Monday, December 9, 2013

Everyday Life

 We went to Homeschool Roller Skating last Friday
after our First Friday Mass
The girls had a blast!
I used to skate at this rink when I was a kid,
I think it still has the same carpet on the floor and walls!
 Afterward, the we dug into the St Nicholas cake!
 This little stinker, 
all I can say is thank goodness for washable markers
 I tell the girls every day
(can you see the marker on the cupboard there?)
(and milk splashes--gotta clean that)
Look at that face, "Oh, oh!"
Anyway, I tell the girls every day, that I'm going to take those darn markers away from them
 But, I never do
 She made her very first Confession!
(with one of my favorite priests)
They had like 5 or 6 extra retired white haired priests, they were so cute!

 He's looking pretty serious here...
 Here's the candles of each new child that went to Confession
I always end up kind of disappointed 
that more of the rest of the families do not go,
we all have the opportunity to go to Confession after the little ones go
and only a few do
(besides the homeschooling families)
 It was a beautiful day and she can't wait to go again!
(we go monthly)
 This is one of my favorite snacks...
 and speaking of snacks, I joined Weight Watchers Online last Monday
I got my period, therefore was NOT pregnant, so I joined.
I've tried to do it on my own, but there's just something 
about being accountable and being able to use their resources,
that make it work better.
I lost 3 pounds!

 I'm also trying to do this every day!
Gosh, I love Walk Away the Pounds
I know, it's not Insanity or anything like that, but it is something!
I'm not good at waiting til New Years to do things,
if I'm thinking about it now, I'm ready to do it!

 I love this stuff!
Do you use this?
Why would they even make the other stuff, it does NOT stick. Ever.

 I finally got this frame up, in our living room
My parents gave it to us for Christmas a couple years ago,
I decided to put in First Holy Communion pictures 
(such a special day)
We'll have another one in there after May!
 Little Stinker
I'm telling him "NO, No!" as he's trying to put his toys in the Advent wreath
while I'm also trying to teach school!
See?  I'm not stylish at all.
My oldest girl took over my old boots, 
so I thought I'd get new ones,
only boots are so dang expensive!
20 bucks is our budget
Found some, Mills Fleet Farm
(a place farmers, hunters, fishermen and basically men love)
They only had like 3 pairs left and these are a size too big, 
but with extra socks, they work!
 My 2 oldest both read this over the past month,
I told them if they read it, I'd take them to the movie!
We are going on 5 buck Tuesday!
(all movies all day on Tuesdays in Dec are 5 bucks)
Thanks Barbara for letting me know about this book years ago!
 Some cuteness...
 Some more cuteness...
(and yeah, that's marker on his face:)
Blueberry muffins for Our Lady's feast day!

Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins

1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1 cup whole wheat flour
1/2 cup sugar
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1/8 tsp nutmeg
2 eggs
1 cup buttermilk
1/2 cup canola oil
2 cups fresh or frozen blueberries

Mix wet ingredients add dry mix until moistened,
fold in blueberries

Bake 375 degrees for 18-20 minutes

 Happy feast day, happy Monday!


  1. I just love reading these updates!
    I have heard great things about weight watchers, good luck! I lost over 70 lbs juicing and have kept it off for 2 years if you ever want to know more I'm happy to share!
    Your kids are the cutest!
    Boots & budget, I hear you and feel that reality here as well! I love your choice!

    1. Oh, gosh, I have to do Weight Watchers, because I do not have to take that much extra time, I can eat regular meals and count the points, if I have to make my meal separate, I'll end up not eating!! haha!

      I'd still love to hear about it though! I love stories like yours, I need to lose about that much too...accumulated baby weight--6 kids, you can do the math! I lose with each baby, til the last 20 of that pregnancy and then I get pregnant..

      OH, gosh, the boots? They are practical. And for now, that's OK.
      Have a great night!

  2. Love love love these, Jamie Jo!
    I love sharing your life with you...
    It's as if we are not miles and miles apart. : )

    So happy your daughter's special day went well.
    Your picture with her is beautiful!!!

    You are one awesome mama, my sweet friend!

    1. I had this other picture of her walking away, after the Confession, she had this glow from the sunlight, but it was blurry...might add it anyway...

      You are an awesome mama too--that's why I like you so much!

  3. We made Blueberry muffins for Our Lady's Feast Day too! I used a different recipe. Here's my recipe:

    I love her first confession pictures, especially the one of you and her together. Simeon reminds me so much of Cecilia. She draws all over her feet and legs with markers too! How old is Simeon now? Cecilia will be 2 in March. They would be best buddies!

    1. I bookmarked your cooking blog Kari!! (Yay!) Simeon will be 2 (feel my tummy turn there?) Dec 22!!! I can't believe it. I just want to keep him at 23 mos----FOREVER!!

      Cecilia and Sims would get into a lot of trouble, wouldn't they? :)

  4. Blueberry muffins! Why didn't I think of that!? I loved peeking into your "everyday life". I always do. Makes me sort of miss you though. Things have been... well... not "blogging conducive" around here lately, so I miss my "blog friends". Have to find your address from last year so I can send a Christmas card again!

    1. Oh, I'm missing you too Marijanna! it's OK, it won't always be like this. Really it won't. Someday you will have time to do more of "you".

      Not sure I'm even doing Christmas cards (but I always say that) I'm having a hard time getting a picture.

    2. You should have seen the FI-AS-CO just trying to get our picture and I look stupid. 40 people were coming over for Thanksgiving and I told Brian I want to take a picture NOW....of course he said what?..Like you ...there is no time. Uncle Rob took more pictures of the goofy dog then us and it isnt perfect but it is done. you need to get yourself a uncle rob!

    3. I loved the one you took on the stairs for Thanksgiving. Somehow your family makes "stairs pics" work.

  5. You planted that washable marker all so you'd have more excuses to post cute feet pics!! I'm on to you ;)

    1. Oh, hahahahaha!! No, but Tom found him first and took the marker and threw it away and I gave it back to him and got my camera....Yep, he's kind of confused now about markering himself up. " Hmmmm....mama likes it, she's taking my picture, but she said no no?"

  6. Good morning, Jamie Jo! Simeon cracks me up! I think he wants to wear red, like St. Nicholas :) Maybe he wants to trace his feet on paper? Miss Clementine is into having everyone trace her hands and feet. Roller skating. Oh my goodness! I use to do that all the time as a kid. What great memories. I bet you all had a great time :) Congratulations on your sweet little one's first confession. Absolutely precious. You know, the older I get, the more these sacraments pull at my heart strings. My eyes will well up with tears watching total strangers, little ones, receiving their first Holy communion or nervously in line waiting for their first confession :) And baptisms! Don't even get me started on that heavenly smell of the blessed chrism oil… Have a wonderful week up there in MN! AFter the frigid cold we have had down here, I don't know how you do it for an entire winter!

    1. I used to roller skate as a kid too, when we lived in California, I remember skating all over the place. Blocks and blocks away from our home, my parents never knew where I was!

      OH, you can bet I teared up watching her. She said to Tom, right before her confession, "Is this where I say I lied?" haha!

      She was a little overwhelmed with whether she should say how many times and how could she cute.

      (kind of)

      Oh, gosh, I don't know how we do it either in this cold. I do not like it even a little bit. Not at all. I freeze all winter.

  7. Thank YOU for telling me there is a movie coming. I had no idea.

    I confiscate markers and anything else Faith and Noah leave laying around, and keep them in a big basket on my fridge. They have to do an extra chore to get their stuff back!

    1. It's here. Now. But probably not for long. Go!! See it!!

      We are going tonite, can't wait!

      That's a super idea...I'd need a huge garbage bag.

  8. Hi Jamie Jo! What an action packed post today! I love the first Reconciliation idea of the candles. I love the external pointing to the eternal. And your daughter can't wait to go again? How great is that?

    You do have a little stinker on your hands, don't you? And maybe a budding artist too. So pleased with himself, isn't he? It's hard to be mad at that little face.

    I was looking at my Magnificat, and it read that Monday was the feast of the IC, and that sounded weird. I thought the 9th was St. Juan Diego...then I realized Sunday bumped Mary to Monday. I'm sure she didn't mind, but I didn't catch on at first!

    Have a good, marker-less Tuesday :)

    1. I love the candles too, they look so pretty up on the altar, all that innocence.

      Oh, I think Simeon knows he has me wrapped around his little finger, he just flashes his little mischievous smile at me...

      Yes, funny how the 2nd Sunday of Advent trumped the Virgin Mary and The Virgin Mary trumped St Juan Diego!! haha! But we celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe on the 12th, so we can also do St Juan Diego that day too, right?

      You have a great day too Ceil. (I'll be taking out the crayons)

  9. I love that picture of Sims...I have pictures of my kids doing the same thing. He didnt even get near his got lucky. Not fun scrubbing that stuff off the face. so sweet.
    Congrats to the "shiny soul"!! Oh the grace after confession. Nothing like it.

    I love the picture of the first communion pictures. I have one like that also.

    Your boots look warm. Sick of freezing to death yet??!!

    I have those memories of skating also. Fun times for your kids..and their own memories also.

    stay warm!! hugs to you!

  10. I guess I need to check out that book. We saw the commercial for the movie (many times over) while catching up with Person of Interest on cbs' website. I have to admit to kinda mocking it. It seemed like the typical liberalized hollywood film, but if you and Barbara say the book is good then my interest is piqued.

    Congratulations on your newest confession goer! Yay! Two of mine are in sacrament prep for that now…giving a bad name to homeschoolers, I'm sure. *sigh* They're beginning readers, but act like they cannot read anything the teacher gives them. *sigh*

    I'm so glad to hear that you're doing ww again! I've been wanting to ask you if you wanted to be ww buddies with me again! Would you? I'll message you on fb.

    Beautiful kiddos! Beautiful Sim! Love his mischievous smile!

  11. Yay, congrats on First Confession! Very exciting. And I love that photo collage for First Communion.

    Awesome job on the 3 lbs and Weight Watchers. The # on my scale is going up, up, up and I'm kind of mad about it. I've enjoyed walk away the pounds too. That and pilates help so much. And then I stop. Why???

    Oh, those markers! I keep threatening to pitch them. All I can say is I hope one of the kids is an artist of some kind and then I can tell the "drawing on oneself constantly" story over and over.

    Beautiful header, by the way. I'm sure it's been up there. I haven't been on a real computer for a long while now!

    God bless.


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