Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Two Sweet

 Two sweet 4 year olds 
(OK, Ava is not quite 4, but she's sure sweet!)
 And two sweet forty something mamas, got together
 OK, this is Christine, "Quick, grab my pop, I have to hold it up!"
She always does this, not sure why...
Jamie, Jamie, you need to stop wearing those sport bras...
(but they are so comfortable)
And your face is a little blurry there

My oldest daughter took the photos...
My oldest 2 girls hung on every word we tried to talk with eachother.
Christine thought it was sweet, 
I thought it was a little obnoxious!  Hahaha!
(hey, I'm with them 24/7--we homeschool!)
I think I need some adult conversation!

Oh, well, it actually brings me back to when I was their age.
I used to love sitting by the grown ups and listen to what they were talking about!
I'm happy they are loving it.
 Several sweet kiddos played playdough!
What did I tell you?
Cheap, easy, fun, and it provides hours of entertainment!
 Two sweet....
little girls (and big girls, 40 somethings)
that had a hard time saying good bye!

Ava is my goddaughter 
and my sweet 4 year old is Christine's!
We are blessed.
They are godsisters!!


  1. Yes, this post is sweet! I love this kind of sweet!

  2. How sweet is this?!

    Your girls are so cute together, as are their mamas!

    I am so happy/ envious/ happy that you were able to have such a happy day together!

    Well, off to enlist some help for some pre Christmas cleaning...

    Have a great day, my friend. : )

  3. Friendship - one of God's greatest blessings! Have a wonderful day!

  4. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful friend with kids so close in age! That is truly a wonderful blessing!

  5. Thanks for posting pictures!! I forgot my camera and other yumyums I wanted to bring.
    stupid brain.

    I love to toast a good time. You offered me a hostess with the mostess...and I so enjoy talking and drinking with friends...that I gotta toast that. So I raise my glass..or pop..and say YES to good friends and Diet Pop...cause I love that stuff.

    The girls are so cute together. Ava had such a fun time. Went too fast and thank you for having us!

    I enjoyed talking with your girls also. They are such pleasant girls.

    AND AND AND..I wish you all could see Sims in real life. He is just so adorable but wouldnt let me hold him. big scary Christine!

    love to you Jamster! Hope you liked my clutter clutter crap..HA!

  6. You guys do NOT look like 40-something girls!


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