Wednesday, January 22, 2014

41 Years of Legalized Abortions

Our priest, on Sunday gave a good homily 
about the issues of life
He spoke of how the baby is not a clump of cells...
(Now, you must know that Little Red was a total stinker 
and I did not hear the whole homily)

It did make me think about our world today though.
I think I've written about this before.
I really do not think people think the baby is a clump of cells any more.

I think they maybe did 20 or 30 years ago.
But today, in our fast paced, computer knowledged world, 
how could a person not know they are "pregnant" with a baby?

They know.
I really believe abortion is usually chosen
because people do not want to inconvenience themselves
with having to live differently for 9months 
or possibly longer if they keep the baby.
Or maybe they are scared or coerced into it by others that are selfish.

An abortion becomes the "quick fix"

A baby is never a bad thing.
Your situation might be bad, but the baby is not.

To have an abortion, 
is selfish.

That might not be the driving factor in every case,
but it is certainly part of it. 

I know every situation is different.

When you put aside all issues, all arguments 
and look at what is being done, what is happening.
A baby is being killed within his mother's womb.

It's wrong.

It's sad.
I know I've used this picture of Jesus in the Garden before.
I think this is how Jesus feels every time a life He's given freely, 
as a gift, is destroyed.

I know it's how I feel.

Over 56 million babies have been aborted.

We can call a sin a sin
 still love the woman who is struggling.
We always need to remember to love.

Pray, pray, pray.


  1. I had an abortion. I was 17. I understand what you're saying, but to say it's pure selfishness...I have to respectfully disagree. It was actually the last thing I wanted to do. I won't go into the details, but believe me...most women know what they are doing. And they really don't want to do it. They lack the support they need to make the proper decision. A priest once compared a woman having an abortion to that of an animal chewing off it's own leg when caught in a bear trap. That's pretty accurate. We've come a long way, but still more needs to be available for women (and men) to make the decision to choose life. We need to be there, in a very real and practical way.

    1. Oh, Jen,I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I know this is a sensitive subject and close to your heart. I took some words away and edited my post a little. I didn't mean to sound insensitive. (or be insensitive) I hope you can forgive me.

      I do admit though, with any of my past and present sins, that they are all selfish. When we sin, pride is the root of all evil. And, what is pride? Selfishness. I know you know that.

      I also know that every situation is different. (and that doesn't make it right)
      2 wrongs will never make it right.

      That being said, what I meant to get across is that in today's world, with all the technology, I don't buy the "I thought it was a clump of cells" excuse.

      And that has changed just in the last 13-14 years. We didn't even have a computer 14 years ago.

  2. I have great compassion for women who have had abortions. I have a relative who's life is deeply impacted because of one she had a decade ago to save her own life. These words are so very, very true, Jamie: "A baby is never a bad thing. Your situation might be bad, but the baby is not."

    1. I do too, Shelly. I don't think people think about the aftermath of an abortion. The pain that is left. Forever. Our love for them, must come if we are there before and if we are there afterward. So much healing.

  3. I could not agree more. I think, abortion is a selfish decision, though it is probably, at times, made in fear and may not FEEL selfish in the moment. Still, it is a decision to NOT take responsibility for one's actions and to NOT face up to the consequences of those actions. And it is the murder of an innocent person.

    Anyway- I don't know if you or your readers are interested at all, but I wrote a pro-life novel and a pro-life short story that I am offering for FREE today in an effort to promote a culture of life. The stories are entitled "The Life I Dreamed" and A Life Imprisoned" and can be downloaded at no charge from

    Thanks for always working to share the love of Christ and the beauty of our Catholic faith on your blog and in your family.

    God Bless, Kari Burke

    1. Wow, thank you Kari. I agree, and love how you put that, " times, made in fear and may not FEEL selfish in the moment." That is what I need to edit in my post.

      What a wonderful thing you are doing, offering your hard work for free! Thank you!

  4. I was in CCD class during high school with a girl I had known since kindergarten. Our teacher started talking about abortion and what a terrible sin it was. The girl started crying uncontrollably. Later as we were walking out after class, another girl asked if my friend had an abortion. I told her I did not know, but the subject of abortion seemed to upset her greatly. A couple months later, we were at a retreat together and we were listening to a man speak and he started also speaking about abortion. My friend started crying again and later she confessed that her mother made her have an abortion during high school, because her mom was worried what others would think of her and their family if she was seen pregnant and unmarried. Obviously, this was not the choice of my friend, but of her mother.

    She was never the same after that. Her mom should have supported her and loved her and not have forced her into such a horrible situation. I know keeping the baby, would have been a million times better, than what my friend was having to go through emotionally and spiritually.

    1. You are right, the sin is on her mother. "Lest you lead this child astray..."
      Your poor friend. Wouldn't you say her mother was selfish though? A baby would have inconvenienced her. (your friend's mother)

      I feel so bad for the women who have had abortions. What's that murder, 2 victims?

      I'll pray for your friend.
      I changed the wording a little in my post.

    2. Oh yes, I agree! Her mother was very selfish and hurt her daughter in so many ways. She also missed out on a beautiful grandchild.

  5. I have some very loved friends who felt they had no other choice, I always approach this issue with the greatest of care and love towards them - they are victims too. I love your post Jamie, and your heart! I pray, pray, pray for an end to this..there are three victims of every abortion. Mom, Dad, Baby.

  6. You are right about the 3 victims...but I know of some cases, where that father disappears...but there are always more victims, I also know of the parents of a father of an aborted baby, they still mourn their grandbaby that was aborted.

    That's the way sin effects us all. We all become victims, of a broken society.

    Your heart is beautiful 9peas....

    1. The ripple effect of this great sin is so far reached! Our prayers will never cease.

    2. You are right Patty. Pray pray pray....

  7. Our rosary today was for the intention of all women who feel that abortion is their only option...for whatever reason. And that we all find ways to support expectant mothers so that abortion is no longer seen as an option. A baby is always a blessing!

    Good discussion here!

    1. Wow, you guys prayed very detailed...we just prayed for unborn babies whose mothers are contemplating abortion, that they find another way. I need to be more detailed in my prayers!!

      A baby is always a blessing, you are right.

  8. This was the main topic of our Confirmation class this evening. I talked to them about what Roe v Wade was in 1973. I told them how it started in their own state. They were stunned! We talked about who the real Ms. Roe is and how she has never had the abortion and has dedicated her life to the pro life movement. We also discussed the history behind the March for Life. Over all, I think it well. Thank you for discussing it on your blog :)

    1. You are the greatest Patty. Can you come up here and teach my son when he's in Confirmation? OK, I know MN is not that nice...maybe we will go down there!

      That is so wonderful, how else will these kids know the truth? Way to go Patty!!

  9. As an adopted person, I realize that if Roe v. Wade had been decided a few years earlier, I may never have had the amazing gift of life. My mother probably would have had an abortion. She has told me as much. I remember the day the Roe v. Wade decision came down - I was a young teen and the whole thing really depressed me. My heart so bleeds for those aborted babies. May God touch the hearts of women everywhere that they may let their babies live! You are right -- abortion is simply wrong. I have felt very sad as I thought about this all day long. I am totally pro-life!

    1. I am so happy your mother did not have that option!! There again, we see how this awful sin ripples and hurts a multitude of people, children and adults that were adopted, the pain of knowing that they could have been aborted.

      God knew way back when you were conceived, (even at the beginning of time) that you would do great things Deb. I am thankful you are alive!

      I love your heart and this painful past has made you who you are today.

  10. Hi Jamie Jo! You may already know from some of my blogposts, that I am an adoptive parent and a former foster parent. I love life! And I also know that people make mistakes, and that our Holy Church welcomes and counsels and forgives. That is one of the beauties of our faith.
    But we must stand for life. All life. Children in the womb, and the elderly and infirmed. All have a divine purpose, and who are we to interfere with that? Life truly is a gift, not a possession.
    My daughter put up on her Facebook page that she is so glad her birth mom chose life.
    Me too!!!

    1. Ceil, you are such a testament to our beautiful faith! I love your story.

      I am glad your mother chose life too!!

  11. We said a rosary last night also. Praying in gratitude(for me) and praying for the end of this madness(abortion). I always wonder how God can handle it all...why he just doesn't say enough and ka-pow blow up this world. so much bad.yet so much good.


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