Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thankful--Part I

 Thankful for so many things this week, I must split it in 2 parts!
My problem is I never seem to have time to blog
so I end up with a ton of things to say and picture.
I must picture because I'm visual.

Thankful for my newest helper.
He's so very proud when he gets his bench and he can
get into things help mama!
(he's helping me with Barbara's biscuits here)
 Thankful he helps me in more ways than one!
Here, he's cleaning the mixer thingy's
 This is today!
Thankful for lots of snow for the kids to play in!
Thankful for good friends to sled down our hill with
(they are going up here)
Thankful snowy days make me want to bake, I'm not sure why, 
but we (my helper and I) baked Peanut Butter Cookies
Recipe HERE
(although, I got it years ago off her blog and for some reason,
my copy of it has no baking soda 
and they are soft, crispy and chewy
(yep that is possible)
I like this recipe because you just throw it all in,
as in at the same time!  
Super easy and super good!

 Thankful for my zipper jammie kids
Oh, I am a sucker for zipper jammies.
We probably have way more than we need...
 Melt my heart!
Thankful for bedtime stories in jammies!

 Thankful for what are they looking at?
They sat there the whole time, 
click on the picture, see his hand on her knee?
 Thankful there was a mistake at Tom's work, 
his bookeeper made a mistake, a mistake months ago,
but it was found and it turned out to be a PLUS mistake.
we bought a table!!
Thankful it came in time for Thanksgiving!
 Here's our old table...
(this was taken in September)
No matching chairs, half are broken, some sit on folding chairs,
some on benches and others on garage sale chairs
we had 3 of those that actually matched...
The table had a tile top, and we were very squished

 Here is one of our old chairs-- the whole back broke off!
This is what I'm sitting on right now. 
Thankful for benches!

 I love the new table.
It's a little long for the room, but we all fit at it.
and who cares?
Tom is disappointed to pay so much for something 
and it just seems the quality is just not that great.
(we paid like $1400 for it, with 8 chairs)
Hey, it has a 5 year warranty on it, 
so, I guess if it lasts 5 years, we're good! 
Thankful I love it!
 Thankful for these Thanksgiving day painters!
 Look how grown up he looks here...
 Thankful for these noodles!!
This is my favorite part of our Thanksgiving meal
(OK, potatoes and gravy too)
You just buy these frozen noodles (below) and put them in boiling chicken broth
and simmer away, for like an hour...
Add salt and pepper and some turkey gravy right before you serve it.

 Taste like homemade noodles!
( I put these in soup too)
 Thankful we were all over the flu by Thanksgiving day!
Unfortunately, Tom was sick up to the day before, 
so our company cancelled.
 OH, look!
There's the cook!
(in her Star Wars apron)
 Thankful for a great game of Apples to Apples 
(like my view?)
Thankful I get to smell that soft fuzzy red head and kiss it 
and keep him from grabbing all the cards!
 Thankful with the new table, I had to do some rearranging
we moved the changing table/dresser
to the entry way
(hey, we have to do what we have to do, there's 8 people living here!)
 Thankful that since I've been standing by that changing table a lot, 
the blue wall started looking a little boring.
So, I decided to make an Art wall!
 This is a work in progress, in fact, 
I  added some red painted little hands in the lower right corner
and plan to add more as I pick some favorites...
(you can see they have to be out of grabbable reach)
 I'm doing all black frames, but not the same..
 Thankful for toddlers in the snow...
"What the heck is this stuff?"
As you can see, he does not care for that cold white stuff.
This is a hard year, he can hardly walk in the snow this year, his legs are so short!

I'll try to come back tomorrow for 
an actual Thankful THURSDAY!!

Stay tuned for part 2--more of an Advent Thankful!
(I know you are on the edge of your seat!)


  1. Oh my goodness, those two in their footie pajamas... And the pic with his hand on her knee. Yep, definitely heart-melting. :o) The picture wall looks great, and that table is beautiful! I'm glad you all are over the flu. And those noodles look delish. Another wonderful Thankful post! :o)

    1. I know, along with all the hard things of having 6 kids, you know, laundry, picking up constantly, cooking, etc...there is so much cuteness all the time!

  2. Just love all the love in this post! I also want those peanut butter cookies - wish we were neighbors!

    1. OH, wouldn't that be fun? Only, can we be neighbors in your warm state instead of my cold state?

  3. That noodle idea looks really cool. I wanna try that!
    Funny..Ava has only one warm warm footie PJ's. Colette wore through hers..her feet are sticking out! Love PJ's.
    Love your new table! Thanks for sharing it. totally jealous because my chairs stink stink stink. Furniture is expensive but it is something you use every single day. Worth every stinkin penny.
    Love the art work and kids playing! Brian is trying to get his car unstick at the end of the driveway.
    Your little ones are adorable. looking forward to some more!

    1. Christine, she'd probably be too hot in footie jams, doesn't Brian like your house really warm? Our house is freezing! Although, most of the kids are always hot. When they wear the footie jammies, I know even when they kick all the blankets off, they are still warm!

      I told Tom what you said about using the table every day and it's worth it, he said they could still be a better quality for the price you pay. I can already tell the legs on the chairs, are going to come loose and eventually long as it's in the 5 years...I guess they will replace them though.

      Our snowblower does not work...we need to shovel the minus windchill weather...can't wait! (hahah)

  4. Licking off the mixer things was my favorite as a kid!! And love the jammy pictures, I love footie jammies!

    1. OH, I know, I always give to the littlest ones if they are around, but the big kids love it too, so sometimes I put extra spoons in!

  5. I love all these pictures. :) What a beautiful family you have. I am also particularly happy about your new table because we also got a new table the day before Thanksgiving... so I'm feeling your happy! It's been years since we all fit at our table and it is a very nice feeling.

    1. melody, did you blog it? I'm going to have to head over to your blog! I've cut way way down on my blog reading...It is SO nice to fit around the table with room on the table for things, no one is bumping elbows and during the day, people can be playing cards on one end and the other end is open for other things--I love that!

  6. Hey..just noticed you used a tablecloth!! I use one every night because I just grab and sometimes shake outside and throw it in the wash. I HATE washing do it and all the crummy food gets on the floor.

    1. Tablecloth only on Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving!!

      Simeon kept trying to pull it off, so we put him in his high chair a little before we ate!

  7. Yay for a new table!
    It looks wonderful...
    Think I'll pop in for some of those yummy cooked and a cup of our coffee. ; )
    And your babes in their matching jammies!!!! My very fave!!
    Have a cozy evening, my dear sweet friend. : )

    1. Oh, do come over! (I bet it's colder here than where you are!)
      I think it's a below zero wind chill today...feels like it anyway!
      Thanks Billie Jo!

  8. So many blessings. I love the new table! You have such a great family. Enjoy all that snow!

    1. The kids are the only ones who make the snow fun!! They love it so much. (well except for Simeon!)

  9. Congrats on the beautiful table! It looks great and I know there will be many happy times around it. Hey- there are some talented artists in your family, too. Love, love the pics and the blessings!

    1. I know, our tables are important, aren't they? All the things we do around the table...

  10. Your table looks so nice! We can't do tablecloths right now because they are constantly pulled on by the kids. We had to move our changing table into the dining room....not my favorite, but we're running out of room!

    Love all your pictures!

    1. I do NOT do tablecloths either, only on Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving...and we had to put Simeon in his high chair a little early, because he kept pulling off...everyone would run yelling, "Noooooo!!"

      Kind of funny looking back.
      We had our changing table/dresser in the dining room...It's OK in the entry way, I'd like it out of sight I guess...but we use the dang thing so much!!

  11. I am thankful for your thankful posts! I am having a really rough patch (I think I have given myself an ulcer) and I needed the reminder to seek out the good in all this mess. Thank you, Jamie, for being such an inspiration!

    1. Oh, Jenny!! ((((hugs)))) We've had a lot of bad things lately too...sometimes those things can get us down, when right in front of us, there are little blessings like babes in cute zipper jammies!!

      Maybe I'll try to touch on those things in my next post....extra prayers for you....

  12. Not that I don't love all 6 but gosh how cute is Sims with the beater?! I love little helpers!! Happy you got a table for you to all fit. I bet it helps make school time a little easier too!

    1. Oh, yes, school is much better, no one is crammed and fighting about whoever is on their part of the table!!

  13. Cute, cute, cute! The new table is beautiful. I think it's hard finding good quality furniture. Expensive stuff seems cheap to me too many times. You almost have to build it yourself or hire someone to. It still is pretty and hopefully holds up better than you think it will.

    Licking the bowl is the best. That's one thing I love about egg-free baking. I havr to give each kid a spoonto scrape. :-)

    Those noodles... that was always a family tradition. My mom was a bit sad about them this year (her first gluten-free Thanksgiving this year but us other celiacs were fine without them).

    And that snow! I hope it's not too rough a winter. It's hard getting out with a toddler. Thankfully the other kids are big enough to go out alone for a bit. (I wrote this about me but it applies to you too, no?).

    God bless, Jamie Jo, and keep your eyes on the silver lining.

    1. Yes, but to have someone to build a table, with chairs, would cost a TON!! That would be the best though, you are right. I'd love a big, long log table...with looong log benches! (homemade!)

      We will probably die of semonila poisoning, we use eggs...

      I do the noodles because my mom did them sorry to show you and tempt you!

      Oh, and you are right, I send the big kids out...I used to go out with them when there were only 3 even 4 littles, but now there is laundry to be done...constantly!

      God bless you too Nicole!


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