Sunday, December 22, 2013

My Baby is 2!

(newborn here before any surgeries)
 My sweet little baby is 2
Oh, you've been through so much in your little life
(age one here)
 God gave you such a strong personality,
you are going to go far my sweet little boy,
so far.

You bring so much joy and happiness
to all of us!
I wish you all could meet him,
he's full of energy and spunk!  

I will try to refer to him from now on 
as "Little Red" on the blog

Happy birthday Little Red, we love you so very much!

It's Spiderman cupcakes, ice cream and pizza tonite 
with his godparents! 


  1. Happy, Happy birthday to this cute little guy. I also loved, loved, loved your anniversary post. How blessed you are. Thanks for sharing your story with your blog friends. Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  2. I want to put my hands into the computer screen and pick him up, hug him, and squeeze him. Birthday blessings to your champ, Little Red!

  3. Happy birthday Little Red! May God's blessings continue to pour down on you. Hugs from my recent birthday boy (6yo on 12/21), he's a hospital warrior like you. It makes you tough! :)

  4. What a sweetie. Happy birthday, Little Red!

  5. I guess we need to stop calling him "baby S----" in our nightly prayers, huh? Oh my goodness, he is such a sweetie. Happy birthday, little man!

  6. Happy Birthday Little Red! You make me smile every time I see your picture. You certainly are a treasured blessing to many. I hope that you have a very wonderful 2nd birthday little man.

  7. Happy birthday, sweet little man!!!
    And Jamie Jo...have a happy day with your baby! : )

  8. We were commenting on each other's at the same time! : )

  9. I am sure you all enjoyed his birthday as much as he did. What a blessing he is. Thank you for sharing him with us.

  10. Oh! Simeon looks so cute! Happy birthday to the sweet baby :) May God bless him with loads of happiness and love.

  11. Happy birthday Sim!

    Also, just finished The Book Thief, great recommendation!

  12. Happy Birthday to Little Red! You are a blessing and a tough little guy. AND so loved. Hope your day was very special. God Bless you always.

  13. Happy Birthday Sweet Simeon! He's beautiful with and without the surgery...looks like such a little sweetie! I also love your thankful post that was written after this one. God Bless!


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