into the garage sale pile ; )

    1. I think my folder is letter size, that's why it's so packed! It just looks long in that photo...but see? The papers inside are regular sized....Hmmm...I'll have to check that!

      We have not had number 3...hope we don't!

      Breyers? You could get the bucket ice cream for the kids and get yourself the good stuff...just sayin' --it's what I'd do! (but I don't eat ice cream--maybe once or twice a year!--which is why I supposed I get the bucket stuff!!) Plus, I like the buckets. For puking. And soup,

      OK, bird nest plaques go to you when I'm done....

  8. REal quick stop by here…Saxon Math…When it gets too hard, I buy the D.I.V.E. and for Algebra, I both the "Saxon Teacher" and it is worth every bit of its' $70! If I just had the oldest to teach, I could do it. It's having the time that seems to be my biggest hurdle teaching Pre Algebra and Algebra I.

    1. Saxon Teacher...I was looking for that before I went with this program...I couldn't find it, now today, I searched and found it!!! Dang it. OH, well, he is really liking this program. I knew when I first started homeschooling that once it got to Algebra I'd have a hard time! (just like when I was in school) SO I leave it up to a program to teach him.

      We used the DIVE CD's a couple years but he only used them for like 2 problems... My 2 oldest are really good in Math, but he was getting stuck on some probs in Algebra and I couldn't help him... I will probably go back to Saxon next year for Algebra 2, unless he does really with this new program and keeps his state tests scores up too...

  9. You look terrific, my friend! You are beautiful along with your diagnosis of kids! :) Love those sweet 4 year old pictures and hope everyone is feeling well again soon. I have loved the movies you've recommended, so I guess our tastes are pretty similar~

    1. Oh, hahaha! Today, I only seem to have 2 sickies...Simeon has a little fever, he's crabby but it doesn't stop him!! (no pukers today either!)

      You'll like this movie, I'm sure of it. Let me know if you watch it and what you think!

  10. You are beautiful without a bit of make-up!

    And thanks for sharing the Nutter Butter pics. I am absolutely going to make those for Christmas!

    1. Oh, gosh...Thank you.
      Aren't those cookies cute? Fun thing to make too!

  11. So sorry to hear about sick kids. I have never cleaned up puke..just cat puke!HA. Brian has always been around to help with that clean up. I just cannot handle it. I know I know..weak person that I am.

    Look at those sweet drawings and colorings. Thanks for sharing. This is so fun to have this in common. Will Billie Jo also!

    You look great! I should try a selfie. Dare me!

    I love your movies. That WWZ was a tad scary!!!!!! But I am always thankful for your reviews because I just dont know what is out there. Brian and I really enjoy watching movies together. We dont do TV...only Americas Got Talent and Americas Funniest Home Videos.

    hugs and kisses to the kiddos..Get better soon.
    No advice from me for math. I hate math!

    1. Oh, gosh, when I saw the puke, I just froze, and just couldn't think of the fastest way to do it...We've only had pukes like maybe 4 times total in all my parenting years...OK, maybe 5. The smell, is just so, nasty. I felt sick to my stomach the rest of the night and kept washing my hands over and over.

      Your post on coloring made me think about my little colorer!

      You should do a selfie, you are beautiful! I always appreciate seeing pictures of people I read. (although, I already know what you look like!)

      We don't do TV unless it's DVR-ed. You mean you are not watching The Shield? (Marvel) It's a new show on I think Tuesdays or Wednesdays...we DVR and watch on a different day.

      Clare is sick now....just fever, sore throat, not feeling good laying around all day watching cartoons...Simeon is sick too...he doesnt' lay around, but he is very very crabby!!

  12. Jamie, if it makes you feel any better, we've all been sick too. The weekend was long. I don't mind colds so much, but throw up is awful. One of my guys threw up in his bed on two different nights. Sascha helped a lot with the clean up when he was home.

    I am with Christine. I love your movie reviews. I don't always agree, but that's just a matter of taste. I remember rolling my eyes after reading your review of Captain America. I thought, "Ya sure you love it, you're American!" Very Christian of me, I know. We eventually watched it and loved it. I can be so stupid sometimes.

    Love your selfie. You are so pretty.

    God Bless. Hope the kiddos are all better soon.

    1. Awwwww, I hope you all are feeling better soon too. I'm hoping we can be sick now and not get sick again this winter? That could happen, right? Tom helped a lot with this puke night too...

      The Captain American thing made me laugh!! You are a "North American" That counts, right?

      Get better soon, God bless you too!

  13. All of my kiddos arw sick with a cold. (No puking, thank goodness) The kids next door gave it to them. Really hope I don't catch it. 30 weeks pregnant with a cold is no fun.

    Love the 4 year old art. My 4 year old is currently potty training and likes to draw poctures of the potty.....she's a atrange one.

    1. Being pregnant, nothing is fun. That is the way I feel when preggers. I hope you don't get sick too....I'll pray for you and everyone to get better soon!

      Pictures of the potty...classic. You'll have to keep those to show her when she grows up!

  14. I really enjoy your movie reviews. Unfortunately, I have very little time to watch movies, but I would totally trust your reviews. I love your little one's turkey artwork. Have your tried the Kahn Academy for math instruction? We have also used IXL math to supplement our son Josh's math instruction from school since he has a learning disability and really struggles with math. I have heard really great things about eh Kahn Academy. It is free online math instructions and the math teachers at the school where I teach highly recommend it. I love the word "awesome" too! Hope you are all feeling better soon. You are an awesome blogging friend!

    1. Thanks Deb for the Awesome compliment!

      I'm going to have to check out that Kahn Academy, I think I've heard of it, might be something a friend of mine uses...I'll check it out, thanks so much!

      You are an awesome blogging friend too!

  15. I love your movie reviews, and I have no problem disagreeing with you on them too Ha! I really want to see the Way Way Back because I'll pretty much watch anything Steve Carrell is in. Also, you are so pretty, but you already know that :)

  16. I do not look half that good in the am with no makeup - go you for sharing, and you look great.
    We love movies, and will take you up on this recommend. I used to be very strict, my kids got older and we loosened up. We then loosened up too much, and now are reigning things back in. The new movies have just taken that R rating too far, they need an Obnoxious rating or Irreverent Rating to help me.

  17. You look great! Whatever!

    I want to do one of those turkeys. Waiting till I feel better.

  18. Jaime, happy Thanksgiving!

    Sorry to hear your family caught a bug! Praying you all feel better soon!

    When you get a chance, please visit my updated blog? I wrote a post about how the rosary is my favorite devotion and why.

    May God Bless you and your family!

    Much love, hugs, and prayers for you!

    Maria :)


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